FROM 1215 TO 2015 by Jim Redwine


Gavel Gamut

By Jim Redwine

(Week of 20 April 2015)

FROM 1215 TO 2015

The Supreme Allied Commander of World War II, Dwight David Eisenhower, as President issued the following proclamation:

“I … designate May 1, 1958 (and each May 1 thereafter) as Law Day U.S.A. I urge the people of the United States to observe the designated day with appropriate ceremonies and activities; I especially urge the legal profession, the press and the radio, television and motion picture industries to promote and to participate in the observance of that day.”


Eisenhower grew up in Kansas and graduated from West Point in 1915. After serving during three wars, WWI, WWII and Korea, he knew the evil of might over right better than most. He also knew law was the best weapon against tyranny.

English noblemen set the standard for the rule of law in 1215 on the plain at Runnymeade when they forced King John to sign the Magna Carta, which is this year’s national Law Day theme. America’s law-givers looked first to the Magna Carta for guidance in opposing King George III.

When President Eisenhower proclaimed May 1 as Law Day he intended to contrast the May Day military celebration of the Soviet Union to America’s celebration of law. In Posey County for over thirty years the Bar Association has joined in the national commemoration by sponsoring mock trials involving our county schools.

This year the high school Mock Trial will take place on April 24, 2015 in the courtroom of the Posey Circuit Court in Mt. Vernon and involves a competition between students from North Posey High School and Mt. Vernon High School trying to persuade a jury composed of real Posey County Attorneys to agree with their interpretation of a hypothetical case. The trial will begin at 9:00 am and is open to the public.

The fictional case is fashioned on a matter currently working its way through the courts of Utah. A plaintiff in that case is seeking the right to sue herself, her real object is her insurance company, for her own negligence that caused her husband’s death.

North Posey government teacher, Mike Kuhn, who has participated in every one of the mock trials, and North Posey student advisor, Michelle Parrish, are preparing their students to present the Plaintiffs’ position.

Student attorneys, Gabe Mayer and Madison Feldhake, will call plaintiffs Hagar Handley (Maddie Koester) and Harley Handley (Hunter Lehman), treating physician Milburn Stone (Holt Will), psychiatrist Hydra Janis (Jessica Wilkins), economic specialist Dagwood Bumstead (Alex McAlister) and automotive expert Mona Lisa Vito (Kendall Wilson). Eli Schapker will be an alternate and the student reporter is Bri Owens.

Mt. Vernon teachers Lucy Steinhart, Tim Alcorn and maybe even long-time advisor Rick Johnson, are working with the defendants.

Attorneys Logan Reeves and Hunter Wilson have the following witnesses: insurance executive Bernard Rothchild (Justin Trevino), sheriff’s deputy Cagney Lacey (Katie Tucker), Emergency Medical Technician Digger O’Dell (Austin Stallings), psychologist Hope Weller (Caitlin Gross), political scientist Mickey Disney (Tyler Sellers) and a friend of plaintiffs, Rosie McDonnell (Erin Garman).

Superior Court Judge, Brent Almon, will preside and Posey County Bar President, William Bender, will be the Jury Foreperson.

Please join the Bar, the schools and the hardworking staff of the Posey Circuit Court in celebrating right over might.