Evansville Police investigating possible attempted abduction



EPD PATCH 2012Evansville Police are investigating a possible abduction attempt that happened in the area of Maryland and Lafayette around 2:30 this afternoon.
The 13 year old who reported the incident told officers she was walking in the area and was approached by a man driving a white Chevy Truck. She did not know the man and did not recognize him.
The man began talking to her as she continued walking. When she did not stop to talk to him, she said the man got out of the truck and came towards her. She told investigators that she started running and he chased her for a short distance. He then ran back to his truck and left.
She described the truck as a white 2000’s model S-10, possible with an extended cab. The left rear tail light was broken out.
The man was described as a black male, mid 30’s, around 5″09 and 155lbs. He has corn rows in his hair and had a mustache with some gray in it.
Anyone with information on the man is asked to call EPD at 436-7979