Sheriff’s Office to Open a Burdette Park Field Office

 The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office will open a west side field office at Burdette Park. The new field office is located inside the Discovery Lodge, which is in the southwest area of the park.

The new field office will provide a workspace for sheriff’s deputies assigned to the west side of the county. Sheriff Dave Wedding explained, “The field office will provide our deputies with a place to meet with the public, conduct interviews, transmit reports and obtain supplies.” Sheriff Wedding added, “The presence of a field office at Burdette Park will be a real time and fuel saver for a deputy who needs to re-supply equipment or access a full size computer and printer.”

The new field office will not be staffed continuously, but will result in an increased Sheriff’s Office presence at Burdette Park. Of particular benefit will be an increase in security after hours, when Burdette Park’s regular staff is not present.

Sheriff Wedding stated, “This project began under Sheriff Eric Williams’ administration and it has now come to fruition. Our office will continue to explore other viable options to expand our services and keep our community safe.”

Pictured above: Map of Burdette Park with the location of the Field Office denoted by a yellow star.

Pictured above: Front entrance to Discovery Lodge located at 5900 Discovery Lodge Lane.

Pictured above: Sheriff’s Deputy utilizes a computer at the new field office.