The Cost of Your Future Is High After College Graduation


The Cost of Your Future Is High After College Graduation

Bosse High School students and thousand’s of others are receiving their high school diplomas while preparing to take off on the marathon of life. There are several options after their high school graduation, and either way the price of your future is high. Students are on the track to their own personal success.

“Yes, we are so excited for our graduate. She has done a wonderful job. Not just her, but all the graduates,” says mother Natalee Razor.

Some plan to attend local schools like Ivy Tech, or the University of Southern Indiana. Others are looking to travel or reaching whatever heights they choose.

“Well he wants to be a pilot and stuff, and I think he wants to go to Florida,” says father Brent Irwin.

Healthy support systems are important because college can be stressful, and expensive.

“Well definitely emotionally,” says Razor.

“We want to make sure she is stable enough to go off on her own, or even if she stays here locally.”

64% of Hoosier graduates enroll in college according to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

Those students could be seeing more than $47,000 dollars on average in college debt.

“Of course scholarships. We encourage several applications for scholarships, we also encourage working,” says Razor.

While the steps on students journeys aren’t yet known, many say they are hopeful and have faith in the future.

“Is debt a worry for you guys?” says 44News reporter Amanda Porter.

“No,” says Irwin.

“We will be fine with that. And he’s made a bunch of friends, and a bunch of them are graduating here.”

Surely whatever effort was put into themselves has the potential for expansion.