These signs – they’re a changin’


Today, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) along with community leaders announced that nearly 21 miles of the existing I-164 in Vanderburgh and Warrick counties will be renamed I-69 during the fall of 2014.

A news release from INDOT states that “The conversion will require approximately 70 large, green interstate signs at or near exits and the smaller, blue signs posted at bridges and every two tenths of a mile. When the new 67 miles of I-69 opened between Interstate 64 and Crane a year ago, the existing I-164 mile markers and exit numbers were continue northward and will not be affected.”

The new I-69 connecting Evansville and Indianapolis is key to future economic growth of southwest Indiana, giving our community better access to jobs, education and health care along with a faster, safer commute for those who frequently travel to Indianapolis. Sixty-seven new miles opened for business in November 2012, under budget and ahead of schedule.

To learn more about the I-69 Evansville to Indianapolis project, visit


  1. My Garmin Montana 650T City Navigator Software doesn’t even know that I-69 exists.

    I drove up I-164 to I-64 and then continue onto I-69 and my GPS had no idea I was on an Interstate Highway. It was showing my truck as being in the middle of a corn field and was trying to tell me (nuvi style turn directions) to turn onto county roads that didn’t connect with I-69 North of I-64.

    The City Navigator Software needs to be upated but that means waiting for Garmin to update the Mini SDHC chip and put them back on the sales rack. That may take a few more years.

    Garmin must get their road map data from the Federal Highway people and it takes them a long time to update their data base as new Interstates are built.

    I had the same problem with an older Garmin eTrax Vista GPS using the older 2003 version of city navigator which came on a CD. That older version of City Navigator didn’t know that I-164 was there as it was not in the data back in 2003 when I bought the CD for my GPS unit.

    Garmin needs to get their data updated faster as does the Feds.

    I don’t like buying stuff that’s not up to date and that’s inaccurate when it comes to maps.

  2. Why can’t they just put on new signs showing that I-164 is both I-164 and I-69? That would be better IMHO. Since many already know the road as I-164 in these parts.

    It’s confusing when they rename these roads. Lots of people have GPS units with maps that will have to be updated due to this name change. And that’s expensive to do.

    • Coyote
      Get a TomTom like this old am did.
      Free map updates and you will quit
      driving in cornfields.

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