IS IT TRUE that the campaign manager initially selected by Marsha Abell to run her campaign is no longer in that capacity because of  unexpected family commitments?   …we hear that Carol McClintoch is trying to fill in as temporary campaign chairman for the remainder of the primary campaign?

IS IT TRUE we watched  Vanderburgh County Commissioner candidate Marsha Abell appearance on Channel 7  Brad Byrd T V show last night.  …we wonder why Ms. Abell didn’t accept an invitation by Mike Woods to appear on the City County Observer and Woods and Woods Tri-State Voices Show?  …we also wonder why Ms. Abell choose not to answer 13 political survey questions submitted to her and Bruce Ungethiem by the City County Observer concerning political issues about local county government?  …we were extremely interested in reading Ms. Abell’s response to CCO survey questions about nepotism and political patronage appointments?

IS IT TRUE we shall watch with interest when candidate for County Commission Bruce Ungethiem appears on Channel 7  Brad  Byrd show this coming Wednesday evening to answers questions about local county governmental issue?  …we hope Mr. Byrd will ask Mr. Ungethiem his opinions about political patronage and nepotism?

IS IT TRUE we hear  Maingate Bar has officially closed?  …that a sign is posted on the front  door stating that it will open in the near future under new management?  …we can’t wait to hear who the new management team will be?

IS IT TRUE that County Commissioner Joe Kiefer has undermined  Vanderburgh County GOP Party Chairmen Wayne Parke political strategy by officially endorsing John Montrastelle for County Council?  … the letter posted  below  was mailed to 3,000 register republicans by mail today speaks for itself?

Dear friend,

It has been an honor serving our community since the year 2000. In 2014, I was blessed to be selected to serve as the President of the Board of County Commissioners. I love and enjoy public service and believe good people can have a positive impact on our community – that is why I am writing you today.

John Montrastelle has been a friend of mine and my family’s since I was a child in the 1970’s. In a few days, John will be on the ballot to become your County Councilman, because he too, wants to better serve our community. Like me, John desires to be involved in local government so he can be a conscientious and effective voice for the citizens of Vanderburgh County.

Several years ago I recommended to the County Commission that we appoint John to serve on the Evansville Visitors & Convention Bureau board. Since then, John has served exceptionally on our behalf and is now serving as the President of the ECVB for the 3nd year.

I am asking you to vote for John on May 6th for County Council. He is dedicated, hardworking, and his business acumen will lend itself perfectly to helping our county face its many financial challenges. His leadership skills will help guide the county and assist me in my job as a County Commissioner.

Please accept this as my personal endorsement to elect John Montrastelle to the County Council!

Your friend,

Joe Kiefer



  1. Is it true that the current president of county commissioners is the same person that started the process, and tried to eliminate the very government he represents?

    Is it true he needs to go back to city government?

    Is it true that Tornatta and Williams were victims of supporting consolidation? I can think of several more to that list?

    • Same person, who carries a target on his back from the two attempts at consolidation, now the GOP has made the target even larger. Goodbye Joe, your political career has ended.

  2. I really don’t care a lot about who endorses whom, but I couldn’t support Montrastelle because of his ECVB ties.
    This letter doesn’t look good for Wayne, though. Truthfully, neither party apparatus looks nearly as strong as the Vectren-ONB mob. Anybody who doubts that just needs to take a look at the mind-boggling new of yesterday.
    As for the Maingate, the literal translation of the sign on the door is, “Make us an offer on this loser.”
    Expect Phoenix sitings today. The Mythical One will feel compelled to defend Wayne, who may show up in person. This may be too much for him to remain silent.

    • I have no opinion on that race. Both of them are good guys and great for the Republican party. It’s not been a secret that Joe and John are close, so this was probably expected. Joe, John & I spoke at great legnth at the RTL banquet this past Thursday. I try to be friends and help most people in the party. I wish Pete & John the best of luck. The voters will choose who they think is the best man.

    • Morning EKB: Whew! big data day yesterday on the weather stuff,lots of return data,don’t think the systems are cleared yet either,still looks kinda looming for some of our model locations. The Metros in your area did well again,we think we’re close to the test conclusion with those.
      We had one site practically destroyed yesterday by a debris field at that location. The sensors continued to return,however the data was skewed by the measuring device failure due its being covered.

      Check in on this site again to see what was up there,someone from another local down south pointed something out to us yesterday in relation to some political issues similar to evansville’s during the read I came across a picture of an ole historical writer,my deja vu photo recall mechanism kick in and I LMAO when I saw this picture and quote!

      Less that pipe who”s that look like?

      • Your morning quote is great! People would rather go on being fooled than admit they have been fooled.
        It’s starting to look like we’re going to have some more data concerning weather.

    • Conjured that Phoenix right up. Doesn’t take much. I suspect the Ivy Tech news alone would have been enough. Once you posted it didn’t have a chance, in it flew. Somebody must have left a window open. He is already squawking out excuses for Marsha’s upcoming defeat. Blaming the media, now who would have thought that?

      Abell has been recorded saying untoward things about good people, refusing to face the people on the Woods & Woods show or answer legitimate questionaires. Why? The unpaid surrogates who gratuitously fly themselves out to try to clean up for her are unequipped to be of assistance.

      She must really be polling bad. Her current commercial saying she’s ‘known as the taxpayer’s watchdog’ or something like that, is not doing her any good. I’ve never heard of her being ‘known’ as that. It is amateurish, laughable and untrue.

      • Bandana: We observed that commercial on television media,damn, they just about ran the thing over the actual little bit of real news they had, again,the analytics shows that as predicable.

        Spud said something funny about that stuff once. “So much peanut butter’n jelly couldn’t find the bread” 🙂

        • Spud must have witnessed me Sink-Eating my peanut butter and preserves with a big spoon. No bread, no plate, no manners. Just a nice shiny sink, my two jars, a tablespoon and me. An ugly sight but better than a fancy restaurant with white linen tablecloths.

      • In my years as a political operative, I think it’s fair to say that bad polling spawns bad commercials. I saw that, and snickered to myself. I guess a “watchdog” could be one that just sits and watches as the house is emptied, but that’s not what one usually expects of a watchdog.
        As for the bait offered by CCO this morning, I didn’t think it could be resisted, but its sort of like catching a gar. After you catch it, then what?

        • …and bad commercials with bad tag lines often beget appropriate Photoshoppery. The imagery is irresistible. I do not know what kind of uh, watchdog her public sees her as. I’ll just use my own judgment. The Irish Wolfhound is off the table due to exceeding the height requirement.

  3. When I decide which candidates to mark on my ballot, I ignore the endorsements of labor unions, politicians, the news media, PACs, etc.

    I do this because these endorsements are usually the personal preferences of the so called leaders of these groups and do not reflect the true feelings of the rank and file.

  4. Editor, you answer your question in your second paragraph with your first IIT. CCO has acted like a jilted lover in their treatment of her. You don’t even attempt to have the appearance on partiality with her. To me, it seems like a personal vendetta. Let’s see you print untrue rumors about her campaign today. You published a recording of her that was taken without her knowledge. (She must feel like Romney, now.) Then you send her a questionaire and invite to be support your “show” with her participation. Why would any intelligent person do that? It’s always a catch-22. She’s damned if she does, she’s damned if she doesn’t. Mike Woods mentions that the county budget was cut by $4 million, but no one ever acknowledges who was able to achieve that through efficient operation. No need for a response.

    • Pheonix U are a tool for the local gang of cronies!! I hope it pays of for you someday!!

    • Phyllip:

      It was the fiscal arm of county government (the County Council) which cut the budget by the $4 million.

      You are trying too hard to back Marsha, Marsha. Let’s see how much good she will do you in her next full time job – selling real estate.

      She and Wayne may be able to work together in another failure.

    • That makes no sense. Why would she want to be a County Councilwoman? That’s a step down from being a City Councilperson. I’m not sure, but I don’t think she lives in that district, anyway.

  5. You think John has served exceptionally on the ECVB Joe? Way to give some really good details backing that up. I’d really like to hear some because I can give you a whole list against that theory.

    This letter, in a nutshell, sums up everything wrong with this city/county. We’ve got city leaders telling us to elect people because they’re their friends not they’re who they think is producing for the city/county.

  6. The sign on the main gate door says new management but does that mean new ownership?

    If this means a completely different ownership with a completely different staff I will patronize this place but not until then. A name change may not be a bad idea either.

    I like how the c&p has this on the front of their website. Imagine if they put this kind of effort into things that didn’t involve the city elites.

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