Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Chief Deputy Steven Lockyear


Lockyear_0839The City County Observer has just posted  Tri-State Voices TV show on the CCO Mole TV network featuring the highly respected and well known Vanderburgh County Chief Deputy Coroner Steve Lockyear.

This program is hosted by well known local attorney  Mike Woods of Woods and Woods law firm.  Tri-State Voices show was created by the City County Observer and produced ME TV, Evansville.  ME TV aires the Tri-State Voices show on Sunday morning and the City County Observer post this program each Monday.
Please go to our video section on the upper right hand corner to view an extremely professionally produced and informative interview with our popular Assistant County Coroner Steve Lockyear.
Our next show will feature an informative and in-depth interview with Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann.


Steve Lockyear is part of a family that first moved to Evansville in the early 1800’s. Using all of the modern technology available at the time, including sailing ship, wagon, then flatboat down the Ohio River, the family arrived in Evansville. Since then 8 generations have called Evansville their home.  Following a career path similar to past generations of his family, Steve has focused his future on running for Coroner.  Steve’s Great-grandfather was elected to the Indiana Court of Appeals and his father was Superior Court Judge.  “Service to the community has been an expected part of our family”.

   Currently Steve is the Chief Deputy of the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office, an office that provides morgue services to 37 counties in southern Indiana and Illinois.  Steve’s path to the coroner’s office came through The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office. His twenty-four (24) years with the Sheriff’s department, a majority of that as a detective, provided valuable experience and insight into crime scene and death investigation.  Retiring from there and coming to the Coroner’s office in 2009 was a natural progression.  “Here the focus is not only on the investigation of the death but helping families cope with what is probably the worst day of their lives”.  I’ve been amazed at the strength of our local families and community and how they deal with tragedies”.

Steve has been a part of the response to some of the largest tragedies in Evansville’s history, including the C130 Crash at the Drury Inn and the tornado strike at the Eastpark Trailer Park.   Steve observed that in both instances the victims of our community had the same response –  rather than giving up hope, they overwhelmingly rose to the occasion to help one another.  It is Steve’s desire to continue to serve this community that has made him so proud.


  1. Great interview by Mike Woods with Mr. Lockyears. All I hear are very nice things about Mr. Lockyears. This a valuable public service move on CCO and Wood and Woods behalf.

  2. My brother worked with Steve when he worked for the Sheriff Department and tells me he was heck of a cop. Good article CCO about a nice person who knows his stuff.

  3. Nice to see good folks who are in important jobs (that are often at least slightly under most folk’s radar) get some deserved recognition. His dad handled a weighty job as a fair, evenhanded person and no reason to think that didn’t transfer.

    If the timing is right for his desired ascendency to the coronership and the med school being up and running, there would seem to be some great teaching opportunities right around the cor(o)ner.

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