Sheriff Eric Williams

City-County Observer just learned that Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff Eric Williams announced to his employees earlier this afternoon that he will be resigning as sheriff on 5/21/2014.

He stated that the reason why he is resigning is that he has a job offer he can’t turn down. Sources say that his long-time Chief Deputy Dave Wedding and Democratic candidate for sheriff will be appointed acting sheriff  at a soon-to-be-called Democratic caucus.

This is a breaking story so stay tuned.


  1. I’d love to know what this job is. I wish I could vote for the non machine candidate but it’s hard to vote for anyone who reportedly associates with Ira Bummer.

  2. Why do I feel like the Phrase “Former Sheriff Williams unable to testify due to conflict of interest…” Will be repeated ad nausem in the coming months?

  3. Sheriff Williams gets a better job and gets to spend more time with his family.

    Wedding steps up and becomes the de facto incumbent bolstering his election chances.

    • I think that is the plan, but I don’t know that incumbency is going to be an asset this fall. I hope it doesn’t backfire, because the more I see of Kirk Byram, the less I like the idea of him being Sheriff.
      When the Apollo Liquor store looks like it could be a candidate’s campaign headquarters, it’s not a good sign. Has anybody seen the Apollo at Morgan and Green River? Are the others decorated like that, too?

  4. Good riddance!

    His stance to eliminate the same government that employed him. There is more I like to seen gone!
    One is in this next primary!

  5. This doesn’t make sense on any level. In 5 months the sheriff elect will be in position and eric could ease out. The local liberal media has been easy on our last 4 sheriff’s. Well, good riddance, nice job you and connie did on the party.

  6. My guess is shall be hired either by Berry Plastic or Old National Bank.

    My “Moles” tell me that the Mayor broker the new career deal for Williams so he wouldn’t run against him for Mayor.

  7. Has anyone heard that Marsha Abell hired her step-son to be the Director of the Vanderburgh County Soil and Conservation agency? Has anyone heard that Marsha hired her political buddy Russ Lloyd Jr. wife to be the assistant to Director Mark Abell? Any truth to these rumors?

  8. Wonder what GOP Chairmen Wayne Parke has to say about this brilliant political move by the Demos. This looks like a big political game changer for Wedding.

  9. Marsha Abell son is indeed the Vanderburgh County Soil and Conservation Director. People consider this be be political patronage appointment by Abell. Yes Abell did force her step son to hire Russ Lloyd wife to work in that county department. However, I hear that she is no longer employed with that agency. Wonder why she left this political job?

    This entire hire your family member situation is another reason why people of Vanderburgh County should vote for a change. Please vote for Bruce Ungethiem as our next County Commissioner.

      • How can anyone get fired from a patronage job? There are no job requirements except to sit on your ass, take the blame for problems, and give credit to for anything good to the politician that appointed you.

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