Vanderburgh County GOP Reorganization Caucus To Be Held This Saturday


Vanderburgh County Reorganization Caucus

Faithway Baptist Church – 3625 Pollack Ave  (Formerly Nativity Church) Saturday, March 6, 2021 Doors Open at 9:30 Caucus will begin promptly at 10:00

Every four years the GOP Party Rules require a Caucus be called to elect the Central Committee officers for the next four years. All Precinct and Vice-Precinct Committeemen have been notified to attend the Caucus to elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The current Chairman, Wayne Parke, will not be running for another term. Two candidates have stepped up to fill this position. They are Steve Ary and Mike Duckworth.

Following the election of the Chairman, Candidates for Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will be nominated from the floor. Since the Chairman is male, Party Rules require the Vice Chair must be female.


Wayne Parke, Chairman

Vanderburgh County Republican Party




  1. Listen up GOP:

    A LOT of Republicans, they’re totally fine with patronizing the Trump supporters who have invaded the GOP, and that’s exactly what they should do. These people aren’t real Republicans after all. But if they want to vote with us? Yes Sir, we’ll take that vote.

    Follow Trump though?
    Ha! He’s a dead end. He lost. We lost the Senate. We will keep losing if we follow this guy.

    Think I am wrong?

    Listen to GOP operative, Karl Rove, from this morning’s Wall Street Journal:

    “Trump was in his element at CPAC. Surrounded by Trump Family, and Trump Friends.

    So why the muted enthusiasm for Trump from his most fervent fans??

    While 97% rated Mr. Trump favorably in a straw poll, only 68% wanted him to run for president again, and only 55% said they supported his nomination in 2024. The explanation may be in what the ex-president said and didn’t say in his 15-minute definition of Trumpism.

    Trump had no forward-looking agenda, simply a recitation of his greatest hits. People like fresh material. Repetition is useful to a point, but it grows stale.

    The bad CPAC poll results are a manifestation of growing skepticism about Mr. Trump’s viability. Supporters want him to offer a forward-looking vision, but he won’t. Some view his declarations of civil war on Republicans as counterproductive and claims of political power hollow. And his repeated cries of stolen elections are causing some supporters to abandon politics altogether and others to doubt his claims.”


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