GE Brochure from 2008: Pressure Let Down Generators for Energy Recovery at City Gates


The General Electric Company has advertising materials that clearly describe a product designed to work as follows:

“In pressure letdown applications, such as the merging of two transmission pipelines at different pressures, or at the city gate of a gas distribution system, GE turboexpander-generators can safely reduce the pressure of large volume gas streams while at the same time recovering energy in the form of electric power. An expander can therefore be a profitable replacement for other pressure regulating equipment such as control valves and regulators.”

Link to GE Brochure:

GE Pressure Let Down Turbo Expanders


  1. Debbie Dewey says she worked at GE and doesn’t even know what they make. GE is in direct competition with Earthcare according to this brochure. No competition my backside. Could the people running Evansville look any dumber?

    • Who vetted Dewey? She may have never worked at GE or studied engineering. Maybe she bought her diploma online like Bags did.

  2. Please note that it looks like the GE product is a “turbo expander” designed for much larger applications. I can’t say for sure, but I would say this product is designed for say 500Kw and up, while the Earthcare information points they are after the 100Kw and down market. I think you are comparing apples and oranges here.
    Kent Reddington

    • The Earthcare “investment summary” clearly states on page 3 that they are planning to produce 1MW units. Such units would compete directly with GE, Siemens, Ingersall Rand,and several others who are in this market. The real question is with so many big guys in this market why has one of them not struck a deal with Langson?

    • Page 6 of the GE brochure states that the “External Gearbox” version of their product ranges from 50-15,000kw.

  3. GE is currently building large units. Therefore, they certainly can build a small one–if there is real market for a small unit.

    Does competition from GE create a problem for our $5 million dollar investment in Earthcare Energy, a start up company? GE has total assets in excess of $700 Billion and has full scale large units in operation. Yep–that is a problem folks for the home team!!! Sorry about that. But it is only $5 million of our money.

  4. Makes the Freedom Festival scandal look like chump change, doesn’t it?

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