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Join Us for the 5th Anniversary of Warrick Tails on Trails – “In our Adopon Era”



Newburgh, Indiana – Warrick Tails on Trails, the beloved community program by the Warrick Humane Society, celebrates its 5th anniversary on Saturday, April 6th, 2024. We invite all residents to join us from 8:00 to 9:30 am for a morning of companionship with our shelter dogs.

Event Highlights:

  • ●  Walk with a Shelter Dog: Enjoy a walk on our scenic trail and make a furry friend.
  • ●  Adopon Specials: Meet your new best friend with reduced adopon fees.
  • ●  Photo Booth: Create lasng memories with our on-site photo booth.
  • ●  Donaons: Support our mission and parcipate in a special giveaway by bringing a donaon.This event not only commemorates five years of successful adopons and community engagement but also offers an opportunity for residents to connect with potenal new family members among our shelter dogs.Join us for a meaningful start to your weekend, support animal welfare, and maybe find your new “Love Story” at this Eras tour themed event!For more details about the event and registraon, please visit the Warrick Tails on Trails Facebook page for more informaon.

    About Warrick Tails on Trails: Warrick Tails on Trails is a weekly program that promotes exercise, animal welfare, and the human-animal bond by pairing community members with shelter dogs for walks and runs.

    Registraon is held on the south side of the shelter; the entrance is facing South Vann Road. On your first visit, please bring a photo ID. We will make a copy of this to include with your registraon form, and then you don’t have to bring it to future visits. We will then pair you with a compable canine friend, and the two of you can walk or run along the new, beauful trail that links the shelter to Friedman Park and Vann Road Park. While parcipants must be 18 or older to control the leash, younger parcipants are also