Dr. Bucshon Comments on ObamaCare Delay




220px-Larry_Bucshon,_official_portrait,_112th_Congress(Washington, DC) – On Monday, Congressman Larry Bucshon, a physician from Southern Indiana, released the following statement after the Administrationagain unilaterally delayed part of ObamaCare.


“As the President tells the American people his signature law is a success that is working, his Administration unilaterally delays it again. Why are hardworking families expected to face the burden of higher premiums, huge deductibles, and restricted physician networks, while other parts of the law are delayed at the whim of the President?


“I agree with the President – businesses shouldn’t have to deal with this disastrous law, but neither should families. He should join with House Republicans to delay this train wreck for the families who are struggling to find the affordable coverage they were promised.


“If the President has the power to delay the law for some Americans, he can certainly delay it for everyone. Why is he waiting?”



  1. I must give you this Larry, you and all the migrant force of GOP doctor representatives in Congress are hot on making sure our health care system is affordable to the average American.

    Just tell me one more time sir the plan you had in mind to do that when you ran.

    I believe I have about 20 years of life left.

    Take your time, I can wait.

    • Here is his and the GOP’s plan:

      One for me, none for thee.

      Heads Larry wins, tails you lose. What’s mine is mine what’s yours is negotiable.

      ♫ Same as it ever was
      Same as it ever was ♪

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