Website Provides Information Related To USI’s DI Athletics Exploration


The University of Southern Indiana has published a new webpage including several documents related to its exploration into a potential move from Division II to Division I athletics. The information can be found at

USI’s Board of Trustees met in executive session Thursday, January 13 to receive information for their deliberations on the potential move. Among the data provided were the results of an internal survey conducted at the end of last year in which more than 2,200 members of the USI community participated. Additionally, the Board received a report from the DI Exploratory Committee based on the NCAA Readiness Assessment which serves as the foundation for a strategic plan should an application be made by an institution to be considered for DI membership.

“I want to thank Jon Mark Hall and Dr. Nick LaRowe for their committee leadership and all the DI Exploratory Committee members for their hard work to supply their assessments and the compilation of the information in the report,” said USI President Ronald S. Rochon.

The report does not include a formal recommendation but does answer prompts included in the NCAA readiness template. In addition to the survey results and exploratory committee report, the website includes a frequently asked questions document that was distributed to the campus community prior to the University’s internal survey.

USI’s Board of Trustees will consider the presented information, as well as overall perspectives offered from external consultants on the National Landscape in Intercollegiate Athletics, including conference realignments, the NCAA Constitutional Convention, and their observations as experts in these areas.

“It goes without saying that the decision to advance to Division I or stay in Division II athletics is of vital consequence to USI,” said Rochon. “We continue to monitor the dynamic external athletic environment, evaluate what ongoing changes may mean for USI, and communicate these updates to the Board members.”

A public meeting and vote of the Board of Trustees are expected in the first half of February. More information will be released when available.



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