IS IT TRUE October 16, 2014


IS IT TRUE the City County Observer is pleased and encouraged that the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County have gone for 60 days without having a recorded suicide?…this is the first time since 2006 that this area has gone for 60 days without a suicide?…it is hopefully a trend that has been started by some very rigorous public education lead by Vanderburgh County Corner Annie Groves’ office?…this good news does come right after a near record month when there were 9 suicides in a 30 day period so this is no time to start a celebration or to pronounce the suicide epidemic as conquered?…for many years now Vanderburgh County has led the state and sometimes the nation in having a suicide rate that has been up to 5 times the national average?…this has been perplexing because the suicide statistics for neighboring counties are remarkably similar to national averages making Evansville an island of high suicides?…we do however want to salute all of those who have fought against this problem and hope for another suicide free report for the rest of 2014?…this is a category that we hope to see continuing to decrease?

IS IT TRUE the potential pandemic that is becoming more obvious every day that is rooted in Liberia is raising concerns all over the United States?…the reality is that to date there has only been one death and two other cases reported thus far but the rate of death has been reported as high as 90% and the rate of spreading this disease in Africa is now estimated into the thousands per day?…the United States is not doing itself any favors in failing to follow established protocols with in the hospital where a Liberian Ebola patient was left in an open area of a Dallas emergency room for hours?… the nurses treating him as reported by the nation’s largest nurses union that they worked without proper protective gear and faced constantly changing protocols?…one of these nurses has been confirmed to have contacted the disease from providing care to the now deceased Liberian?…public-health authorities announced yesterday that a second Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital health care worker had tested positive for Ebola, raising more questions about whether American hospitals and their staffs are adequately prepared to contain the virus?…the CDC has said some breach of protocol probably sickened the nurse, but National Nurses United contends the protocols were either non-existent or changed constantly after the Liberian arrived in the emergency room by ambulance?…this breakdown in protocol is just another in the long line of ineptness that seems to have started back during the post Katrina debacle and spreading throughout most of government and even into the world of private business?…the CCO is not a medical journal but this writer’s wife is one of the nurses who has gone through training in the last couple of weeks on how to deal with a case of Ebola should it show up in her employer’s hospital?…this is a serious situation and it needs competent thinkers with flawless execution to mitigate what has the potential to be significant loss of human life?…in this situation there is no room for politics?…this is a time to hope and pray that our leaders and especially the President exercise flawless judgement followed by exemplary execution of a plan to cast this plague from our shores?

IS IT TRUE the CCO published a report yesterday outlining the changes that have occurred in the taxes and assessments on property in Vanderburgh County?…we sought this out after both Mayor Winnecke and Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. were quoted as saying the City of Evansville’s finances are just peachy keen and that local government has gotten a 4% increase in the last year?…we learned that Certified net assessed values increased 4.1% in Vanderburgh County in 2014 and that resulted in more than the 2.3% increase in property tax levies?…the real question then becomes “did people’s properties really go up that much or did someone at the Assessor’s Office just pull a fast one on the homeowners of Vanderburgh County?”…as taxpayer advocates we would like to suggest that all of our readers check their tax bills for accuracy with respect to valuation?…if your house value really increased and the assessment is accurate you should smile and pay the taxes?…if however the assessment of your home is not in line with the constitutionally mandated “market value” then go file an appeal?…none of us like to see tax increases but the reality is that government needs to have cash to function and that Indiana has determined a fair and equitable tax system that works when assessments work?


  1. Pandemic? Joining the sensationalizing bandwagon CCO? I can understand and appreciate the emotional response to the gruesome nature and speed of death from Ebola but it pales in comparison to the numbers that the common flu bug effects .

    • I may be a bit more sensitive to the threat than some since my wife is one of the nurses who was trained to respond to an Ebola patient. I understand how serious the threat is and how drastic the response is. That said I agree with you that the flu will kill more people. The difference is that the survival rate with flue is very high and the survival rate with Ebola is only 10%. That means 9 of 10 who get it will die. If the flu was that lethal millions would die every year. The potential for real trouble is very high. Sorry, I do not mean to be a fear manger but my wife’s recent training experience has gotten my attention. She is the occupational health nurse at a hospital only 90 miles from Mexico. The training is in anticipation of walk across patients who have flown into Mexico from Africa and cross the border on foot. The number of exposures in such a situation is in the tens of thousands.

  2. Up late observing migrations and finite elemental balance transfers. Yes, this is good information in the entropy presented by a medical pandemic and that’s virility. Intense stuff when medical parameters are part of the balance.
    The medical protocol involved must evolve faster than the pathological pathways in the set infrastructures. Once identified strict isolation protocols the best approach for infectious contact pathways.

    Like anything on earth that can spread harm,area denial is a start. Making a non-cognitive viral disease a political issue is a unfocused and unscientific methodology. That won’t speed up containment or prevention. The nurses are front line, the discussion as reported by the media is attuned less to infected Liberian pathogen vectors, but more awareness to workplace liabilities when faced with the job of controlling and curing the patients presented by the spreads.
    The President and the teams gathered to effectively protect America, and preserve the citizens rights as well as evolve solution of the social economic environmental balance are using every available pathway to control the veracity of the situation presented by the viral outbreaks pandemic forecasting.

    We’ve already concluded that’s the best on the planet and its evolving forward with each minute. So. Listen to the medical professionals and the CDC response directives as they move forward and evolve to meet these needs.
    The protocols in place are outstanding, don’t ever forget “knowledge is power” the ones who use that strategically will lead the balanced solution effectively. The take out yesterday was the rapid response viral swat team from the CDC and other solution control streams. Lots of branches, the viral units space needed to progress is microscopic.
    Isolation is a social balance and a must do for the right control affect.
    Dr. Snyderman and her teams nonchalant approach to containment was an “eye” opener with the seriousness of the balance presented. The doctor has seen the pandemic outbreak straight up. Probably could write the protocol, but still left an impression of real social economic balance hanging a tad with the procedures in place.
    One social thought once contact is confirmed by methodology now in place and any type of quarantine is recommended is the use of a GPS house arrest type system any less in the social balance in order to control and know the daily environmental contact tipping points for a scientifically controlled and balanced real time approach to contact recognition ,even acceptable?

    We have substance abuse type offenders being monitored for the so called social economic good of the nation.
    So actually looking at the serious nature of the balance, is this an asset one might utilize during the quarantined spanning for a clear data base per contact range with the timing as it evolves real time.
    Here’s a start on speed of viral environmental transfer capabilities.

    conformity to facts; accuracy.
    “officials expressed doubts concerning the veracity of the story”
    synonyms: truthfulness, truth, accuracy, correctness, faithfulness, fidelity.

  3. Just say it, I know you want to. Obama caused Ebola. That’s what most of the other right wing crackpots are saying. Where are you al sharpie/tommyromo?

    • Grow up you little whimpering stooge. You get away acting like a complete moron and troll online, which is why you are a recluse and afraid of the outside world. Try your little “panties in a wad” attitude out in public and you would be getting your ass kicked daily. But then you might learn a little respect towards other humans.

      No one has blamed his excellency for causing the outbreak. But by god he is doing his best to ignore it and its possible problems. I will give him credit, he came off the campaign trail for a few days, only because the deems are flabbergasted by his ignorance and lack l of leadership on the matter too.

    • Not to speak for al sharpie/tommyromo, but it’s probably hard to respond with a space suit on.

      I love my tommy………

      • Damn, for the first time I wish this site had an edit button.

        I just read al sharpie’s response to Spangler on Spangler’s thread about ebola and his wife and I wish I could edit the four letter word in my last line out.

        Never again…….

  4. Like Nero, he fiddles while Rome burns — e.g. IRS, VA, Secret Service, CDC, etc. Old Harry’s desk sign said, “The buck stops here”. POTIS’ sign, like Alfred E. Newman’s says, “What, me worry?”

  5. It has been announced that the second nurse who has been diagnosed with Ebola was allowed to fly on a commercial jet after being exposed and had a fever but “her fever was not high enough.” Ponce de Leon Montgomery County Alabama Georgia Beauregard Possum (Pogo) said it best, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  6. “in this situation there is no room for politics?…this is a time to hope and pray that our leaders and especially the President exercise flawless judgement followed by exemplary execution of a plan to cast this plague from our shores?”

    Are you kidding me, politics is all this administration knows and to “exercise judgement” one needs wisdom and that, I’m afraid, is an attribute I have yet to see with Obama and his administration

  7. Hopefully this Ebola Virus will be stomped out fast. Let’s hope that the CDC can get more funding to do it’s job better. Now is not the time to be cutting the CDC’s funding as they need the resources to help train and equip the private hospitals to handle the Ebola Virus Patients without getting their employees sick.

    If you watched CNN yesterday maybe you caught the show where Dr Gupta tried to put on and remove the PPE Personal Protective Equipment without contaminating himself. He applied some liquid choalate syrup on his hands to represent potential body fluids. After he removed his protective clothing and his nitrile gloves there was some syrup on his neck and arm. Doning and removal of the protective gear is a hazard point. I’ve seen Fireman using small kiddy pools to stand in and capture the decontaminating fluids while the fireman in a hazmat suit was being sprayed down with a decontaminating fluid by a coworker. They use the buddy system.

    I also saw on TV the guy that has invented a machine to deliver aerosol spray of a decontaminating chemical. The chemical is put into an aerosol form and sprayed onto things to kill the virus on the surface. It’s ionized and electrostatically charges positive so that any negative charged particles are zapped with the aerosol chemicals. They used one of these machine to decontaminate the airplane and ambulance that came into contact with these Ebola Patients. Obviously there is a huge demand for this machine. This is something that the hospitals need to have. They need to use it to decontaminate the PPE enclosed hospital workers who are treating these Ebola Patients before they remove their PPE suits. That way if they do touch the outside of the PPE suit they won’t get a live Ebola Virus on them or in them. And the hospital rooms and waste can be sprayed down with this aerosol chemicals to kill the virus. I’m pretty sure that most all the contaminated materials are sent to an incinerator to be burned at very high temperature. I know that the local hospitals have these type of medical waste incinerators. They all have air pollution operating permits from the local EPA or the IDEM or both.

    I hope that Ms. Vincent recovers from her exposure to the Ebola Virus. She is not in Atlanta, GA and hopefully can be treated with either the new experimental medicines or she might also receive a blood transfusion from someone who’s fought the Ebola Virus and won the battle and survived. That’s what they did in TX with the first nurse who got Ebola. And the first nurse is recovering and getting better after getting a blood transfusion from a previous Ebola Survivor.

    • Yea, Right, More funding will fix it,,,,,TYPICAL.

      WASHINGTON — Recent attacks by a Democratic outside group blame congressional Republicans for exacerbating the Ebola epidemic by continuously seeking to cut funds for government health agencies.

      But the charge leaves out a critical point. President Barack Obama hasn’t been consistent on funding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the dominant U.S. public health agency combating the outbreak. In some years, he’s been a budgetary champion for the CDC. In other years, he’s bowed to austerity.

      During Obama’s first three years in the White House, the CDC’s total funding increased from $6.64 billion to $7.16 billion, according to figures provided by the administration. Those funding levels were all higher than what was in place at the end of the Bush years.

      • So, responding to emergencies is an understood benefit isn’t it?
        Try tiny green apples and large orchards as a compared balance for the local tipping points in concern.

        (“The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office is planning to open a new field office.)

        The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office is planning to open a new field office.
        Authorities say the chosen spot is convenient for the deputies and for the community.
        The office will be opening at the Discovery Lodge in Burdette Park.
        This will give deputies a place to work and a place to access supplies and records.
        Sheriff Dave Wedding says it’s also a way to help the park after the park’s security budget was cut by 80% this year.
        “When you have a park this size, there’s people coming in and out and this will now encourage deputies to come out here and drive through the park,” said Sheriff Wedding. “People can see the squad car drive through the park which will increase the safety and security in the park.”
        The new office will also cut travel time to USI in the case of an emergency.
        If all of this goes well, Wedding says they may open other field office’s in the county.
        (Posted by WFIE)

        • “When you have a park this size, there’s people coming in and out and ((((( this will now encourage deputies to come out here and drive through the park,))))” said Sheriff Wedding.”
          Maybe, the mainstream ought to let’em re-phrase the content and focus on accessibility due logistically applied locational advantages per assigned patrol sections.

        • Wedding stole this idea from Byram. A few months ago, he acted like it was a stupid idea.

  8. Let the free market handle ebola! What’s with all you hypocrites calling on the gubberment to stop the big bad ebola?

  9. Editor, thanks for mentioning the small victory for those that have behind the suicide prevention measures in our county. Hopefully, this trend is sustainable.

    • Quickly, anyone know Warrick’s suicide numbers in relevance to Vanderburgh’s timing as well.
      Basically the same metro population and working balances. Social economics are different, that’s more a Vanderburgh issue than a Warrick or Posey though. They do bleed together by overall treatment availabilities.

  10. All commercial airline flights from “Ebola nations” to the U.S. should have been stopped months ago. The reason they weren’t is strictly political At this point, there is no excuse for American health care workers or Americans in general being exposed to this disease by someone from another country where Ebola is rampant.
    If you think it’s not political listen to the CDC head’s “reasoning” for not banning flights. It’s nonsense (political).

    • The only reasons American healthcare workers have been exposed to Ebola is that they VOLUNTEERED to use their skills where other human beings needed them the most. I guess that kind of courage and decency just didn’t occur to you.

      • One statement. ” International connections” means flights from the affected area to other nations, then onward to the United States destinations. Higher degree of monitoring using scientific critical thinking and rapid response. What the administration is attending too.

        3 of 698

        Ebola: What you need to know

        The White House
        6:41 PM (1 hour ago)

        to me


        Ebola: What you need to know

        At a time when Ebola is all over the news and it’s easy for misinformation to get interpreted as truth, make sure you have the clear-cut facts.

        Here’s what our public health officials are saying about the Ebola virus — get informed, and share this information where everyone can see it.

        1. You CAN’T get Ebola through:

        Casual contact with someone who has no symptoms of the disease
        Food in the U.S.
        Get the facts on Ebola here.

        2. The only way a person can get Ebola is through direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is already showing symptoms of the disease.

        Get the facts on Ebola here.

        3. If a person does not have symptoms, they are not contagious.

        Get the facts on Ebola here.

        As President Obama, leadership at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other senior officials have reiterated, the chances of a widespread Ebola outbreak here in the United States are extremely low.

        Still, you don’t want to be misinformed about Ebola. Find out more about how we’re responding to the disease, and the domestic and international efforts to contain and end the epidemic.

        You can visit the CDC for more information on our response to Ebola and call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636) for additional inquiries.

  11. Editor:

    The increase of assessed values was and is not a blanket increase in property values. The assessed values are changed in Vanderburgh county when a property is sold or an assessment is challenged and corrected. The new assessment will then be the new purchase price. So to arrive at the 4.1 % increase one would need to examine every increase/decrease in the county and review the activity causing the change.

    When an assessment is changed, other than a sale/purchase, the taxpayer is to be notified by the county of the change. Normally, the taxpayer is already aware of an attempt to change a valuation.

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