Steve Davis is Supporting Gail Riecken for Mayor


    steve DavisCity Council Candidate for Evansville’s 2nd Ward, Steve Davis, released a statement today  to the CCO announcing his support for Democratic Mayoral candidate Gail Riecken.  We welcome any other candidate to send us a letter of endorsement to either Mayoral candidate.  We shall post it without opinion or editing.

    When asked what prompted the endorsement of Mrs. Riecken for Mayor, Davis replied, “I’m a Democrat, and I believe in the principles of the Democratic Party. One wouldn’t think it necessary for a Democrat to specify their preference for Mayor, but in my race it is necessary and distinguishes me from my opponent. It is not a secret who my opponent supported in 2011 and who she has blindly followed for over three years.”

    Democrat Gail Riecken threw her hat in the ring in January of this year for the Mayor’s race, and is a three-term State Representative and former City Council member. In describing his passion to see Riecken elected, Davis stated, “Riecken is an impressive candidate with the proven track record to lead this community out of debt and into economic prosperity. I fully stand behind her, and as I walk the 2nd Ward I talk about her to voters. I support her now and will continue to work for her election after the primary, win or lose. I’m committed to new ideas and seeing a change in leadership on City Council and for this Community.”


    1. Who would have thought it ? I was so surprised reading this i had to sit for two hours.

    2. I’m glad that the Democrats are standing together. Well, at least some of them. The other’s actions speak for itself.

      In case you didn’t get my drift. Translation. Missy Mosby is not openly stating that she supports Gail for Mayor. One can only wonder why? Maybe it’s because the Mayor’s wife supplies Missy with a job in the real estate business. And who does Jonathan Weaver work for? Could that be the same Real Estate Business? Which maybe why he’s not openly saying he supports Gail for Mayor. But wait, doesn’t Jonathan and Missy run under the Democrats flag? Strange how politics makes for strange bed fellows and friends. Which I guess make the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” accurate.

      And it’s not surprising that two people who don’t like the Democrats would start attacking the CCO and put in sarcastic comments that don’t reflect well on the Democrats or the CCO. It’s a free country boys and girls and the CCO is free to support who ever they wish. More power to them supporting the right candidate for Mayor. If you don’t like what the CCO has to say you are free to say that in here. Too bad the Evansville Courier and Press doesn’t allow free expression in their so called citizen comments section. But wait they pretty much abandoned the old comments and now you have to PAY TO PLAY in that Paper. At least the CCO is still FREE. Can’t say that for the EC&P.

      Have a good night Cowboy and Common Sense. I don’t really know how you sleep at night supporting Whinny for Mayor again. I guess ignorance is bliss.

    3. Wow. Sorry Steve, but you have lost my support and the support of many others for this. His statements either elude to his blind camp following ignorance or he is complicit in the narcissism. A vote for this seasoned wannabe politician is a vote for the emasculation of Evansville. One does not have to look too far from one’s own house hold to see how this boats going to float. ahem.

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