IS IT TRUE? November 15, 2011 Special Evening Edition


IS IT TRUE? November 15, 2011 Special Evening Edition

IS IT TRUE that Mole #44 tells us that a special executive meeting of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission will be called as soon as this Thursday to hear the status of the Hunden Strategic Partners work that has been done to VET the two bidders to accept the terms offered to build a downtown Convention Hotel?…that word all around town is that Mayor Weinzapfel has a sense of urgency to see a contract signed to move forward with the hotel project before his last day in office which is now only 46 days away?…that this is indeed unfinished business but the CCO believes that rushing this through at the last minute when it is a decision that will have to be managed and lived with by the Winnecke Administration is simply irresponsible?…that no matter if the winning bid is from Prime Lodging or Kunkel that shoving this through in the last days of the Weinzapfel Administration will taint the winner with the scent of CRONEY CAPITALISM and bring undue scrutiny upon the project?

IS IT TRUE that without calling names that it is highly inappropriate and looks absolutely horrible for members of the Evansville City Council to be spotted in any luxury suite with either Kunkel or Prime Lodging?…that such things will not only serve to promote the appearance of corruption but will even further open the bidding process up to allegations of insider deals?…that members of the current and incoming Evansville City Council should have the good sense to exercise discretion and good judgment when it comes to openly partying with either bidder?

IS IT TRUE that at this late stage of the downtown Convention Hotel saga, the best course of action is to seal the results of the forthcoming report by the Hunden Strategic Partners and to leave this decision to the Winnecke Administration and whomever is appointed to the 2012 incarnation of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission?…that at this late stage that if a decision is made it should be after the Hunden Report has been released to the press for a period of at least 30 days?…that making a decision without releasing the Hunden Report and the rationale for a decision that is backed up by the Hunden Report will give us all a sense of déjà vu back to the announcement of the deal handed to City Centre Properties to convert the McCurdy into 90 luxury apartments?…that the Winnecke Administration does not need a pre-emptive albatross hung around its neck in the name of CRONEY CAPITALISM?

IS IT TRUE that the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case regarding whether or not the mandatory purchase of health insurance is constitutional?…that the expected date of this proceeding is June of 2012?…that this is right in the beginning of the big push for the nominations for the next President of the United States?…that we believe that this may be the first time ever that a central platform of a sitting President will be up for constitutional review during an election year?…that the elections of 2012 are already shaping up to be very interesting?


  1. The Supreme Court would never get involved in politics. Well, except that little case of Gore vs Bush!

    • The Supreme Court would never have gotten into the Gore vs Bush debacle if all the steps prior to going to the Supreme Court had been carried properly and ethically.

      It was published at the time that 23 or 24 groups including lawyers, CPAs, journalists, Democrats, Republicans and other independents checked the Florida results from stem to stern and IN EVERY CASE concluded that the results published by the Florida vote officials came to the correct decision.

      And yet, there still remain those who cannot accept defeat.

  2. If Whiny-Zapple pulls this arena hotel stunt that ought to put the last nail in the coffin in which his reputation will reside for eternity. And if Whiny-Boy avoids a U.S. Department of Justice investigation for corruption on an outrageous level the rest of the Democratic office-holders in Vanderburgh County should be similarly ruined as well.

  3. Does anyone have anything nice to say about anybody? How about hearing something good about people. city-countyobserver is right on target most of the time. The info that you give is usually right on track.
    It is real easy to say things if you hide behind a false name. Put your own name out there!! If you don’t, shame on all of you!

    • Alberta,
      Congratulations on your election win. We appreciate all the good service you provide to the citizens of the area.

      And you are correct. There has been a negative turn in the CCO comments. It seems to be more reminiscent of the Courier blog. And that is sad. We don’t always agree but at least we can be polite.

      • We also congratulate Alberta and every one of our Moles predicted her win in our contest. With respect to the negative comments, we expected it and saw it in the last two weeks of the campaign. In many cases it was the same posters that would get into name-calling contests on the CP. It has been falling off allot since the election is over. It seems like elections bring out the worst in people. Hopefully the comments here will return to the spirit of true debates of what is best for our community soon. We expect that with consolidation, the national elections, and the new administration that there will continue to be plenty of material for honest and respectful dialog. Of course this is a privately owned enterprise and we can throw people off at our discretion if all they are doing is posting personally directed insults and we will not hesitate to do so. The electioneering is over and the time to solve problems has returned.

    • Hey! Ms Matlock, congratulations on winning your city clerk’s job again, in that regard I’ve always thought you have done a great job in a basically thankless position.

      Thanks for all your public service it is very much appreciated.


  4. I remember Alberta spreading some pretty nasty rumors about certain candidates in past elections.

    Those in glass houses, and all that…

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