Quotes from the City Council Debates


Some Defining Quotes from Last Night’s City Council Debates

“Show me the Money, the consolidation plan as written does not do that, therefore I cannot support consolidation in its present form” E. Lon Walters (R) candidate for 2nd Ward

“The 2nd Ward parks are in good shape,…tavern owners should be able to choose what to do about smoking in their own establishment” Missy Mosby (D) incumbent candidate from 2nd Ward

“It is more important to be real than it is to be nice”…”consolidation is inevitable but this proposal does not go far enough to find efficiencies” Alan Leibundguth (R) candidate for 3rd Ward

“Blight is all over the 3rd Ward, the parks have been underfunded for years and are disgraceful, public private partnerships may be necessary to eliminate dilapidation” Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley (D) 3rd Ward candidate

“Evansville is in the Rust Belt”…”A client from California was not even sure if Evansville was worth consideration because the city website is so poor” John Friend (D) incumbent 5th Ward

“When something has functional value you find the money to maintain it”…”during the last 4 years the City Council has been ramrodded by the Mayor, government should be open and user friendly” Brent Grafton (R) candidate 5th Ward

“Jobs are a national problem, people have no jobs, no money, and their Vectren bills are too high”…”I am basically against government interference in people’s lives but a smoking ban is inevitable and 80% of the people don’t smoke anyway” Al Lindsey (D) candidate for 6th Ward

“Entrepreneurs and business will lead any economic comeback”…”Roberts Stadium holds many memories but actions should not be taken because of memories, there must be a cost’benefit analysis for all projects and the City Council should vet any ideas before acting” Shaun Short (R) candidate for 6th Ward

“I think you all know that I support a comprehensive smoking ban” Dr. H. Dan Adams (D) incumbent at-large candidate

“We have been committeed to death”…”How’s the committees working out for you Evansville?” Bill Kramer (R) at-large candidate

“Evansville is not exactly known for progressive anything, we have to do things incrementally” Conor O’Daniel (D) candidate at-large

“We have too many committees already, we have been commiteed to death” Jonathan Weaver (D) candidate at large

“people should be proud to call Evansville home” Michelle Mercer (R) candidate at large


  1. Democrats have controled City Council for the last 35 straight years. Time to give Republicans a chance to govern. If they do not perform, vote them out the next time.

  2. Channel 9.1 – WNIN Debate for Candidates for Evansville City Council
    City-council candidates discuss the issues. Will be on again Saturday night October 29th at 9:00pm

  3. I’m curious as to who or what Mosby kept glancing at. Cue cards? Coach? the door?
    I’ll bet those heavily lined eyes were shooting laser beams at Lon during his closing statement. Kudos Lon very well done.

    • Thanks Woodstock. Laser beams yes, and steam coming out of her ears when I looked. She did have a couple people in the room; I did not pay any attention to what they were doing. She did have a bunch of notes; maybe they were telling her what numbered answer to use.

  4. [“Evansville is in the Rust Belt”…”A client from California was not even sure if Evansville was worth consideration because the city website is so poor” John Friend (D) incumbent 5th Ward]

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    That is strange Councilman Friend, seeing as how the same company that provides the websites for the cities of West Hollywood and Palm Springs, also provides the website for Evansville. The company is Vision Internet.

    Are we getting less than we are paying for with Vision Internet? Or is the problem one of the current administration’s making? After all, transparency has not been the hallmark of this administration.

    Maybe a side by side comparison between West Hollywood, Palm Springs, and Evansville’s government websites would be instructive.


    • Do you think that the Machine even *wants* a decent website? With these people, you always have to ask what is in it for them.

      A clean, easily-navigable website would just lead to more uppity citizens snooping around in the Machine’s dealings. I’m sure that the city website was built exactly “to spec.”

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