Seger and Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets at Ford Center Offered by Online Resellers


"Blow Me Away"

The City County Observer has discovered that Bob Seger tickets are not the only tickets to events at the Ford Center that are being hawked for hefty prices by online resellers. It also seems that Evansville will be treated to an upcoming announcement of a concert on December 7, 2011 by the Trans Siberian Orchestra that played before a less than capacity crowd at the Centre last spring?

There are currently 313 tickets to the Bob Seger concert listed on Tons of Tickets at prices from $111 to $625. The Trans Siberian Orchestra has 225 tickets listed for sale at prices that range from $76 to $199 with none of the tickets being in the luxury boxes that were never offered to the public.

Tons of Tickets has an interesting disclaimer that we have included part of below.

Partial Disclaimer from Tons of Tickets Website

“Tons of Tickets acts as an intermediary between buyers and ticket sellers (defined below) to facilitate the purchase and sale of event tickets, and as such is not directly involved in the actual ticket sale transaction between the buyers and TICKET SELLERS. All sales are final. As tickets sold through SITE are often obtained through the secondary market and prices are determined by the individual ticket seller, the prices for tickets may be above or below face value.”


  1. Bob Seger’s music is great and he’s a great choice for the first concert. Only the City’s ever bumbling ERC and their insider cronies could concoct a plan to secretly allow the sale of Bob Seger concert tickets by out-of-town resellers BEFORE they even permit the sale of tickets to our community for the first concert. Rick Davis and Lloyd Winnecke should publicly address this mind numbing lack of judgment and explain how they will prevent this from ever happening again.

  2. The City’s ERC logic in pre-selling premium tickets for the Bob Seger and Siberian concerts to out-of-town online ticket resellers can only be explained by the ERC’s quest for heads in beds in their new 4 star hotel connected by sky walk to the Ford Center.

  3. It is becoming increasingly clear that Venue Works can be more accurately described as “Corruption Works!” Our only defense is to vote the bums out in November, lest we suffer four more years of insider dealing and self enrichment at the expense of the working men and women of Evansville.

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