LETTER TO EDITOR: Registered Republican Pledges Not To Vote For Tim O’Brien Because Of His Aboration Stance


Registered Republican Pledges Not To Vote For Tim O’Brien

September 23, 2022

We the people elect our state and federal representatives and senators to vote for the will of the people they represent. 

I’m a registered Republican who will NOT vote for Tim O’Brien (R) because of his personal ridged stance on abortion. 

Indiana’s abortion law will wreak havoc with women’s lives, health and mental health, and income. 

Tim O’Brien doesn’t have the right to force his personal ideals on the people he represents.  Women must have control over their own bodies.  The immense heartbreaking decision of women to bring a pregnancy to term or not is hers alone.


Jane Webster

Vanderburgh County

FOOTNOTE: The City-County Observer posted the letter Of Jane Webster without opinion, bias, or editing. 

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  1. What does being a “registered Republican” have to do with your not supporting O’Brien? I’m a “registered Republican” and haven’t voted for the party candidates many times, but have never voted for their Democrat opponent.

  2. Follow the science! It is NOT “her body”, unless you are saying she has 2 hearts, 8 limbs, 2 heads, another set of fingerprints, etc.

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