IS IT TRUE February 11, 2014


Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE February 11, 2014

IS IT TRUE that it is now only 17 days until the $200,000 loan that the Winnecke Administration dealt from the bottom of the deck and into the hands of Earthcare Energy LLC becomes due in full?…as Earthcare Energy LLC has continued to make the nominal interest only payments of just over $300 per month to keep the note current, it will be quite interesting to see if the City of Evansville will make any attempt to collect this debt and return these taxpayer dollars to the people of Evansville or if we will see a legal battle to determine the efficacy of the poorly crafted contract signed by city officials?

IS IT TRUE it is now only 48 days until the agreement between HCW of Branson, Missouri and the City of Evansville to put a downtown convention hotel and a luxury apartment tower in downtown Evansville expires unless plans are finalized and all financing is secured?…some CCO Moles close to this process are telling us there is trouble in paradise?…this proposed $69 Million project is being paid for by $20 Million from the public coffers as an incentive, by UP TO $14 Million from ONB’s SNEGAL naming rights deal for The Centre, and the balance of roughly $35 Million by HCW in some yet to be disclosed combination of loans and equity down payment?…the appraisal for the combination of the 253 room hotel and the apartments is expected to be in the range of $35 Million so at a loan to value (LTV) of 70% which is about as good as it gets nowadays, HCW will need to cough up a down payment in the range of $10.5 Million unless something exotic comes riding to the rescue?…it will be very interesting indeed to watch this unfold as there is already an issue with the soils that insiders tell us will add about $1 Million to the cost?…the safest thing to predict right now is that the City of Evansville and the Redevelopment Commission will be extending the agreement to infinity and beyond (to quote Buzz Lightyear) to delay another egg on the face moment for FAILURE TO VET?

IS IT TRUE speaking of delays for FAILURE TO VET or even READ, the Obama Administration has kicked the can down the road on the employer mandate for companies with between 50 and 99 employees?…the can has also been kicked down the road for larger companies that will now only have to insure 70% of their workforce as opposed to the 95% under the law that was never read before it was passed?…it would be cynical to think that this latest round of delays by executive order are all about the congressional elections of 2014 and the millions of cancellation notices that would have been hitting American mailboxes just before the election, but so be it?…this delay is either about more abject incompetence on the part of the Obama Administration or about short term POLITICS and those readers are the only feasible explanations?…on the bright side, maybe this will be an opportunity to READ THE DAMN THING AND AMEND IT SO THAT THE PROMISES IN THE DARK FROM THE 2008 CAMPAIGN WILL ACTUALLY BE FULFILLED?…with a divided congress that is not going to happen, so the American people who seem to like having the wool pulled over their eyes need to deliver a united congress in 2014 as improper implementation of the unaffordable law amazingly named the Affordable Care Act has the potential to sink lot of people’s boats for a long long time?

IS IT TRUE the Civic Center Moles tell us there are job openings posted for both the Director if IT and now the City Engineer?…despite raising the salary for a Director of IT to $135,000, no acceptable candidates have applied for the job?…we know that sounds like a lot of money for Evansville but this is a job that requires an outsider and to attract the right talent may just take over $200,000?…it all comes down to whether or not Evansville wants to stay in the bush leagues on infrastructure or step up to the low end of national scales on information technology?

IS IT TRUE when we made it known yesterday that some self made American billionaires had topped the charts with charitable donations, the CCO comments came under a barrage of attacks from people who seem to have such hate and envy for billionaires that they denigrated those who have made billions of dollars in charitable donations?…some even made statements about how this did not hurt the billionaires and they deserved no praise for their generosity?…speaking for myself, this collection of envy and hate reminded this writer of why I left Evansville in 1982 and again in 2011?…such an outpouring of hate for perfectly good people who happen to have made allot of money through entrepreneurship and job creation is more of a turn off than a canoe trip through Bee Slough?…a hungry person in need of a meal or an at risk child whose life can be saved with a mosquito net (Bill Gates’ idea that he paid for by the millions) does not judge the source of the funds that feed, clothe, and protect them from the elements?…our readers should not either?…if you hate someone who directs their wealth to feed a hungry child and provides medicine for the masses, while creating jobs and wealth that benefit this country, you need to take a good long look in the mirror?


  1. I would have swore that the Current President took an oath to uphold the Law of the land, and the Constitution. Is there a “Progressive” out there that can tell me if I’m wrong? I can only guess that I must have missed the “If”, and “But”, parts.

    • If the President isn’t upholding the Law of the Land and the Constitution, he should be impeached and found guilty. While the Canadian-born Rafael Cruz is no Constitutional Lawyer, he is Harvard-educated, and surely should recognize an impeachable offense when he sees one. I think you can rest easy in the knowledge that with people such as Sen. Cruz on the job, they will certainly prosecute such an offense.
      On the other hand, those who label POTUS as “lawless”, etc. for the exercise of Executive Orders, a practice he does not often engage in, probably just need to accept the power of the office, knowing they have plenty of “watchdogs” on duty.

  2. When will the State Board of Accounts going to release the 2012 city audit? I was told that the deadline for submission to the city was in November, 2013. Because of extreme lateness of audit it looks like the city might have some serious issues pertaining this audit.

  3. Thank you editor for calling out the small minded idiots of Evansville for spewing hate toward some quite generous people who are rich.

    What part of $3 buys a meal do these jealous dipshits not understand?

    Now I understand more about why the city I once called home tolerates crap in the streets without holding anyone accountable. Evansville deserves itself.

  4. I don’t think collecting that $200,000 from those conmen or addressing any failure of the hotel to sprout need be high the mayor’s list of things to do. He is after all polling at 70%+ approval in Evansville. They say.

    I’d like to know who steered Haney and his crew into us.

    …Evansville will provide a $5 million loan, to be repaid at 1.5 percent interest over two years. The city will also pay for two years’ worth of rent at Park 41.

    Handouts from the state (were to) include $1 million in tax credits and $160,000 in training grants.

    Earthcare also entered a profit sharing agreement that was going to return $32 million to the city of Evansville over the next 15 years…

    On the off chance we do recover the Earthcare money, whoever did the steering might have to kick their 15% back.

    • Steve Bagbey is one of several who was pushing for approval and twisting council arms. If you know Bags, he can show you the map to the ship of fools that Earthcare came to town on including who was driving the ship.

      • Moocher off of government that BAGS character is. BAGS takes care of BAGS so if BAGGY was pushing for Earthcare it must have meant a regular paycheck for BAGS. The same would be true for the other panhandlers that piloted the ship of fools.

    • Wayne Parke what do you have to say? The mayor is at a 80% approval rate now!! I am still not posting my name you buffoon!

      • He’s projected to go slightly over 105% by early tomorrow morning, on track to put up numbers to rival those of some of the world’s most ruthless dictators.

        We should be very proud of him, he’s earned those approval ratings. He’s built…wait, er…he’s…he helped..uh…he restored…, oops…

        Well he helps his volunteer crew pick trash up off the ground during photo ops and by God, that’s good enough for me.

  5. *********** BREAKING NEWS

    Franklin Street Events Association just annouced over 1,800 armbands for the gumbo cook off and the Mardi Gras celebration were stolen.

    Please be on the look out in the community for anybody trying to see them.


  6. I am afraid that Evansville is over-supplied with a bitter-ender lumpenliberallazytariate willing to direct its hatred and resentment toward those who have worked and been successful, whether it is a fairly liberal fellow such as Bill Gates, legally-immigrated Indians running the corner convenience store, or the carpenter who opened a construction company and hired a couple of assistants. All of these people who provide useful products and services are their hated enemies. On the other hand, outright criminals like George Soros; soft-handed, silky-pony progressive trust fund babies (for example, the Kennedys or urban terrorist Ayers); or the politically well-connected given lucrative do-nothing jobs (for example, Queen Michelle One-Percenter)–all of these mysteriously are given a pass.

    To the lumpenliberallazytariate, work is for suckers. It’s far better to stamp your little foot and demand rather than exert any effort. Far better to be a filthy, louse-ridden, foul-mouthed leftist lout screeching his hatred as an Occupier than to start his own business and provide opportunity for himself and others.

  7. Those bemoaning the wealthy despite their generous donations are just jealous because someone else is doing better than them. They have been trained to covet someones else’s earnings. They do not value hard work and they expect someone else to take care of them.

    Of course they will be on here soon, blaming others for their misfortune and actions.

    • Yes, they will be back on here posting their hatred. Kudos to the CCO editor for calling out these such people and the hate they harbor from within. They know who they are.

  8. I’m not disparaging those who donate, I’m pointing out that those who earned the money are more likely to give it away and lower income earners give more on a percentage basis. Bill Gates is going to give nearly all his fortune away when he dies I believe. Silver spooners like Romney won’t do that. And don’t give me thst bs about his charitable contributions, tithing doesn’t count.

    • The IRS says tithing does count.

      How does Obama’s giving compare to Romney? Better count his tithing.

    • I’m disappointed that CCO didn’t take a shot at those who “spew hate” at those who do not share their religious views, or those who were born into unfortunate circumstance that they are unable to overcome. They probably need a look in the mirror, you know.
      Hate is an ugly thing. I surely don’t hate anybody, but I don’t idolize people because of their financial circumstances, either. I’m pretty sure that most of those who follow the teachings of the Kochs are not the objects of of envy based on their personal riches.
      I found it interesting that the Editor and I both choose not for frequent Walmart nor fast-food eateries, and our reasons for doing so are pretty much the same. I guess that is the difference in a true conservative and the bigots that the Kochs have recruited to masquerade as conservatives.

      • Exactly, the number of times I have seen anti-christian and hateful rhetoric spewed on these pages by those who apparently harbor a hate for Christians who are not like them is ugly.

        But then, that’s part of living in a free society. I’m glad the CCO doesn’t censor comments. I wish some of the posters didn’t attempt to censor others.

        BTW, if you need one, mirrors are on sale at Walmart. You can order them on-line so you don’t have to be seen with the common folk.

        • Haha yes the great myth of persecution of Christians. It’s their way of getting to play the victim card.

          • The current crop has to have a pain-free martyrdom. They aren’t like the Christian martyrs of the Bible. They need to feed, even stoke, the persecution thing as long as it doesn’t cause them any harm. They go about their’s and other’s business, trying to have censored what doesn’t jive with their truly remarkable beliefs. Insinuating themselves into other folks lives and wondering why people don’t like it.

        • The eternal “victim”, Indiana Enoch, strikes back with what he considers to be wit. Sad, isn’t it?

          • Here goes– EKB,–You are hands down the saddest piece of work that ever posts on this site.
            You disgust me with your smug, continuous, “pious”, crapola! You define yourself on here with every post,– as nothing more than pseudo humanitarian!

          • @ Crash LaRue:

            “Pious” is NOT a word to be associated with me, as I am NOT an adherent to any religious superstition, not do I concern myself with virtuousity. I just am what I am, and I hope that is a good person, but it’s not like I’m seeking eternal life or any of that rubbish.
            Here’s a friendly tip; If you don’t like my posts, don’t read them. Getting yourself all worked up will give you an ulcer, at best. At worst, you could have a stroke or heart attack. In either case, it isn’t good for your health.
            It’s best if you don’t take much of this seriously. You probably don’t understand that I get a kick out of stirring folks like you up. Admittedly, I sometimes get truly angry, but for the most part, my posts are just for fun.

          • @Crash, She’s got you there man. LKB is good at grading homework. The word you were looking for is “POMPOUS” not “PIOUS.”

          • Not to worry about me LKB, I decided when I made my view of who and what you are when I posted it that your posts will be as if non-existant from here on out, and I will leave it to the others who read them to make their own judgments.

            Websters–Pious,–>3rd definition,–>”seemingly virtuous”,–and that is the curtain a phons like you hide behind. It has nothing to do with Religion.

        • You guys are so silly. Reminds of the good old days on the CP.

          BTW, Wal*Mart will sell those mirrors to anyone with a Wal*Mart card. Ask Alice, I think she’ll know.

          • Take heart, Enoch! At least you won’t get yourself banned here, no matter how vile and ignorant your comments are.

          • I will say it seems the sour grapes crowd believes that they are “holier than thou” enoch, but such is their lives, and their “Creed”.

          • @LKB, Now was that nice? Quit being a sore loser.

            Your upscale box stores will sell you the same Chinese vanity mirror for more money. You would be a nicer person if you bought one and spent some quality time with the one you love.

          • @ Crash:
            I wasn’t banned. I seldom even had a comment removed. Enoch, on the other hand, went totally around the bend with his devotion to the idea of trashing the Constitution in order to display some unsightly plastic versions of an ancient torture device on public property. He and “Howler” (whose impressive posts here I’m sure are fine with you, as representative of your beliefs) lost their ability to post on the newspaper site because they sunk even below the minimal level of human decency that the Courier adheres to.
            No “sour grapes” on my part, but you may want to check with Enoch.

          • @LKB,

            I would prefer you leave the CP on th e CP. If I wanted to be part of that hate I would pay my indulgence and have my sins resolved like SarahG

            But since you continually want to paint me as the to Satan and yourself as just an oh so innocent, here are the comments I made which Josh gave me for being banned.

            >>>Josh wrote: “…I’ll grant that you’ve done a good job of avoiding having a large percentage of your comments removed over the years, but you have always been adept at toeing the line…”
            “Went right over your head didn’t it?

            What an inane post.

            Same old train wreak of a post as most of what you post.

            Give it up JXD. You’re embarrassing yourself.

            Go add your tears to Nancy’s El_Gordo.

            Perhaps the word you’re looking for is “gawk.”
            gawk (gɔk)
            1. to stare stupidly; gape.
            2. an awkward, foolish person.
            [1775–85; appar. representing Old English word meaning fool =ga(gol) foolish + -oc -ock]

            What's odd is that I was banned for "toeing the line" aka obeying the rules.

            I was permanently banned because I created the "Illegal Jesus" moniker as a protest to SarahG's many reincarnations that he let stand.

            But again, this is the CCO not the CP. I declined Josh's offer to reinstate me at the monthly rate because I spent more time answer dribble like your post than actually having constructive exchanges.

            Let your own sour grapes set your teeth on edge.

            The End

        • @ IE:
          “I would prefer you leave the CP on th e CP.”

          If that is the case, why did you bring it up? You’ve gone back to making things up out of whole cloth again, Enoch. Btw, I don’t know why you think that “Adderall” comment is so brilliant. You don’t know me, and you certainly know nothing of my health. I am 67 years old, and do not take ADHD meds, as I do not suffer from that condition. If I did, you would not be privy to the information. ADHD is a problem for many people, and I don’t understand why a good, christian person, like you claim to be would make light of such a health problem. That subject, along with your crazy idea that I live in Henderson and had “no right” to comment on the Cross-A-Palooza mess are two of the lead-ups that got you banned. You’re “loosing it” again.
          Btw, what the hell is an “upscale box store”? I think the whole idea behind box stores is that they are cheap. I haven’t had a membership in one for many years, but the last time I looked “upscale” and “box store” didn’t fit in the same sentence. Besides, again, you know nothing of me nor where I shop.
          Now, I’m done with you! I am not being dragged into the weeds by the likes of you.

      • IMHO, the reason that the CCO did not “take a shot” at those with differing religious views, etc is because it was not on topic;they stayed on point, something which is a rarity amongst most posting. Denigrate the teachings of the Koch’s, but no mention of the George Soros’out there? Credit for attempting to find common ground in re Walmart/fast food eateries; creative? Just sayin………
        Have a great day.

        • I think you, and the CCO, are confusing a lack of respect for certain people with “hate and envy.” There are plenty of very wealthy people that I respect, Warren Buffett, Mike Bloomberg, Bill Gates, numerous entertainers and sports figures, etc.. I may not always agree with their actions, but in general, I respect them.
          I even expect Mitt Romney is a better person than he seemed during his campaign, because he was clearly being dishonest in an attempt to get votes.
          There are also very wealthy people for whom I have no respect. The Kochs, the Waltons, and Sheldon Adelson head the list. I disrespect them because of the phony, self-serving way they attempt to present themselves. I have never said I hated any of those people, nor do I understand any claims that the disrespect I hold for those people is based on “envy.” Of course, I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t like to be rich, but it just doesn’t seem reasonable to sit around and envy those who are.
          Btw, I really don’t consider income much as a basis for whom I do or do not respect. It seems to have little to do with how good or bad a person is. Of course, there is the Biblical quote about a rich man getting into Heaven, but I set no stock in such things. I do not believe the Bible, nor do I believe in the existence of a “Heaven.” I think that fact often gets the “believers” riled up, and hearing things that have never been said.

      • Elkay, what cracks me up are the people who accuse left-leaning posters of “hating,” when it’s so clear that righties have been HATING for years now.

        They even have their own TV propaganda network to keep them fired up with all that hatred that bubbles over as a result of their utter fear.

        FOX lies, but I’ll give them credit for one thing: they’re very good at manipulating people into actually believing the lies they spew every day. I’m just sad for those naïve people who seem to feed off their own fear.

      • elkaybee: Pretty bad you contradict yourself in the same post. You are trying to whitewash your comments from the other day, because you got called out. So like a typical Lib you start throwing out excuses and changing the meaning of words, so all the blame is off you. Pathetic.

        You claim not to hate anyone but then you start calling names at the end of the post. Get your meds going before you post my dear, it makes you look more foolish then you already appear.

        • Please quote the “names” I called. I think you must mean “believers”, but that isn’t name-calling. It isn’t meant to be disparaging in any way, and I really don’t see how you could reasonably construe it to be.

    • You keep making this ridiculous allegation, over and over. Get this right, for once. When the local TP held a public demonstration to protest the IRS non-scandal I went, and snapped a few pictures of the participants with my phone. I was disappointed that nobody was in “costume”, so I didn’t take many pics. In fact, the thing was such a boring “bust”, I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Courier about how silly the whole thing was.
      I photographed NO license plates. That would have been really stupid, as the businesses all around the area were open, so it would be impossible to have any idea of whether the plates belonged to customers at the businesses or TPers, even if I was paranoid enough to care. Besides, I think your allegation that there is some sort of group who would pay for such lunacy is a sign of just how far gone you are. As a matter of fact, I GIVE money to liberal and progressive candidates. I’m not trying to say I give large amounts, but I donate regularly. I wouldn’t take money from the causes I believe in.
      Now, I’d like you to PROVE your crazy charges or stop repeating them.

      • Hey…you’re not alone in this. I DELIGHTED in going to see the Tea Party Animals at the IRS rally! Bring out the idiots and yahoos! I mean, seriously, how often do the bunker-living anarchists turn off their VHS tapes of Red Dawn to see the light? Alas…the infamous rally was a failure. But then any Tea Party initiative always ends in failure. The Tea Party is a national joke….

        Proud GOP Crossroads GPS Donor

      • Get ’em elkaybee. Howler is the biggest nut job on here, and that’s really saying something.

  9. “…this delay is either about more abject incompetence on the part of the Obama Administration or about short term POLITICS and those readers are the only feasible explanations?”

    Well, editor, those explanations are not mutually exclusive. Keep in mind too that No-Hopey was hired simply to read the prompter: the evil puppetmasters lurking in the shadows really want single-slayer health care, in which a liberal bureaucrat will decide just how much of a right you have to health care, based of course on your voting record, campaign contributions, and celebrity friends. They need to destroy the existing system first.

    The sad thing is that many of the deluded OFA faithful believe that their sycophancy will send them straight to the front of the line. How shocked they will be when they discover the front of their line leads directly to the capacious underside of the single-slayer bus!

    • CASH will send you straight to the front of the line just as it does in Australia, Britain, and the rest of the socialist zone.

  10. Joe, the hate and envy you mentioned that caused you to leave Evansville twice seems to come from certain camps. Beyond those “camp people” other folks are okay. I find that it has worked to gather a more open minded group to associate with and also to have contacts outside the area to refresh myself with. To live in one place mentally all the time is a drag on anyone’s spirit. But you point is well taken. The bitterness that was stirred up with the article on large donations to charities yesterday is unbelievable! And a sad comment on those who have such a narrow, mean view.

    I would add one more comment. I am extremely tired of many on this site insisting that everyone is either an extreme right or left, conservative or a liberal, a one or the other mentality. The majority of people are much more complex than that. And there is no one right or wrong side all the time. When such BS starts to rant, I usually get off site and come back in 4-5 days. It is a shame to see a good site be dominated in such a way.

  11. The delusions continue to mount…no one ever heard a potty-mouthed post from me on the C&P…no, indeed, nothing but the truth ever issues from my keyboard. The post that got me removed?–mocking the grammar and spelling in a typical atrociously-written article by one of Torpid Tim’s crack reporters.

    Or, in C&P-speak: “mocing the grammer and selpling in a typicle aotorciously-written articel.”

    • “Far better to be a filthy, louse-ridden, foul-mouthed leftist lout…”

      Apparently you don’t understand that profanity is not necessary to filthy posting. The things you did on the Courier obviously contained no profanity, but it was bad enough that they didn’t just delete the comments, they deleted YOU, as a poster.

      • Ah, ok. So this Howler was a C&P poster that got his butt kicked off!

        Pretty much explains his rabid, stupid and uneducated posts.

        • Lucys Mama says:
          February 11, 2014 at 6:43 pm
          Ah, ok. So this Howler was a C&P poster that got his butt kicked off!

          Pretty much explains his rabid, stupid and uneducated posts.

          Ah, another tolerant leftist in our midst. Eve notice how they all come in to a board in a pack and try to overwhelm the real conversation.

  12. Am I mistaken or is the $135,000 salary for IT Director far more than the Mayor gets paid?

    • It is about 35% more but it requires about 100% more skill and that is why they can’t fill the position.

  13. Is it true the Editor needs to let me know if I was lumped in the group of being considered “envy of rich people” by bringing up percentages of ones worth, by their gift?
    (Note that “IE” (thanks!) gave us the site to find out where I is was going with the percentages was true)
    (Also note that, being black or white, rich or struggling along. This person judge people by their general attitude and not their color, or wallet size!)

    Could it be true that calling out against posters here on this issue (playground antics not included), that this “Libertarian party” site just narrowed it’s political base. Thus dividing instead of uniting?

    Could it be true if a person does not have a business background, or if one thinks outside of “Libertarian agenda box”, this political site don’t want you?

    Will it be true, the Editor will let me know if giving a different angle on issues is acceptable, or does one need to fall into line and just be a minion cheerleader for the select few?

    • I think you , me , Brains and enoch are doing a pretty good job of stealing Editor’s thunder with our Is It True commentary.

      Let’s keep the heat on and see if he ends up crying Uncle.

      If we could get Visitor to start it, I know we would have him by the balls.

      • Keep it up. Maybe you will drive more traffic to our site. This is no contest and we welcome all of your input.

    • @ Armstrongers

      IIT that unless the editor replied directly to your comment you likely weren’t on his list of those who envy the rich?

      IIT true that I found your comments to have a perspective from both sides?

      IIT that most would never look at the information I provided or give honest feed back because they would rather run a campaign of censorship.

      IIT that the information I provided gives both sides of the argument which is why I keep it in my favorites.

      IIT true that we can not eat the rich to pay our way out of this mess.

      IIT that you may want to jump to minutes 2.50 of the video to find the meat of the facts and avoid the commentary?

      IIT the economic philosophies like those of the millionaire heavy weight Michael Moore made his home town Flint MI, the birthplace of GM, what it is today?

      IIT that the editor is up to regulator’s challenge to take him down and one can imagine his sinister grin at such a challenge.

      • Enoch, I must correct something. Michael Moore’s real home town is not Flint, Michigan. It is Davison, Michigan. His Phoniness actually grew up in a comfortable little suburb of Flint, about as far away from Flint as downtown Evansville is from downtown Newburgh.

        • So when conservatives critize Michale Moore they are patriots pointing out the hypocrisy of Mr. Moore and the liberal nation.

          When liberals point out how Mitt Romney and millions of his ilk game the system to accumulate their ill gotten wealth liberals are jealous haters….

          Got it!

          • From my perspective they are just two wealthy people with different ideologies. Both of them play both sides against the middle and both of them game the system for their own benefit. Neither is evil and neither is a criminal. Moore is addicted to attention and fame while Romney’s drugs of choice are money and power.

          • Joe I don’t know how you could look at a malicious pre-meditated strategy of selling off assets and walking away from debt in court nothing but theivery.

            • I am not sure I see the Bain business model in the same perspective as you. I have a Covered CA meeting the rest of the morning and can’t respond but would enjoy a discussion over an adult beverage on the subject on a future visit. I will say that the words you chose for Bain apply exactly to the GM and Chrysler bailouts.

    • Different angles are welcome here. As for lumping you into the “envy the rich” crowd, some of your posts sound like that but over time your posts do not seem to come from a person that is driven by envy. I may have hit one of your hot buttons with that dialog. Overall I have found your posts to be well thought out, informed, and in good spirit. Keep on posting.

  14. The City Engineer should have been replaced three mayors ago.

    But I have seen nothing regarding why he is leaving. Is it voluntary or part of the mayor’s continuing purge?

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