Rick Davis Releases Plan for Open Government


Rick Davis

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  1. Wow–impressive!

    If Rick Davis governs according to this plan, it will be the most meaningful change in the history of Evansville politics.

  2. Rick has been running on this platform since the first townhall meeting he held before the primary

  3. I believe that Rick Davis will bring in accountable to Evansville, IN government if he is elected mayor, and that is what this city needs!

  4. This is a program that is long overdue. I have have often said of government programs, at all levels, the two most important questions to ask are: 1.) Who gets? 2.) Who pays?

    Some governments go to great lengths to obscure and make cryptic the answer to those two questions and the public is seduced into underwriting programs they really do not understand, indeed, perhaps have never even heard of until after the contracts have been signed.

    Local government is far to embedded in the market-place. With the variety of tools available to it, i.e. tax phase-in and abatement, no-bid contracts for attorneys, engineering firms, and design firms to name a few, it provides the opportunity for local government to pick and choose who’s business will survive and prosper.

    That is precisely why a history of ethical behavior in the candidates running for office is so important. If they are successful in gaining office, they will inherit responsibilities for the citizens they represent. Those citizens expect and deserve office holders who are there to serve the public interest.


  5. I appreciate Rick’s stand. There is one major change that will need to be enacted to reach the goals he has listed. That is, all city boards (whose members are usually appointed) will need to become accountable to another entity, an elected office holder, the city council etc. There may also be a need for term limits for all board members. Many many things slide through the large number of local government boards that citizens have no idea of until it is too late. One example happening right now concerns the Evansville Community Tennis Association land-grabbing the last open field in Wesselman Park. The ECTA wants to build a 43,000 sq ft pole barn and 6 additional outdoor tennis courts on this open area thus excluding all activity other than tennis on that ground, not to mention dramatically increasing storm water run-off. The Park Board thinks that this is just fine and dandy. It is in fact a very sad indicator of the problems that can easily happen when a group of five men think that they are little “gods” and feel no need to be responsible to any one other that to their own subset of good ole boys. Many board members in the City of Evansville do not understand that it is the public at large that they serve, not members of their party, their union, or their personal friends. Stay tuned for more on this mess.

    • Could not agree more. No public input, no special use variance needed (what more special use than parkland for special use building?) And just rolling along to help cronies. The tennis building fiasco is, unfortunately, just a symptom of a much larger problem

  6. Wait a minute. Didn’t a candidate for city council at large post a position paper earlier that pretty much says exactly the same thing?

    Oh that’s right, Dan Adams and Rick Davis use the same ghost writer. They just don’t seem to be able to coordinate their press releases. But it seems like Dan, as a council candidate, would’ve deferred to the mayoral candidate on this one.

  7. Is it true that Rick Davis’s hotheaded little brother got all belligerant with council candidate Jonathan Weaver down at the Fall Festival? That little bro got all up in Weaver face in front of the Democrat Club booth and accused him of pulling down Rick Davis yard signs? That this is the same off the wall behavior that same bunch of hotheaded Rick Pickers pulled during the 2010 Fall Festival and county election campaign last year?

    Is it true that Rick Davis will have trouble patching together the kind of administration he promises us because he likely will appoint his hotheaded followers to city boards and agencies — that is if he’s lucky enough to be elected?

    • There are more Billy Carters out there in little brother land than there are Robert Kennedys. I wont be worrying much about the Billy Carters, Moon Reagans, and Lil Bro Davis’s as I do about the candidates themselves.

    • What a heavy load of sour grapes you pack around, it’s wearing you out,—-and I would guess everyone around you as well.

  8. Who is dumb enough to believe anything that Davis says? Who is dumb enough to think that the Central Committee of the Vanderburgh County Democratic Committee is going to let Davis run this town? If Davis wins we can exect the same crony capitalism corruption that Wienie-Boy pulled.

    • And what will we have if Winnecke wins, Dr. John?

      He is the (un)official candidate of the Vanderburgh County Democratic Central Committee and the Chamber of Commerce, right?

    • So what your saying is there is no hope for Evansville? that if Davis wins we loose and if Winnecke wins we loose? I don’t believe all the posturing and rhetoric coming from either of the camps but do believe there is more truth in what Davis is saying then Winnecke, call me a fool if you like but you have to have faith and believe in something or what is the point in even holding a election?

      I would think or hope that if Davis is lucky enough to be elected that over time the rest will fall in line and do the right thing for the citizens of Evansville, people are very tired of the old boys club and all the BS associated with them and if the economy continues on it’s current path I see pitch forks and ropes in their future, they need to take a moment and look around at the rest of the world and try to gain a perspective of just what matters to the voters not their personal interests/gains. …Like I said call me a fool!


  9. I am glad to see that someone is willing to take on this kind of behavior that has been hurting Evansville for so long. I wish that the people who post unconstructive mockery on here would either prove what they are saying is true or run for elected office and try to change the government into what they desire instead of complaining or being dishonest about people on these blogs.

  10. If you believe this is true look at the number of fire fighters trying to buy the chief’s job. Are the people of Evansville really that foolish? If he is elected chaos will follow. It is easy to make promises while running it is much harder when you realize the money isn’t available. I guess he can attempt to tax the people of Evansville more to fulfill all of the foolhardy promises. Mr. Davis needs to look at the economy instead of making irrational promises.

    • Hey Rufus,

      Don’t be a Dufus! Tell us how many Firefighters there are that want to be the Chief.

      If you knew anything about the department then you would would not make a moronic statement like that. Unless of course you are a moron.

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