United FreedomMakers Denounce Indiana Democratic legislators for Skipping Town.


The Indiana Democratic legislators refusal to participate in our constitutionally established governmental process has endangered our republic.


Evansville, IN, February 25, 2011: The United FreedomMakers a regional group of constitutionally minded citizens denounce the Indiana Democratic legislators irresponsible and contemptuous actions of failing to perform their constitutional obligations. The Democratic legislators fleeing to other states to subvert our legislative process posses one of the greatest risks to our Republic ever perpetrated, and reveals their absolute contempt to the citizens of the state.

The irresponsible actions of the Democratic legislators sets in motion a process that could well destroy our republic. Since the inception of Indiana statehood in 1816 no political party has boycotted the Indiana legislature simply because they did not get their way. The citizens of Indiana elected both the majority and minority legislatures to continue the legislative process which has functioned for 195 years.

This reckless action of these legislators could establish a precedence enabling any democratically elected minority to undermine the legislative process. Irrespective of the legislative bills at hand all citizens in as strong a voice as possible should condemn the contemptuous and irresponsible actions that threaten the very foundations of our republic.

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  1. Oh come on, Mike. You know you only hold this opinion because the legislators involved are Democrats. And the Tea Party is an arm of the Republican Party. Some honesty and sincerity is in order, Mike.

    Are you saying YOU would right the same opinion piece if legislators of whatever party or philosophy were to take an effective action to prevent passage of legislation YOU opposed due to its damaging effect on everyday people?

    Where in the Indiana State Constitution can we find anything that prohibits the action these legislators have taken to prevent the deprival of citizen rights such as the Republican legislators are about?

    Mike, are you simply discarding your freedom-loving, civil libertarian principles because the Democrat legislators are supporting the rights and past gains of unionized teachers and civil servants?

    • So Soon, in your convoluted way of thinking running off and hiding rather than facing the situation is today’s way to be a legislator? So if last year when the Democrats in DC were pushing the Health Care bill that less than 50% supported but it will affect 100% of us, you would have supported the Republicans? Somehow I doubt that. By the way the way the Republicans did fight and ultimately lost is the way our system is designed to work. Because of the Democrats actions in DC they LOST the last election, which is also why so may State Democrats lost to give such numbers to the Republicans. If the Republicans win this fight and the public believes it was the wrong direction they will pay come Election Day.

  2. Gosh this is almost exactly the same as the republican release is this plagiarism? Should this be reported to Mitch? Should it be “establish a precedent instead of precedence? Didn’t the republicans leave the chamber a few years ago to keep any business from being done? Is the state line the difference?

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