IS IT TRUE? October 5, 2011 Special Evening Edition


IS IT TRUE? October 5, 2011 Special Evening Edition

IS IT TRUE that the weather with week is about as perfect as any fall week on record?…that we could not have dialed up a better forecast for the Fall Festival and that we encourage all of you who are inclined to eat the adventurous fare offered at this West Franklin Street classic to head on over and spend your $20 bucks because there will never be a better day or night than this one to go?…that today may be equaled and that may happen tomorrow but it shall never be exceeded?

IS IT TRUE that our federal government and some economists are in a frenzy because American businesses have amassed over $2 Trillion in cash that they are not investing?…that investing this money would create the much needed jobs that the elected parrots keep squawking about?…that the reason that the $2 Trillion is staying on the sideline is because the owners of these businesses are not able to find investment opportunities that are worth investing in?…that one of the worst things that a CEO can ever do is to under-invest and be left sitting in the dust by a competitor with more nerve and better intelligence?…that this money will only be invested when the people who control this money have the expectation of profit from any investments?…that the uncertainty associated with taxes, regulations, overzealous redistribution schemes, and the inability of our government to make much of anything happen is what is causing this money to be parked and inactive?…that business will only wait so long to invest this money and if the USA is not deemed worthy to invest in the money will leave the country?…that if you don’t believe that ask Mr. Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GE how much he is putting into China?…that if you don’t believe that you should ask the CEO of Boeing what he thinks of the shabby way our Justice Department is treating him for investing in South Carolina?

IS IT TRUE that the Ford Motor Company that did not take any bailout money is now rewarding its workers with a $6,000 bonus?…that we applaud both Ford and the workforce of Ford for weathering this economic storm without panhandling for government money?…that if it were General Motors or Chrysler handing out bonuses that the CCO and many other publishers would be crying foul as loud as we could?…that when the stock of GM triples from its current level that the US Government can be said to have broken even?…that until that happens there should be no bonuses for anyone working there?

IS IT TRUE that the musical voice of Monday Night Football ole Bocephus let his mouth overload his backside on camera last week?…that what we all should know by now is that to compare Hitler to anyone at all and especially the President of the United States really evokes a negative emotional response?…that ole Bocephus is an emotion driven character himself and realizes the error of his ways?…that he has apologized and should know better than to do it again and that we hope to hear his familiar voice asking us “Are You Ready for Some Football” next week?…that Michael Moore never was called out or penalized for wagging his finger and shaming President Bush and he didn’t apologize either?…that in the spirit of equality we say to wash their mouths out with soap and let them continue to entertain their audiences without political tampering with their products?

IS IT TRUE that more than one Mole has now told us that there are some efforts to shove big ticket projects through the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau and that some of the new board members are having their arms twisted to go along with these projects?…that we encourage these board members to think deliberatively and to resist whatever coercion that may be coming from people who will be out of power 87 days from now?


  1. Re the CVB: Could you supply a list of these big ticket items please? As a side note, I am not in the least bit surprised. There is always a hand out, isn’t there? And we should probably look first at those who are assured to leave office to find many of the sources of the requests for $.

  2. Last minute funding of projects? That’s reminiscent of the October gift of the Bush administration’s $700bn emergency bail-out for the banking industry just before the end of that administration.

    • Will more corruption by Wienie-snuffle right the wrongs of the Bush Administration? As the National Lampoon once entoned, “Two wrongs don’t make right, but three DO!”

  3. I expect Character to prevail over “arm twisting”.
    Stand up for what is Right, CVB members, –or get out of the Kitchen.

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