Breaking News !!! Sheriff Eric Williams Going To Old National Bank



Sheriff Eric Williams
Sheriff Eric Williams

Sheriff Eric Williams initiated the official process, as required by statute, of notifying the Governor’s Office and other officials of his intent to retire from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office on May 23, 2014.

      After much consideration and deliberation, I have decided to tender my notice of retirement from the Sheriff’s Office to effective May 23, 2014. I have a unique and exciting opportunity to join the team at Old National Bank as the Director of Security.
     It has been an honor to serve the great people of Vanderburgh County as a member of the Sheriff’s Office for over two and one half decades and as the elected sheriff since 2007. It has been an extremely challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and an amazing career. I will treasure my time serving this community in the public sector. I will leave the sheriff’s office with a sense of pride and accomplishment.
    Knowing that the men and women of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office are caring, conscientious, well trained, well equipped and professional public servants, I know that the office and the community will be in excellent hands.
    I am very excited to be joining the team at Old National Bank. Under the leadership of Bob Jones, the Board of Directors and the senior leadership team, Old National Bank is well known as an exemplary community corporate citizen, a company with strong ethics and leader in the their industry.
    Sheriff Eric Williams
Please direct inquiries related to Old National Bank.
Please direct inquiries related to the process of selecting a successor to Sheriff Williams to the Vanderburgh County Democratic Central Committee Chairman, Rob Faulkner



  1. Quitter.

    Williams was hired to serve four years. He failed the taxpayers.

    And I have a feeling he did it for the worst possible reason – pure politics. He did it to help out his chief deputy. It’s the only way his chief deputy could ever serve as sheriff because the GOP candidate is going to clean his clock. That ONB job would have been there for Williams in January. This is pure politics.

    • Another halfwit sheriff plays politics for a high paying job that requires no work. If it isn’t President Ellsworth schmoozing mayors for $300k at Vectren its Eric donning the badge of a security guard at a premium to the $10 an hour most security guards get. The unannounced secret is that Bob Jones is paying Williams off so he doesn’t challenge Winnecke for Mayor next year. Jones put Weinzapfel into a job he isn’t suited for at IVY Tech this morning and this afternoon he hires the best democrat candidate for Mayor to be the chief security guard at ONB. What a hilarious chess match to watch. We are at the mercy of the Evansville Regional Business Committee who moves pawns like Brad, Eric, Lloyd, and Jonathan around at their pleasure.

  2. It’s obvious Wedding is the machine’s candidate and I don’t want to vote for him but can I vote for a guy who is supposedly an associate of Ira Bummer?

    • It’s just a matter of the lesser of the evils, Ghost. Even with this ploy, I prefer Wedding to the bar-owning, Sunday School teaching Byram.
      I don’t have anything against people who own bars. My parents owned one that my husband and I ran, but I’m leery of having a Sheriff that is so heavily backed by the local bar owners and the owners of Apollo Liquor stores. I really question Byram’s judgement in having his face all over the Apollo store at Morgan and Green River. I know it’s a high-traffic location, but it’s also a liquor store.

      • Whether or not we “approve” (I love how this implies we have the right to approve or disapprove of another person’s legitimate business)Apollo is a long standing, successful business locally. Because certain customers abuse the products they sell, doesn’t make them any less of a source of tax revenue.

        We don’t get pissy with car dealerships whenever someone smashes up a car they bought there, and we don’t boycott grocery stores or fast food restaurants because obese people may shop or eat there. The owner or manager of Apollo Liquors apparently backs Byram. It’s his or her right to display it on his or her private property.

        Of course, I’ve spotted Several Wedding sign on public land and county owned properties. I’m not sure if it’s legal, but I’m fairly certain it’s unethical.

    • Known “associate” I love how this is tossed around. Well, I’m a known associate of two recovering alcoholics, one ex-con convicted of selling meth, one ex-con convicted of selling marijuana.

      “Associate” HA! I guess that means you don’t turn your back on people you care about when they hit a rough patch. Modern day polite mudslinging, is all Byram’s supposed connection to Ira Beumer is.(sp?)

      So he knew a guy that made the news for the wrong reasons, This makes Wedding a better candidate?

  3. This is really, really fishy. ONB wouldn’t have held what is likely a job they created for him until the first of the year? Does anybody believe that?
    It’s a shame that the earlier comments on this subject were lost.

  4. You think it is fishy..really!!

    A stock price that trades in the same for going on a decade..metrics compared to peers which are below average espically with respect to ROA..where is the hotel investor group that ONB was supposed to much has been paid for the naming rights for the Centre ..and now this hire..what good does this hire do for the bottom line?

  5. LKB, You would back a sheriff that has his signs all over Liquor Locker instead of Apollo? So you prefer one store over another??? What bar did Byram own? I know of a teen dance club, that had heavy police presence (no alcohol), so the youth of this community had a safe place to have fun and an alternative to hidden, unsupervised drinking parties. It’s only because of armed thugs robbing and beating a business owner that that club is no longer open. Tell me what his opponent has done for the youth of this community to give them a safe place to hang out? Or for that matter, anything to better this community? He said it himself on the news… all he’s concerned about is the title.

    • If you want to know about who the true bar patron is, check around. Every time I hear someone who “knows” Wedding, they either work out with him or drink at bars with him. Just how does he make it home after all these drinks with friends? I never hear of that with Byram. Sunday school teacher, yes… but not bar frequenter.

      • Well stated Purple and accurate, I personally have had dealings with a “friend” of Wedding and if one is judged by the “friends” they keep then Byram would by far be the better Sheriff.

  6. WOW! I checked in to see what was happening at CCO and ended up on The National Enquirer website. How’d that happen?

  7. What a bunch of bitter, conspiracy theorists assembled here.

    Eric Williams has spent 25 years in the service of this county’s citizens. He has the good fortune to take a high-paying private sector job a few months before his career is ended by the constitution of the state of Indiana and this is the thanks he gets from the CCO readership???

    Like him of not– Agree with him or disagree– please try to show a little grace, thank him, and wish him well. If for no other reason than karma is lurking around every corner.

    • Well said Mr. Davis. I agree whole heartedly with you! Thank you Sheriff Williams for your service to our City and County!

    • Career ended by the constitution of the state of Indiana? Wrong info! They must step down after two consecutive terms, set out one, and is allowed to serve two more again. Gibson county current Sheriff, George Ballard, well liked by many has held many multi terms as Sheriff.

      Williams stand on consolidation is most likely the “career ender”

      • Nobody gives a rats tail about the consolidation issue. It’s past. Ancient history. If you think this county wouldn’t reelect Eric Williams for a third term, you are sorely mistaken.

        Hang around the sheriff department and get paid significantly less than he gets paid now or will get paid at ONB (PLUS DRAW HIS PENSION)????!!? I’d think him a fool to try for a third term after sitting out a term.

        Hey, don’t let common sense get in your way!

  8. Welcome to Eville!

    Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.
    – Frederick Douglass

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