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“Right Jab And Left Jab” was created because we have two commenters that post on a daily basis either in our “IS IT TRUE” or “Readers Forum” columns concerning National or International issues.
Joe Biden and Ronald Reagan’s comments are mostly about issues of national interest.  The majority of our “IS IT TRUE” columns are about local or state issues, so we have decided to give Mr. Biden and Mr. Reagan exclusive access to our newly created “LEFT JAB and RIGHT JAB”  column. They now have this post to exclusively discuss national or world issues that they feel passionate about.
We shall be posting the “LEFT JAB” AND “RIGHT JAB” several times a week.  Oh, “Left Jab” is a liberal view and the “Right Jab is representative of the more conservative views. Also, any reader who would like to react to the written comments of the two gentlemen is free to do so.


  1. Rex Tillerson revealed Trump made a complete fool of himself during Putin meeting

    Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson revealed that President Donald Trump had a rough meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    A source told The Washington Post that Tillerson testified to the House Foreign Affairs Committee that Putin “out-prepared” Trump during their meeting in Germany. It put Trump at a serious disadvantage.

    “We spent a lot of time in the conversation talking about how Putin seized every opportunity to push what he wanted,” one committee aide said. “There was a discrepancy in preparation, and it created an unequal footing.”

    When Trump met with Putin in Helsinki last year, he was alone and it’s still unknown what was discussed. But when Trump met with Putin in Germany, Tillerson attended.

    “Experts said the disparity in preparation was unsurprising but risky given Putin’s depth of experience and savvy,” the Post wrote.

    “Putin is a very nimble adversary who’s been at this for 20 years now,” said Russia scholar Andrew Weiss. “The Hamburg meeting sounds like it was one of Putin’s wildest dreams: a freewheeling backroom-style conversation with a U.S. president.”

    Trump tends to ignore briefing books and anything involving extensive words without pictures, charts, graphs or his name.

    “I don’t think I have to prepare very much,” Trump bragged ahead of his first meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “It’s about attitude, it’s about willingness to get things done. So this isn’t a question of preparation, it’s a question of whether or not people want it to happen, and we’ll know that very quickly.”

    Tillerson admitted that there is a lot more the U.S. needs to do to counter Russia on the global stage, one person in the room told the Post.

    When asked for comment, a Republican committee aide said, “we believe Tillerson’s testimony best speaks for itself, and are hopeful that our Democrat Chairman will release the full transcript of the meeting to the public soon.”

    Tillerson said that while he and Trump share the same American goals for “freedom, democracy, individual liberty and human dignity” they don’t share the same “value system.”

    When he was asked to describe Trump’s values, Tillerson said, “I cannot.”

    “Just as matter of fact, he stated that he couldn’t or wouldn’t unpack the president’s values for us,” a committee aide said.


  2. The Real Reason Trump Walked Out

    On Wednesday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi charged that President Donald Trump was “engaged in a cover-up.” In response, Trump claimed to have been so wounded that he called off a meeting about, and any further discussion of, the $2 trillion infrastructure bill the two sides had been considering.

    “Instead of walking in happily into a meeting, I walk in to look at people that have just said that I was doing a cover-up,” Trump said at a press conference in the White House Rose Garden. “I don’t do cover-ups.” He added, further, that he wouldn’t deal with Democrats until they “get these phony investigations over with.”

    “You can go down the investigation track, and you can go down the investment track,” he said, but you can’t do both at the same time.

    But, as the Democratic members and senators were eager to tell the press upon returning to Capitol Hill after their abbreviated meeting, Democrats were already investigating Trump three weeks ago when they held their first meeting on the issue. The meeting wasn’t just called off because Pelosi hurt the president’s feelings on Wednesday morning. It’s because the president’s grand infrastructure vision wasn’t going anywhere, and he took the convenient off-ramp: that Democrats were too maniacal to work with constructively.

    The president—and this will stun you—had not fully thought out a plan to pay for $2 trillion in infrastructure spending. Democrats had suggested the president undo some of his signature 2017 tax legislation to pay for it, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell immediately called this a “nonstarter,” and just about all Republicans agreed with him. House Republicans, not known for challenging the president’s dictates, said that $2 trillion was a wildly unrealistic sum, with House Republican Whip Steve Scalise saying there were not any financing options agreeable to both parties “that would come anywhere close to $2 trillion.” Senate Republican rank and file were similarly uninterested.

    It was up to the White House to come up with the financing options and present it to Democratic leaders for the meeting scheduled on Wednesday. But Wednesday morning, Politico reported that “the White House is not going to present any plan to pay for rebuilding the nation’s roads and highways” and would instead ask Democrats to offer their own payment plan. This was not the first indication that Trump was trying to walk away: On Tuesday night, he sent Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer a letter saying that he felt they should pass his new North American trade agreement before working on an infrastructure bill.

    In other words, he got to the difficult portion of the infrastructure argument, faced failure, and needed a way to back down.

    “He is looking for every excuse, whether it was ‘Let’s do trade first’, or whether it was ‘He’s not going to pay for any funding,’ or … ‘There are investigations going on,’ ” Schumer told reporters afterward. “But now that he was forced to actually say how he’d pay for it, he had to run away, and he came up with this pre-planned excuse.”

    “For some reason, maybe it was lack of confidence on his part … he just took a pass, and it just makes me wonder why he did that,” Pelosi said.

    Pelosi is not as surprised as she claims to be, and the complete collapse of negotiations before financing discussions even began shows how performative this exercise was from the beginning.

    The most accurate statement about the likelihood of a bipartisan infrastructure bill came weeks ago, the day of the first infrastructure meeting, from none other than the White House chief of staff. Mick Mulvaney said that there was interest in doing a deal, yes, but probably more interest in making a show of trying to get a deal. Each side had incentives to make this work: House Democrats wanted to give their vulnerable incumbents an accomplishment to run on in 2020, and Trump wanted to brag during reelection about how he was putting trillions of dollars into jobs. But Democrats also don’t want to cast Trump as a reasonable partner, and Trump wants to portray Democrats as useless, investigatory zealots. The bad incentives won out, as they usually do, with a canceled meeting merely serving as the dramatic device of choice.


  3. Collusion, influence peddling and billions of dollars. And no, it has nothing to do with Trump. Key players are Biden’s son and John Kerry’s son:

    NYT Confirms Hunter Biden Bank of China $1.5 Billion Deal, Leaves Out Key Details

    A Tuesday New York Times article confirms revelations in Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book Secret Empires regarding the $1.5 billion deal Hunter Biden’s private equity firm secured from the state-owned Bank of China while his father was vice president; however, the Times omits key details that call into question statements made by Biden’s associates about the foreign financial deals engulfing his father’s 2020 presidential campaign in scandal.

    The Times’ article focuses on criticism of President Trump’s call for an investigation into the financial deals Hunter Biden’s firm secured in Ukraine and China while his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, was negotiating U.S. foreign policy with those countries. However, the article does at least acknowledge that the deals occurred….

    In June 2009, Hunter Biden teamed up with Christopher Heinz, the stepson of then-Massachusetts Senator and later Obama Secretary of State John Kerry, and a longtime Heinz-Kerry family associate Devon Archer to form an international private equity firm rooted in the investment fund Rosemont Capital.

    The firm was Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, and was one of a series of related LLCs formed by Biden, Heinz, and Archer that branched off of Rosemont Capital. The other offshoots included Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners and Rosemont Realty.

    “Of the various deals in which these Rosemont entities were involved, one of the largest and most troubling concerns Rosemont Seneca Partners,” Schweizer noted in Secret Empires.

    Hunter Biden was the managing partner at Rosemont Seneca Partners.

    When the firm was created in 2009, Biden and his associates eschewed headquartering the firm in the world’s financial capital of New York City and instead opted to lease space in Washington, DC, where just five months earlier Biden’s father was inaugurated as Barack Obama’s vice president and where Heinz’s stepfather chaired the powerful Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

    “Over the next seven years, as both Joe Biden and John Kerry negotiated sensitive and high-stakes deals with foreign governments, Rosemont entities secured a series of exclusive deals often with those same foreign governments,” Schweizer wrote.

    For a small firm with no track record, Rosemont Seneca scored high-level meetings with officials in China over the years, with each meeting coincidentally corresponding to official meetings between Vice President Biden and Chinese leaders….

    All of these meetings preceding Vice President Joe Biden’s important trip to Beijing in December 2013, in which Hunter Biden and his daughter Finnegan accompanied the vice president on board Air Force Two.

    It is unknown if Hunter Biden met with anyone in China as he traveled with his father and the rest of the official U.S. delegation in December 2013. Schweizer noted that where Hunter Biden spent most of his time during that trip “remains largely a mystery.”

    However, it is a matter of record that just 10 days after this Beijing trip, Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca secured a $1 billion investment from the state-owned bank of China, which was later expanded to $1.5 billion. As the managing partner of Rosemont Seneca, Hunter Biden would undoubtedly have knowledge of this deal, which was a first-of-its-kind arrangement for the recently formed Shanghai Free-Trade Zone. Indeed, Hunter Biden was placed on the Board of Directors of the new Chinese entity, Bohai Harvest RST.

    “Rosemont Seneca was getting something for the first time that no other Western firm had in China, a private equity cross-border investment fund formed in the Chinese government’s Shanghai Free-Trade Zone,” Schweizer wrote in Secret Empires, noting that financial giants like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Blackstone did not get a deal like this, but the Chinese government decided to reward a small unknown firm managed by a man with no experience in China or private equity….

    “The Chinese government has figured out that the way to get favorable treatment from policymakers in Washington, DC, is by, basically, signing sweetheart deals with the children of politicians because they think by doing so, they’ll get better policy positions from our government,” Schweizer said. “And the history indicates in the Obama administration that that’s exactly what happens.”

    But China is not the only foreign government to have dealings with Hunter Biden’s firm.

    A New York Times article three weeks ago described Hunter Biden’s lucrative dealings with a Ukrainian oligarch-owned energy company at a time when his father was mediating U.S. policy towards Ukraine. According to the Times, the natural gas firm Burisma Holdings paid Hunter Biden “as much as $50,000 per month in some months” for his work as a board member, despite the fact that he “lacked any experience in Ukraine and just months earlier had been discharged from the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine.”

    A Ukrainian corruption probe into Burisma Holdings was scuttled in 2016, when Vice President Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees to the country if the Ukrainian government did not fire the prosecutor who launched the corruption investigation. Withholding the loans would have thrown the former Soviet republic into insolvency at a time when it was fending off attacks from Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

    The Times article today claims that Hunter Biden’s partner Christopher Heinz was “concerned” that Seneca Partners’ involvement in Ukraine “created the appearance of selling influence.”….

      • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/05/21/nyt-confirms-hunter-biden-bank-of-china-deal-leaves-out-key-details/

        Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer in an exclusive interview with Hill.TV called for former Vice President and 2020 White House contender Joe Biden’s son to testify before the U.S. Senate about business dealings with Ukraine and China.

        “What I’ve called for simply is for the Senate to call former second son Hunter Biden to come and testify and people look into this,” Schweizer said during a lengthy interview on Hunter Biden’s business dealings. “We’re talking about large deals and large sums of money…it involves countries like China, which are America’s chief rival on the global stage.”

        The researcher provided an overview of Hunter Biden’s alleged business dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma and the Chinese government in a recent New York Post op-ed that details payments of more than $3 million to Hunter Biden’s company during a 14-month period when his father was the point person on Ukraine policy for the Obama…..

        Schweizer’s op-ed also details Hunter Biden’s alleged dealings with China, noting how the former second son accompanied his father on an official trip to Beijing in 2013 only to then have his company ink a $1 billion private equity deal with the Chinese government two weeks later.

        “Hunter Biden at the time had no background in China and had little background in private equity,” he wrote.


      • Inside the shady private equity firm run by John Kerry and Joe Biden’s kids

        What Hunter Biden, the son of America’s vice president, and Christopher Heinz, the stepson of the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (later to be secretary of state), were creating was an international private equity firm. It was anchored by the Heinz family alternative investment fund, Rosemont Capital. The new firm would be populated by political loyalists and positioned to strike profitable deals overseas with foreign governments and officials with whom the US government was negotiating.

        Hunter Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s youngest son, had gone through a series of jobs since graduating from Yale Law School in 1996, including the hedge-fund business.

        By the summer of 2009, the 39-year-old Hunter joined forces with the son of another powerful figure in American politics, Chris Heinz. Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania had tragically died in a 1991 airplane crash when Chris was 18. Chris, his brothers, and his mother inherited a large chunk of the family’s vast ketchup fortune, including a network of investment funds and a Pennsylvania estate, among other properties. In May 1995, his mother, Teresa, married Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts…..

        Rather than set up shop in New York City, the financial capital of the world, Rosemont Seneca leased space in Washington, DC. They occupied an all-brick building on Wisconsin Avenue, the main thoroughfare of exclusive Georgetown. Their offices would be less than a mile from John and Teresa Kerry’s 23-room Georgetown mansion, and just two miles from both Joe Biden’s office in the White House and his residence at the Naval Observatory…..

        In short, the Chinese government was literally funding a business that it co-owned along with the sons of two of America’s most powerful decision makers.

        Over the next seven years, as both Joe Biden and John Kerry negotiated sensitive and high-stakes deals with foreign governments, Rosemont entities secured a series of exclusive deals often with those same foreign governments.

        A troubling pattern emerges from this research, showing how profitable deals were struck with foreign governments on the heels of crucial diplomatic missions carried out by their powerful fathers. Often those foreign entities gained favorable policy actions from the United States government just as the sons were securing favorable financial deals from those same entities.

        Nowhere is that more true than in their commercial dealings with Chinese government-backed enterprises.

        Rosemont Seneca joined forces in doing business in China with another politically connected consultancy called the Thornton Group. The Massachusetts-based firm is headed by James Bulger, the nephew of the notorious mob hitman James “Whitey” Bulger. Whitey was the leader of the Winter Hill Gang, part of the South Boston mafia. Under indictment for 19 murders, he disappeared. He was later arrested, tried, and convicted….

        Rosemont Seneca and the Bank of China created a $1 billion investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a name that reflected who was involved. Bohai (or Bo Hai), the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea, was a reference to the Chinese stake in the company. The “RS” referred to Rosemont Seneca. The “T” was Thornton.

        The fund enjoyed an unusual and special status in China. BHR touted its “unique Sino-US shareholding structure” and “the global resources and network” that allowed it to secure investment “opportunities.” Funds were backed by the Chinese government.

        In short, the Chinese government was literally funding a business that it co-owned along with the sons of two of America’s most powerful decision makers.

        The partnership between American princelings and the Chinese government was just a beginning. The actual investment deals that this partnership made were even more problematic. Many of them would have serious national security implications for the United States.

        n 2015, BHR joined forces with the automotive subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned military aviation contractor Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to buy American “dual-use” parts manufacturer Henniges.

        AVIC is a major military contractor in China. It operates “under the direct control of the State Council” and produces a wide array of fighter and bomber aircraft, transports, and drones — primarily designed to compete with the United States.

        The company also has a long history of stealing Western technology and applying it to military systems. The year before BHR joined with AVIC, the Wall Street Journal reported that the aviation company had stolen technologies related to the US F-35 stealth fighter and incorporated them in their own stealth fighter, the J-31. AVIC has also been accused of stealing US drone systems and using them to produce their own.

        In September 2015, when AVIC bought 51 percent of American precision-parts manufacturer Henniges, the other 49 percent was purchased by the Biden-and-Kerry-linked BHR…..


  4. A Trump Twitter-Style Diatribe

    Photo Captures Trump Handwritten Notes Saying Dems Have ‘No Achomlishments’

    Usually, when President Trump is really steamed, he vents his spleen over a morning of disjointed tweets — a slow-mo meltdown. On Wednesday, it was the live-action movie version — on fast forward. Trump, ever the director and star of his own White House movie, staged his outburst in two acts.

    Act 1: Blow up a White House meeting with Democratic lawmakers that was over before the first handshake. Bye-bye, Infrastructure Day.

    Act 2: Stride to a podium at a hastily arranged Rose Garden news conference to say he won’t work with Democrats on infrastructure or anything else while they pursue the “investigation track.”

    What set the president off was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) saying earlier Wednesday that Trump has engaged in a “coverup” related to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation and other probes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said May 22 that House Democrats believe “no one is above the law, including the president of the United States.” (Reuters)

    “I don’t do coverups,” Trump angrily told reporters who had been hustled outside with little notice and less information. Trump — who with his allies is actively working to block more than 20 separate investigations by Democrats — called himself “the most transparent president, probably, in the history of this country,” and said he had been ready to discuss infrastructure and other priorities before Pelosi’s remark.

    Trump had complained earlier Wednesday on Twitter that Democrats, dissatisfied with Mueller’s findings, are seeking a “DO OVER” through congressional investigations. The mounting inquiries have angered the president for weeks, but those investigations had not stopped the White House from scheduling Wednesday’s meeting. The meeting was still on, with the original agenda, as of midmorning, White House and other officials said.

    But that was before news coverage of Pelosi’s meeting with other Democrats on Wednesday morning. Pelosi said Trump had “engaged in a coverup,” harsh criticism that came moments after she had tamped down talk of impeachment in her caucus in a closed-door meeting — at least for now. Trump was “livid,” said one person familiar with his mood, although some of his own aides have argued that a dead-end impeachment effort would be politically helpful to the president, since it would further his reelection narrative that Democrats are out to get him at any cost.

    “Whether or not they carry the big i-word out, I can’t imagine that, but they probably would because they do whatever they have to do,” a still-seething Trump told reporters.

    Trump had decided, with buy-in from his staff, to essentially ambush Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and others, according to accounts of the events from White House and congressional officials. The Democrats had been invited for a sit-down on what both parties say is the pressing need for a funding plan for roads, bridges and so forth. Rather than cancel the meeting, the White House let Pelosi and the others walk into the trap. Shortly before 11 a.m., press secretary Sarah Sanders suddenly alerted the staff to prepare the Rose Garden for a news conference at 11:20 a.m.

    Trump stage-managed events from there. Democrats waited at a conference table in the Cabinet Room for about 15 minutes, said a person directly familiar with the session who, like others in this report, spoke on the condition of anonymity. Trump’s name-card was on the table between those for Pelosi and Schumer.

    “He walks in, goes to the head of the table, not even his assigned seat, doesn’t sit, doesn’t shake anyone’s hand. Stands there and begins a lecture,” one aide said.

    It was textbook Trump, who has said that walking away from a negotiation is an effective tactic in business. In politics, it also changes the day’s headlines. Trump, narrating the scene later, said he had walked into the meeting and told his guests, “You know what? You can’t do it under these circumstances. So get these phony investigations over with” and then we’ll talk.

    Trump ranted about 10 minutes, almost all of it a monologue. He took two brief questions and turned to go, ignoring others.

    Meanwhile, the infrastructure meeting went on without him. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, among others, remained in the room as Pelosi did some venting of her own, according to three people familiar with the session, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to share details of the meeting.

    Pelosi, looking across the table at Mnuchin, described how presidents such as Thomas Jefferson and Franklin D. Roosevelt brought people to the White House to solve infrastructure problems, but Trump had chosen to walk out, these people said. Pelosi added that she had thought Trump was “looking for a way out.”

    Then, Conway asked Pelosi whether she had a response for the president. Pelosi replied that she would reply to the president, “not staff,” the people familiar with the meeting said. As people got up to leave, Conway said to Pelosi, “That’s really pro-woman of you,” they said. By that time, Trump had given his own blow-by-blow version of events and blunted the shock value of Pelosi’s accusation.

    Pelosi and the others left the White House without talking to reporters.


  5. Chuck Schumer Busts Trump And Fox News For Tantrum Collusion

    Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) accused Trump of tipping off Fox News before he threw his White House temper tantrum. Sen. Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow:

    “They were just afraid, unable to put together any infrastructure plan. And they found a very inelegant way to wiggle out of it. But second, these investigations are really getting under his skin because the courts in the last two days, as you mentioned earlier, have gotten right to the core of what Trump is most afraid of, people look at all the financial stuff, whether it’s being from the banks or from his accountant. So this was preplanned. There is no question about it. He had that little sign out there in the Rose Garden.”

    “The minute I walked out of the meeting after he threw his temper tantrum. They had Fox News on and they were already talking about what the president was doing. And there was no way they could have found out unless they knew ahead of time. So the bottom line is that he had no intention of doing this, and he’s just making — showing how incapable he is of being president.”

    Trump colluded with Fox News because he thought his tantrum would make him look strong. Trump did his whole outburst because he is rattled by all of the losses in court, but also because he thought that it would make him “look strong” to “stand up” to the Democrats, and he enlisted his state-run cable news network to push the story.

    There is no way that Fox News could have known about what happened at the White House so quickly unless Trump tipped them off in advance. Fox News is propaganda and state-run television, but instead of making Trump look strong the scheme backfired and made the president look like a giant man-baby.


  6. What The F*** Was That?

    All the reporters on Twitter started saying “Um, we are getting called to the Rose Garden and we don’t know why” Democrats were supposed to be meeting with Trump about Infrastructure Week, but instead, well, lordy Jesus, that was 10 minutes of our life we’re never going to get back

    Hooray! There was a sign in the Rose Garden! It said how big the Mueller Investigation was! And most importantly the Mueller Investigation said NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION, PREZNIT TRUMP GOOD, NOT A RUSSIAN

    (It did not say that. Not even a little bit. And just this morning, House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff announced a surely temporary detente with the Justice Department because it’s FINALLY agreed to start handing over counter-intel information from the investigation to the committee. Just this morning

    Preznit No Russias held a sign! Trump was supposed to be doing an Infrastructure Week meeting with some Dems, but he got mad and waddled his greasy butt right out of there to go say NO COLLUSION to the Rose Garden.

    Some people in White House were like “No, Preznit NoRussia McGreasyButt, don’t go down there!” but we guess they didn’t try hard enough. So there the president found himself in the Rose Garden, and he had a sign, and everything he said was basically everything he tweets. Maybe his little tiny hands are too achy for a tweet storm right now, and all they could lift was that sign?

    And so it was that the president of the United States sniffed and he sniffed and he said NO COLLUSION and he said Jerry Nadler sucks and he read words from a Wall Street Journal op-ed that said NO COLLUSION and he told those Democrats that if they don’t stop their investigations right now, then they won’t get to join in the big Infrastructure Week party Donald Trump, President Of Accomplishments, is throwing, and won’t they be sad then?


    And, um … the end, we guess? Literally, that was it. Dipshit was mad, so Dipshit went to the Rose Garden to whine


        • Extra, Extra. Come one come all, get your wacky left wing talking points from the “Wonkette”


          “Wonkette Bazaar is the merch home of Wonkette.com, an ad-free, completely independent, woman-owned news site for vulgar, hilarious liberals who like truth and dick jokes. Your purchases help us pay our small staff and freelancers a living wage — and in fact the same amount we pay ourselves”

          and while you are at it, don’t forget to order your “Elizabeth Warren Comrade Tee”


          • Without “some form of socialism”, 70% of the American people would be sleeping under the Pidgeon Creek bridge Joe.

            Although it would be the wasteland called Mesker in your case.

            Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Fire Departments, Police Departments and the king daddy of socialist organizations of all time, the U.S. military would all have to go if socialism leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

            Speaking of bad tastes in your mouth, how’s shar pie been doing? Haven’t heard from him in awhile.

            But don’t forget Joe, when you vote all the Democrats out of office, then Paul Ryan’s wet dream of charging $6,400 dollars more per year per individual for Medicare will become law. Mop Head already has that in sight in his next budget.

            That’s $128,000 more per couple the first ten years they have it.

            And I must wonder, is $16 billion borrowed from China to subsidize farmers Capitalism or Socialism? I lose track now-a-days.

            You know how that old saying goes bro, something about being careful about wishes….

  7. Kellyanne Conway Blasted For Whining About Pelosi Treating Her ‘Like A Maid’

    White House advisor Kellyanne Conway whined to Fox on Thursday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasn’t nice to her while at the White House. Conway went on to make it about feminism and women, but Pelosi said that she was at the White House as the Speaker of the House talking to the president of the United States. Other peripheral conversations were of no concern to her.

    Conway said that Pelosi “is rich and acts that way” treating her like a “maid” yet Conway’s net-worth is $39 million, according to Business Insider.

    Writer Oliver Willis even went on to call Conway nothing more than “the help” for Trump “You’re the help. She’s the speaker, and she was at the white house to speak to the president, not you”

    It prompted many online to crack up at Conway’s attempts to make it about women and feminism. Pelosi, who is second in line to the presidency, told reporters during her weekly press conference that she wouldn’t even address the issue because it was so inconsequential to her. Twitter showed what a shrew Conway is

    Adam Parkhomenko “This must be what Kellyanne thinks pro-woman looks like. Dear Eva Braun Hooked on Meth, nobody elected you to shit. You are not on the same footing as the speaker of the house”

    John Aravosis “Poor arrogant soulless Kellyanne thinks she’s a member of Congress. Sorry, Kellyanne, you don’t hold an election certificate, you are just staff, and you’re not equal to Nancy Pelosi or any other member of Congress. The meeting was with the president, not the help”

    John Aravosis “It’s also interesting, and telling, how Kellyanne always invokes the poor-oppressed-woman card even though she’s never lifted a finger to help poor oppressed women, and in fact, is paid to defend a confessed serial sexual assaulter who routinely mistreats female reporters”

    Elie Mystal “Should I assume that the Speaker of the Goddamn House appropriately perceives a power imbalance between herself and a lying, deceitful hack spox”

    CharlieYoung “Kellyanne Conway was steps away from shouting “Do you know who I am” to Nancy Pelosi”

    Steve Redmond “You work for a serial adulterer and misogynist extraordinaire. How very “Pro-Woman” of you”

    Roy Griffin “Actually, I bet Pelosi treats her maid with respect. For one thing her maid is intrinsically more noble than Kellyanne Conway”

    Thane Lochaber “Why would Kellyanne Conway think she’s somehow superior to a makeup artist or wardrobe consultant? Both of these professions have their place in a functioning society. She does not”

  8. Sad news for Comrade Reagan’s other news source, Rachel Maddow:

    Rachel Maddow’s Conspiracy Brain

    I tuned in to Maddow’s show after the Mueller investigation ended. It has not been pretty.

    On Monday night, the first night that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show aired after Attorney General William Barr released his four-page memo on the Mueller report, Rachel Maddow was skeptical. Like, extremely, extremely skeptical. In fact, she had 15 questions worth of skepticism about the “the Barr Report,” which she displayed in remarkably tiny font behind her head. The questions started with the basics—Had Robert Mueller expected the attorney general to jump in and make a no prosecution, no collusion announcement? Was it appropriate for the attorney general to make that kind of determination at this point in the process?—before taking sudden swerves into the conspiratorial. Robert Mueller had chosen not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment in his report. “Well,” Maddow wondered, “why did Mueller make that determination and was it, in fact, a choice?” Was it possible that the special prosecutor had not explicitly described the president’s behavior as a crime in his report because there were plans to indict him as soon as he left office?…

    But Maddow too, has turned the universe into an intricate web of intersecting plots that all lead to one conclusion: collusion. In the days since the Mueller report was sent to Barr, Maddow has held fast to her faith that Mueller is some kind of avenging hero, who will get Trump in the end. “As we await the Mueller report,” she said on Tuesday night, “we are left with this incredibly provocative set of unexplained behaviors.” Then she cued up “the mystery sound,” a not particularly eerie ding she used to introduce a long digression about a still-active “mystery case,” in which a “mystery company owned by mystery country” has resisted all attempts to testify about some mystery topic at the special prosecutor’s request, which she then tied to a number of other still active parts of the Mueller investigation, which she intimated could still result in something damning. …

    I’ll admit that I haven’t watched Maddow regularly for the past few years. Turning on her show this week was like discovering a Facebook friend is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She looks the same as she did, she even sounds the same, but 15 minutes into a conspiratorial rant with no sense of proportion or, honestly, responsibility, you realize that something has gone wildly wrong: She wants to believe the instantly impeachable truth is out there more than she wants the truth, as gnarly and corrupt as it is….


    • Tsk, Tsk, JethroBodine has to use something from two months ago to try and distract for the Breitfart lies

  9. Poor JethroBodine, still clueless that the Muller investigation PROVES Twittler and his band of idiots are traitors who worked with him on the coverup of his treason

    Mueller’s “Illegitimate Hoax” Investigation Just Led to ANOTHER Indictment Involving the Trump Campaign

    On Wednesday Trump held a press conference to gripe that he won’t speak to congressional Democrats unless they end the various ongoing committee investigations into his conduct. At the press conference he displayed a graphic about Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, which noted how many search warrants, interviews, that it had conducted. His point was that if Mueller’s extensive inquiry didn’t find grounds to charge him for conspiring with Russian intelligence, what was the point of investigating further?

    As an ABC reporter pointed out, though, that graphic was originally created by her network. And there was a second part to it: The part about how many of Trump’s advisers and associates were charged by the special counsel’s office for crimes including fraud, perjury, and witness tampering

    Here, let me outline it for the news challenged on here:

    – Obtained more than 230 orders for communications records
    – Issued 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers
    – Made 13 requests to foreihn governments for evidence
    – 37 indictments
    – 5 Trump associates charged
    – 26 Russians indicted
    – 7 guilty pleas
    – 4 people sentenced to prison
    – Probe cost only $25 million

    Mueller moreover referred a number of related cases to other Department of Justice prosecutors. We don’t know what all those cases are yet because information about them was redacted from his report to Attorney General William Barr. But one of them was likely revealed Thursday as the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York’s Southern District announced charges against Stephen Calk, the CEO of Federal Savings Bank. Calk is accused of facilitating loans in 2016 to Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, that Manafort might otherwise not have qualified for because he was on the verge of going broke—and Manafort, the feds say, paid Calk back by getting him a spot on the Trump campaign’s economic advisory committee and, later, recommending that the Trump transition team consider him for the position of undersecretary of the Army

    Barr falsely implied at a press conference before releasing the Mueller report that Trump was justified in his efforts to end Mueller’s investigation because he was “frustrated” that it was unfair to him. The attorney general then falsely explained in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that the president has a right to shut down DOJ investigations into his conduct if they are “groundless” and based on “false allegations”

    And yet here we are with another DOJ indictment describing an illegal scheme involving Trump’s campaign. One can only imagine what an investigation into Trump that wasn’t groundless might look like


  10. Trump Can’t Drop His Hate For Pelosi, Interrupts Event To Tag Her ‘Crazy Nancy’ And Call Her Stupid

    During the announcement that he was going to pay out another $16 billion to farmers, on top of the $12 billion paid out last year, to not at all compensate for the losses farmers are suffering because of his trade war, Trump took time out to attack Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

    First, as he was discussing the agriculture deal itself, Trump brought up the pending legislation around his minor revisions to NAFTA. As he did, Trump threw in this comment about Pelosi’s lady brain just not being up to dealing with trade “I don’t think Nancy Pelosi understands the deal. It’s too complicated. But it’s not a complicated deal”

    Trump then used what was supposed to be a platform to showcase his support for farmers to make claims that he was “very calm” during his meeting with Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer. He then sought to prove his calmness by insisting that Kellyanne Conway confirm his version of events, in public, on camera

    But Trump wasn’t done. As the event was winding up, Trump returned to the idea that Pelosi is somehow not clever enough to understand the NAFTA version 1.01 he’s selling as a whole new thing. “She’s lost it,” said Trump. “She’s not the same person. She’s lost it. … She’s a mess. Look, let’s face it. She doesn’t understand it. They sort of feel … she’s disintegrating before their eyes. She does not understand it.” Trump then unpacked his new nickname for the speaker, calling her “Crazy Nancy”

    But Nancy showed Twittler cannot deal with her and her intelligence when she replied:

    When the “extremely stable genius” starts acting more presidential, I’ll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues


  11. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Urges Trump Family ‘Intervention’

    House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday she wished Trump’s family or staff would conduct an “intervention” with him for the good of the United States after he threw what she called a temper tantrum at a meeting with Democratic congressional leaders a day earlier

    Trump fired back, questioning Pelosi’s mental state while calling himself an “extremely stable genius”

    As the acrid fight intensified between the Trump and the Democrats who control the House amid talk of impeaching Trump, work on a two-year federal budget deal has ground to a near standstill. Trump for a second straight day lobbed accusations and insults after the collapse of an infrastructure deal that could have pumped $2 trillion into the U.S. economy if lawmakers and Trump had found a way to pay for it

    “Again, I pray for the president of the United States. I wish that his family, or his administration, or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country” Pelosi told reporters, accusing Trump of obstruction of justice, which she said could be an impeachable offense stating “The White House is just crying out for impeachment”

    Trump is stonewalling multiple congressional inquiries into him, his policies, family and business holdings, while Pelosi has worked hard to tamp down demands among some Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings. Asked on Thursday if a deal on the budget or on the debt would get done Trump just said “We’ll see what happens”

    Policy chaos swept Washington on Wednesday when Trump walked out of a White House meeting with Democrats saying he could not work with them on an infrastructure bill as long as lawmakers are investigating him. Pelosi had earlier accused him of engaging in a “cover up” over investigations of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections and other matters

    Congressional leaders last December negotiated an agreement on federal spending that they had been assured Trump would support, only to have him back out at the last minute, triggering a prolonged, partial shutdown of the government

    Pelosi wrote on Twitter “When the ‘extremely stable genius’ starts acting more presidential, I’ll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues”


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