Supplemental Edition:  Improperly Marked Absentee Ballot Applications


Fellow Republicans,
I wish everyone would vote either by voting “In-person” or by “Absentee Ballot”. In my judgment, the Absentee Ballot by mail voting method should be used only in special circumstances because it is easier to abuse/cheat by someone who purposely does not want to follow the Election Rules/Code.
It is believed that Democratic Party activist Jan Reed violated Indiana Election Code by mailing improper  completed Absentee Ballot applications to hundreds of Voters. This matter has been referred to the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s office for investigation and possible prosecution. It appears Ms. Reed took this action on her own. Jan Reed is not a volunteer assisting the Vanderburgh County Election Office. The Election Office has taken a large volume of calls from the public expressing concern and anger about Ms. Reed’s actions. Yesterday Vanderburgh County Clerk Carla Hayden issued the following Press Release to make certain the public is aware that Ms. Reed is not affiliated with the Election Office. You may also review the Referral Regarding Absentee Ballot Applications to the Prosecutor’s office here.
Wayne Parke
Chairman Vanderburgh County Republican Party
Cell: 812-455-1685


  1. Throw the bums out.

    No one alive has seen a higher unemployment rate.
    This is making us great? Somebody at the top is HORRIBLE at their job.


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