Another Cup Of Coffee Morning News: Republicans Beware of The “Folly” Trap


Another Cup Of Coffee Morning News: Republicans Beware of The “Folly” Trap

By Dannie McIntire

September 22, 2022

My wife always reviews my articles, making corrections or suggestions on my phrasing, once in a while asking if my ranting is getting carried away. Recently while she was reviewing one of my columns, she suggested, “why don’t you write something more light-hearted instead of your usual gloom and doom”. I’ve since thought quite hard about her suggestion, as I am usually key on recent political news and happenings, there just isn’t much out there in the news which I can say honestly lightens my mood.

Most of the time I spend on the current folly of our democratic leaders, both federal and states, however, ”folly” isn’t just reserved for democrats exclusory, goodness no, some Republican politicians have had me scratching my head of late as well.

Abortion continues to be a hot-button issue among voters of both parties. The recent Supreme Court decision, in essence throwing the issue back to each individual state to decide, was one I agree with. The right to abortion was not in the original “Bill of Rights”, therefore, by our federal constitution, it reverts back to each state to pass any laws to either allow or restrict the issue of abortion. 

A recent national poll conducted by Fox News found that 52% of those polled favor abortion being legal. Another poll in May by Gallup found that 

50% of Americans believe abortion should be allowed only under “certain circumstances. Abortion is clearly still a hot-button issue among the electorate.

So what brilliant move does senate republican Lindsey Graham make? Right before the upcoming mid-term election, he introduces a senate bill that would ban abortion nationally after 15 weeks, with exceptions for rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is in danger.

The matter had been returned to the individual states to decide, it should have been left alone; even Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly was less than happy with Senator Graham’s move. 

The Republican Party is currently taking a “whipping” on the abortion issue among a large block of potential voters, so why “stir the pot” again right before an election? To me, it’s a “folly” political move.

Another ‘folly” that causes me to scratch my head is the continued “crying” among some republicans who still want to foster their belief that the past presidential election was somehow “stolen”. 

The election was not “stolen”, Biden received 51.2% of the popular vote against Trump’s 46.8%, and most importantly, Biden received 56.9% of the electoral vote. 

As a Republican, let’s stop this “folly”, it was a fair election, our party had a candidate while had many policies that a majority of voters might have agreed with, his narcissistic personality cost him potential votes. 

Need a recent example of his self-touting “self-importance”? This week he claimed he would have had a better seat than President Biden had at the Queen’s funeral, it’s all about him, he just is not capable of shutting up.  

As a Republican, I did cast my vote to re-elect him, however, I had to “hold my own nose” while doing so. My vote in this last presidential election was not so much a vote for Donald Trump as it was a vote against Joe Biden. 

“Come on man”, I’m hoping my fellow republicans come to their senses and present a candidate for the next presidential election that is more personally palatable to a majority of potential voters. 

I fear another “Trump” run will doom us to an additional four more” Biden years and at his age Vice President Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings to take his spot.

Another potential “folly” for republicans is a current congressional bill introduced by Representative Jeriod Nadler, (D-NY), referred to as the “Respect for Marriage Act”. It would repeal and replace the “Defense of Marriage Act” signed into law by President Clinton, which gave the federal definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman while allowing states to either refuse or allow same-sex marriages under laws passed by other states. 

Democrats love to set traps that their republican foes sometimes tend to walk blindly into. If this bill does make it to the floor for a vote, my advice to our republican leaders is to work to strip out any absurd amendments, however, why walk into the “folly” of objecting to “same-sex marriage” as a whole? A 2021 Gallup poll; showed that 70% of Americans now support the issue.

 My thinking is, that same-sex marriage is a reality, whether you agree with it or not, so why alienate a part of the electorate because you might not personally agree with their sexual preference? “Come on man”, same-sex couples wanting to marry should have the same right to pay divorce lawyers as heterosexual couples. 

FOOTNOTE:  The City-County Observer posted this article without opinion, bias, or editing.




  1. Marriage, as a legal matter, is a contract entered into by two people. Personally, “same sex” marriage does not lessen the marriage between a man and a woman. I feel there is a thing that enters into one which is impossible to enter into the other, namely, having a child which carries each parents personal DNA. A child born to a traditional couple can share each parent’s lineages and that’s simply truth. Two men or two women entering into a legal contract with each other has no bearing on anyone’s life other than theirs, just as with a traditional couple.


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