Mandatory Credit: Photo by Darron Cummings/AP/Shutterstock (11717541e) Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb delivers his State of the State address virtually, in Indianapolis State of the State, Indianapolis, United States - 19 Jan 2021


INDIANAPOLIS- Governor Eric J. Holcomb issues the following statement on the overruling of Roe v. Wade.

“The Supreme Court’s decision is clear, and it is now up to the states to address this important issue. We’ll do that in short order in Indiana. I’ve already called the General Assembly back on July 6, and I expect members to take up this matter as well.

I have been clear in stating I am pro-life. We have an opportunity to make progress in protecting the sanctity of life, and that’s exactly what we will do.”


  1. Congratulations Gov Holcomb! You and your henchmen have just st back womens rights a hundred years. This is no longer a fre country. I hope you are prepared for thousands of children being put in the welfare system and bodies of babies found in plastic bags thrown in rivers and ditches. Women who will die from these unwanted pregnancies. Why are their lives less important than the life of a fetus.Never will I celebrate Independence Day again!!

    • It doesn’t matter if the baby is killed at a clinic or thrown in the river killing another human is murder. It just means it’s illegal killing them in a clinic now. It’s still evil to kill a baby and you are too.

      • A patriot would never overturn law that has been settled. A patriot would never become an insurrectionist. A patriot would never claim that donald trump won an election that he lost. A patriot would have taken an oath to the constitution. A patriot would have joined the military. You’ve done none of those things. The only thing the trumper loyalists and Nazi party members have done is to betray their country and for that they need to be punished. For the rest of their lives. You have started the civil war now we will end it.

      • So should rape. So should child molesting. Until those things end, abortion should be a CHOICE. Don’t like them don’t have one. I hope none of the women in your family ever have to make that choice. I hope they never have a child living and then experience an eptopic pregnancy and have to tell their loving child goodbye because close minded people won’t allow her to live. I hope your family never has to make that choice. Or your daughter or granddaughter fixed to give birth at 9 or 10 because she was molested. True she’s going to be traumatized anyway, but forcing her child body to give birth is barbaric.

  2. Screw you Holcomb! You need voted out NOW! You’re not a woman so obviously this doesn’t affect you one bit! Go back into your shell!

  3. If you only cared as much about the “born” as you do the “unborn”. Prepare for more babies brought to fire stations & hospitals. Prepare for more children living in poverty; that means starvation Governor. Prepare for women dying because it won’t stop Governor. Abortion has been around since ancient times; and we are going backwards. Just prepare for so much more & I pray it doesn’t happen to someone in your family. Never should have abortion rights be under the control of government meaning mostly MEN. I hope you take care of the BORN children because I see congress voting down what HAD brought children out of poverty. FORCED PREGNANCY is inhumane!

  4. Yes! You are finally doing something Americans can be proud of! Proud of saving millions of babies. Left wing abortion laws have went to far . It’s murder any way you look at it.

    • Here is the main if your against abortion don’t have one. I’m actually only for it under certain circumstances but that doesnt give me you or the idiots in office the right to judge or tell someone what they can do with their lives and I bet all of you that say it’s murder have probably been for all the wars we have had but yet is that not murder,but that’s ok because it’s in the name of oil or for the so called freedom country we live in right.i call bullshit.

  5. Forcing families and individuals who don’t have all of the important emotional and financial resources to raise healthy emotionally mature adults for the future puts every one at risk.

  6. It’s sad to say that this decision appears to be more politically driven than anything else. These folks don’t care about women’s right or human rights for that matter. They all have a hidden agenda that will be exposed soon and very soon. Nothing done in the dark will stay hidden forever.

  7. The time for women to take responsibity and control of “their own body” is before engaging in a sexual relationship, not when they have an unwanted pregnancy and think they have the right to KILL their unborn child. The only exception would be those rare occasions when the woman’s life and survival is at stake, or rape, and even then someone else wants to love, nurture and adopt these babies as their own.

    Life begins at conception. Every full term pregnancy abortion is Pre-meditated Murder.
    FACT not just an opinion.

    • You do realize that no one is aborting “full term” babies. And if you did your research. Generally if any sort of “abortion” procedure that is done that far along, it’s because the baby is either already passed or the baby will not survive after being born. Do I believe in abortion for myself, no. Would I personally get one, also no. But I can respect that I should not be allowed to make those decisions for anyone else. Just wait. It’s not as simple as you make it seem. This is just the first step in women losing rights. It’s about to get much worse. How many women are going to die from infection after partial miscarriages because they are denied “abortion” procedures in the hospital. You can use that term abortion in many forms. A woman who miscarries technically has a “spontaneous abortion”. Should she be penalized for it? No. A woman who finds out that her unborn child has no quality of life and will not survive after birth. Should she be penalized? A woman finds out her baby is missing vital organs. But is still able to live because it’s getting nutrients abs life via the umbilical cord. Should she be forced to Carry to term.

    • I agree completely, learning to keep their legs together is how they can start controlling their own bodies.

      • She should have kept her legs together so that a closed minded person who has no real clue how this world truly works like you could come into it

      • Keep her legs together… really so that young girl raped by her dad should have kept her legs together … Jack ass

  8. Get ready to have too many babies born than we have the resources for. Not to mention you and other politicians should have absoloutely no say in what we do with OUR bodies. Too many woman are going to suffer and die because of your guys decision and I hope it haunts you.

    • What about the unborn children that are dying from abortion. We must speak for them since they cannot speak for themselves. And I am a woman!

      • You said it best unborn so if their unborn why does it matter and if your not the one having it why don’t you stop trying to play god and put judgment on these people you have not walked a mile in their shoes it will probably be their poverty raised child that will steal your iphone to buy themselves dinner for a week .

  9. Once again a bunch of men in the majority deciding what is best for women. This isn’t about pro-life because they don’t work a fraction as hard to help women with babies and kids that they are not able to provide for. Stop believing the lies that this is about life. Most people on earth are pro-life. This is about control, power, and on some level punishment for women who have the audacity to know what is best for their own family situations. If a person who has become pregnant and their loved ones have come to a difficult decision like abortion, there are numerous reasons that they may be unable to bring a baby to term. And one more thing….Women don’t make these “lives” by themselves. So when is the Supreme Court and the States going to spend all this effort forcing men to share the full responsibility and burden of pregnancies and raising healthy, well-adjusted children? Men certainly don’t mind making a baby because they can and often do walk away at the moment of conception. How convenient for men.

  10. How about regulating the penis, where it all starts! Time for you and your swinging dick politics to go!

  11. If you are so pro life why is it ok for the murders of innocent children in schools? Once a baby is born you could care less if it has food, shelter, health care or if it’s killed by your precious guns.

  12. Women vote in Indiana. Did you forget? You will be OUT. I am from Southern Indiana, btw. You know….that bastion of conservatism you thought you could depend on. FUCK YOU.

  13. It was never about the babies. If it was then Republicans would instead help women by voting for affordable health care, affordable child care. Lower the cost of medicine. Stop big oil from price gouging. And more! These are the things that would lift a woman and allow her a situation in which she can choose life if they wanted too. Instead Republicans choose to force more people deeper into poverty all the while giving them more access to guns?!? I am terrified.

  14. So if you have the right to stop women from making a decision about their own bodies, then what are you going to do about the men raping women, the pedofiles raping babies, I say take their rights as well I’m, instead of wasting money putting them in prison for a few months, just so they can get released, to repeat their offenses, let’s just cut their dicks off, and let them live with it. And the women who have babies, just to murder them, or pump the full of the drugs they’re addicted to, and your foster system sucks too. All around you suck big time governor Holcomb. You’re not saving lives, you’re taking them by causing women to go back to back alley abortion, maybe one day, your daughter or daughter-in-law will be forced to carry out a pregnancy of a child that is already non viable, but they have to do to that because their daddy is PRO LIFE, you’re an idiot in the biggest form!!!!!

  15. Thankyou Governor Holcomb, I hope Indiana does the right thing and protect the unborn. If woman wants to have sex and risk getting pregnant they need to go get on birth control It’s $8.00 at Walmart, it’s not that hard to protect yourself from getting pregnant. Killing babies has got to stop now in every state!

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