Rep. Gail Riecken continuing to advocate for Evansville medical training project



      INDIANAPOLIS - State Rep. Gail Riecken is continuing to advocate for the Evansville Health Sciences Complex that will enhance opportunities for physicians and students while providing exceptional training for those in supporting professions.

Riecken has sent the following letter to the legislative leadership of both the Indiana Senate and the Indiana House of Representatives.



  1. Anywhere but downtown Evansville, you’ll get more facility and less rebuilding cost per the neglected infrastructure and the out dated logistics. Indiana could actually be carbon smart, along with funding frugal if they’d reissue the RFP’s and look to the developing I-69 corridor, or west to USI campus locations. The continuance of the downtown cronies bailout is adulterating
    Project from day one. Bosma needs throw a balanced stick into that mistake. Actually do something right for a change.

    “More building for the buck”

    “Primum non nocere”

  2. Does anybody know why the Promenade site was overlooked for the Med Center? The location has all utilities and would be half the cost of the downtown location It would take a lot less TIF money and a lot less taxpayer money.The site selected was the highest of all the proposals submitted.

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