CCO Readers Can’t Find $200 PHOENIX “Mole”. “Mole” Is Move To New Location.



Let the “MOLE” search contest begin.  Today is the second CITY COUNTY OBSERVER  find the CCO “MOLE” contest.  The  CCO “MOLE”  shall be placed somewhere in a current article  located in todays edition.  The first reader that locates the “MOLE” shall win an impressive prize.  The CCO “MOLE” shall be embedded in the CCO at exactly at 9:00 this morning.

This contest will be weekly and is designed to challenge our readers .

Posted below is an example of the CCO “MOLE” that shall be placed in one of our current articles.  When you find the article that the “MOLE” is located in,  you need to immediately contact the business who sponsoring the contest in order to collect your prize .  Only one prize shall be awarded per weekly contest. No family member of employees of the City County Observer are eligible to win.


This weeks contest is sponsored by the newly remodeled and upscale PHOENIX NIGHTCLUB  AND EVENT CENTER.  The winner of find the CCO “MOLE” contest shall receive a  $200 dollar “VIP SIDEBAR” area coupon.  This coupon includes a private “VIP SIDEBAR” section for up to 15 people. The winner and their guests will  be escorted through the front door with no wait and shown to their exclusive reserved “VIP SIDEBAR” section. There is no cover charge for anyone in your party. You will be catered and pampered by one of PHOENIX  VIP hostesses, and you will have the option of bottle service or individual drinks. No one outside of your group is allowed in your private “VIP SIDEBAR” area without your permission. Your area is red roped off and you will truly treated like VIP’s you really are.

When you find the CCO “MOLE” that is embedded in one our current articles posted today you must call Chris COLE General Manager of  PHOENIX NIGHTCLUB AND EVENT CENTER at 1-812-760-6024 soon as possible to claim your prize.  Happy “MOLE” hunting!




  1. Did you put the mole in an article? I have been searching since this contest came out today at 9 am and was unable to find it anywhere…… where is it?

  2. My girl friend and I went to PHOENIX NIGHT CLUB last weekend and had a great time. The place is really nice now. Service, music and crowd was upscale. If it take me all evening i’m going to find Mr. Mole. I would just love to be able to take 15 friends of mine to PHOENIX Night Club.

  3. He’s a slippery one, but no match for Mossad. I think he’ll soon be found and properly dealt with. Refusal to stay put indicates he knows the jig is up as well as showing consciousness of guilt.

  4. Just get his voice mail when I called. Has someone already found it and claimed the prize?

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