IS IT TRUE? January 14, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? January 14, 2011

IS IT TRUE that just yesterday yet another boil advisory was issued in the North Kentucky Avenue area of the City of Evansville?…that this boil advisory is in effect until further notice?…that this is the third boil advisory since Christmas Day in the City of Evansville?…that during a boil advisory citizens are warned to bring all water that will be consumed by humans whether for drinking or cooking to a boil for 5 minutes?…that the citizens of Evansville while appreciating being warned to boil water that may be contaminated, they would appreciate it much more if the payments that they make to the Evansville Waterworks assured that water was delivered to their homes without needing to boil off the contaminants?…that many other cities and towns have public water systems that can go for years without boil advisories yet here it seems to be a weekly event?…that many of us swallow a little water while bathing?…that boiling before bathing, wearing a muzzle in the shower, or bathing in Evian Water are not practical solutions?…that we deserve to know why there are so many boil advisories and what needs to done to assure that the public water supply is fit for consumption?

IS IT TRUE that the last month has been colder than normal for the time around New Years Day?…that the HVAC systems have been pumping warm air into the homes of the Evansville area to keep the residents warm?…that the fans that push that air are run on electricity?…that the price of electricity on this side of the money saving bridge is still 188% more expensive than it is over in Henderson?…that the cell phone bill used to strike fear into the most burly men when it showed up in the mailbox?…that in Evansville, Indiana and certain surrounding counties that the Vectren bill is the one that strikes fear into people’s minds just at the site of it?…that turning the temperature down to a cool comfortable 66 degrees and installing a programmable thermostat will pay for itself quickly and will slightly ease the fear of the Vectren bill?

IS IT TRUE that Vectren actually has a program that will pay you a rebate of $20 to install a programmable thermostat?…that you can see that and other available rebates at the following website?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Regional Airport recently was notified that they were not chosen to receive a $500,000 grant that was applied for?…that the intended use for the funds if granted was to try to attract another airline to supplement the two that we currently have?…that as airports go the Evansville airport delivers a pleasant experience at the counters both coming and going?…that the Evansville airport struggles with the fact that there are no jetways for boarding and unloading and with the fact that limited competition allows some monopolistic pricing by the two carriers that compete on exactly zero direct routes out of Evansville?…that Owensboro somehow attracted Allegiant Air that has non-stop low cost flights to Orlando and may just be adding service to Las Vegas?…that Evansville had discussions with Allegiant but that they chose Owensboro?…that Mead Johnson cited limited air service as one of the reasons for choosing Chicago over Evansville for their headquarters?…that growing cities need to have many flight options at competitive pricing with other airports?…that for a business travel paying a slight premium to fly in and out of EVV is worth it?…that the City County Observer wishes the Evansville Regional Airport success in attracting new carriers and flights?…that the good jobs of the future depend on having access to the transportation of the future?…that means airports and someday high speed rail?

IS IT TRUE that the word of the week is CIVILITY?…that we seem to promote civility every time someone does something that is violent and senseless?…that the word for life should be CIVILITY?…that today is a good day to practice civility and courtesy and to respect others property?…that the City County Observer encourages all of our readers to be kind but vigilant, to give and to earn respect, and to treat the streets as you would treat your own living room?…that if we all cease to litter and pick up three pieces of litter each day that our litter problem will be gone?…that CIVILITY means many things and that we should practice them all each day?


  1. How is the Airport Authorities venture into the entertainment/recreation business going?

    Isn’t it true that this city is so obsessed with it’s entertainment and squeezing the last dime out of ownership opportunities, that the Airport Authority ventured into the golf business?

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