RAINS Endorsement A Slate Of 20 Candidates For Precinct Committeemen

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Eight contenders are currently in the race for the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional District, with each candidate intensifying efforts to appeal to the conservative faction within the party. Among them, The Republican Assembly of Indiana Southwest (RAINS), a prominent conservative group, has thrown its support behind Kristi Risk, citing her alignment with their core principles of Conservatism, Constitutionalism, and Christianity. The endorsement, achieved through a two-thirds majority vote, reflects RAINS’s acknowledgment of multiple candidates meeting their criteria.

In a broader move, the influential super PAC has also endorsed Matt Hostetler for the Indiana State Representative seat in District 64. Additionally, RAINS has extended its endorsement to a slate of 20 candidates for precinct committeemen and GOP state convention delegates:
Jim Baize
Ruth Baize
Cheryl Batteiger-Smith
Alice Bowling-Work
Jim Braker
Archie Carter
Michael E. Daugherty
Justin Elpers
Elaine Freeman
Michael Freeman
Julian Lutz-Fox
Johnny Kincaid
Glen Kissel
Kathy Malloy
Cindy Pike
Chris Politano
JD Strouth
Jim Tomes
Margie Tomes
Ann Yates

Looking ahead, RAINS is now strategizing on methods to bolster these endorsed candidates’ campaigns leading up to the 2024 Primary Elections.