Redevelopment Commission Calls Executive Session to discuss Hotel Options




  1. If the ERC members have any shred of self respect after their bungling of the historic McCurdy Hotel over the past 4 YEARS they should use this meeting to resign before they also are used again as stogies in this next political hurry up:


    Goldman said Dunn wouldn’t negotiate, and the city was “between a rock and a hard place here … because the McCurdy hotel development is so important to the Downtown Evansville redevelopment in general.”

    Dunn was “certainly entitled to a profit,” Goldman said, “but it seems to me that the city is being forced to pay way too much money.”

    The McCurdy renovations are scheduled to be finished by the end of next year. Plans are to develop more than 80 upper-end apartments and commercial space.

    “Without (the parking), the project would not happen,” Weinzapfel said.

    In hindsight, swapping parking with Old National Bank may not be a “good policy anyway because you would have half of Downtown committed to on street parking for the McCurdy,” Weinzapfel said.

    Plus, Weinzapfel said, “you have to remember part of the deal is we would be giving up 50 spaces, which are valued today at $50 a space per month for 50 years. That represents $1.5 million” the city would have lost in revenue. “We thought in the overall scheme of things this was a fair deal to make this project happen,” he said.


    Weinzapfel dismissed that suggestion, saying the realtor representing the city who approached Dunn about buying the parking lot did not tell him who he represented.

    Smith sent a letter Monday to Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter, asking his office to investigate the details of the transaction history of the parking lot.

    After reviewing the letter, Weinzapfel said: “If (Smith) wants to have a policy discussion about whether we should encourage Downtown development, whether that is important to this community, whether we should incentivize residential housing construction — that is another point worth having a discussion about. But that’s not what he’s doing here.”

    Weinzapfel said the McCurdy renovation is a “great project” and a building that, because of the operational costs of sustaining it, was at risk of becoming vacant before the city and Scott-Hilliard-Kosene reached a deal to redevelop it. “That would (have been) the worst thing that could have happened,” he said.

  2. Executive Session = Easiest Way to Steal from Taxpayers and Line the Pockets of the Evil Democratic Machine

    • An executive session simply is a method of discussing financial details that a company seeking to tender a bid are not ready to release to the general public, you know, that sort of sensitive information the release of which could give competitors an unfair advantage. Would you want all your financial details made public BEFORE your bid is opened, awarded, and you entered into a public contract when you know that if you are not awarded the contract, then everyone knows every detail of your private financial affairs? But all you fretters and whiners can be assured that the bids will be opened in a public meeting, taken under advisement, vetted, and the contract awarded in a public meeting all according to state law.

  3. The ERC could not operate a lemonade stand in a heatwave. They need to resign and have new members appointed to clean up their titanic mess.

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