YESTERYEAR: George W. Haynie


George W. Haynie

by Pat Sides

Haynie’s Corner, one of Evansville’s most historic districts, has recently been rejuvenated. The neighborhood derives its name from George W. Haynie, seated at right in the photo next to Mayor William Dress in 1937. The occasion was “Haynie Day,” celebrated inside the pharmacy he had opened in 1887 at the junction of Second Street, Parrett and Adams, across from the Alhambra Theater.

Newman 37-5-B1.jpg

Haynie retired in 1928 and sold the business to H. A. Woods, who owned a large chain of local pharmacies. Dubbed the “Mayor of Goosetown,” as the area was then known, Haynie was active in the community, holding various public offices over the years and even receiving an appointment from President Grover Cleveland in 1893.  He passed away in 1939 at the age of 82.





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