Shilling Me Softly Links to CCO: Claims Law Schools are Puppy Mills for Humans


The City County Observer is showing up in the most unexpected places lately. Last week we chose to do a short article with a link to the New York Times about an Indiana University Professor named William Henderson who has been calling out the “law degree” industry for failure to properly disclose the employment prospects of a JD to prospective students of law. Low and behold checking our referral traffic there is a blog called Shilling Me Softly that is run by Kimber Russell who is somewhat of a watchdog in the world of accurate disclosure as it applies to higher education. She specializes in law schools.

On her site she has a place of honor reserved for publications that have shown the courage to publish the plight of Professor Henderson in calling for proper disclosure from the nations law schools. The list is currently limited to the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Indiana Public Media, Indiana University, and Evansville’s own City County Observer. When we learn of such movements, we consider it our duty in our drive for good public policy to point things like this out. After all, Evansville is in Indiana, Indiana University is a public institution of higher learning that gets substantial tax money from the people of our state, and good public policy calls for transparency and proper disclosure. What we can’t figure out is why so few media sources have picked up on this.

Here is a link to the story that compares law schools to puppy mills. Of course the same could be said about any other training that is not delivering on the advertised results.