Clarification and Correction on Democrat Power Broker Meeting


Yesterday the City County Observer published an article on the words of sources that have in the past been reliable and accurate. The information that we were given and published yesterday was lets just say pushed the limits of truth too far. There were a number of postings that challenged the statements and a large number of back and forth posting took on a little too much of a life of its own.

Our sources for the information have all softened their words and the City County Observer has spent many hours in conversations with other people who should know so that we believe we have a handle on what went on.

First, there was no official letter of support for the Winnecke for Mayor campaign on the agenda nor was there a serious discussion about issuing one. What went on as should not be surprising is that there were a number of attendees who expressed aloud in non-official discussions that they intended to vote for Winnecke and that they as individuals support the Winnecke for Mayor campaign. It is also of note that some of the attendees support the Davis for Mayor campaign.

With respect to leaving the state democratic party, this was once again not an agenda item. There were conversations among some attendees where frustration with the Indiana State Party’s funding of some Davis for Mayor campaign expenses were expressed and even some questioning about what the State Party actually does for the local Party other than of course ask for money.

The CCO is contrite over the inaccuracy of the information and spent much time confirming with others after the fact what was real. As is our policy we are issuing this correction and clarification.


  1. You forgot about to add that there was a petition generated to keep Connie Robinson on the board for the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party. If you need clarification on that why not call some of the office holders that were NOT invited to this meeting!

  2. im·plo·sion [im-ploh-zhuhn]

    the act of imploding; a bursting inward (opposed to explosion).

  3. Any topics that were discussed at the meeting are part of the meeting. I do not care if it happened at the table, the water cooler, or in the bathroom. Choosing words like ” Serious discussion, non-official discussion, and not on the official agenda” are just smoke and mirrors after the negative backlash they received. I guess thats what happens when you continue to have closed door meetings.

    • The sunshine laws need to be amended to include private caucuses of elected officials discussing “poltical strategy.”

      • Discuss that with your Indiana State Legislators, unless you happen to live in Louisville.

    • JustTrying makes a good point

      When you hold a back-room meeting, you cant get upset when people speculate as to what was said.

      CCO didnt really have it far from the truth either. Just because it wasn’t on the official agenda (which we’ll never see) doesn’t mean it wasn’t talked about.

      After the correction, this seems no less “snegal” than it was yesterday. At least Clovis can quit having a heart attack.

      • The CCO’s correction is sufficient even though it parses words and leaves impressionable people like Bowhunter and Justtrying with a wishy-washy, namby-pamby way out. You know, so they can continue warping fantasies to fit their fiction.

        Bottom line, the CCO originally published completely incorrect information on two key points, not “speculation,” but completely false statements attributed to what the CCO now describes as previously reliable sources. And it’s really laughable that Bowhunter Justtrying can’t own the fact that they and other readers simply were bamboozled.

        No cardiac arrests on this side of the screen though. Simply a guy who was insistent that the sources were liars, repeatedly tried to inform you of which lies were told, and now is satisfied that they were proven to be lies which no longer appear on CCO’s side of the screen.

        In fact I’m really enjoying a last laugh after learning Dan Parker and others at IDP read that lie about local party secession and freaked out thinking it was true! Hey, Parker if you’re reading this, the local Democrat party will still be here next year for better or worse, but good luck sucking cash out of Vanderburgh County for your buddy John Gregg in 2012.

  4. All I can say is there must be something really big going on here. Their actions go way above a dis-like for Davis. He was chosen by the voters by 18% over Tornata, but Owens and crew seem to be hell bent on keeping Davis out of office. What is it that they are scared of Davis uncovering? Why would they feel so comforatable with Winnecke in office? The only way we will ever find out is to elect Davis and let the sun shine in on the dark days of the current power holders.

    • Why does there have to be a conspriracy about keeping an unqualified hothead out of office?

    • Amen, houseofder.

      Hey, Justtrying, let me clue you in on a few facts.

      There are nearly 120,000 residents of the City of Evansville, and the elected officials at that meeting yesterday represent and serve every one of them, man, woman, and child, Democrat, Republican, independent, registered to vote or not. Got that? An elected official serves them all, and should look out for their best interests before, during, and after elections. Got it?

      Now 3,997 people voted for Rick Davis in the 2011 Democrat primary. That’s equal to about 3% of the residents of the City of Evansville. Woop-dee-doo.

      You are either Dan Adams, or you suffer from the same political disorder as Adams, because his parting speech to the assembled officials at yesterday’s meeting was to scold them for not falling into lock step behind “the people’s choice” for mayor. Yeah, 3% of the “people’s choice” in a really low turnout primary. Give me a break!

      If an elected official or a group of elected officials do not have confidence in the Democrat nominee for mayor, or worse yet if there are elected officials convinced the Democrat candidate will poorly serve all 120,000 residents of Indiana’s third largest city, what do you suggest those officials do, Justtrying? Tell us.

      • Seems like Weinzapfel won in 2007 with only about 14,000 total votes. Back then that was only about 12% – 13% of the population that gave him his “landslide”.

        So much for the people of Evansville even caring enough about their leadership to try to make a choice.

        I agree with you on Davis. He, like Weinzapfel before him may not be the people’s choice but like Weinzapfel before him he is indeed the Democratic nominee.

      • You are so insightful! Yes, I agree, who is the Dem Populus to Vote for if Dems dont have any confidence whatsover in the Dem nominee? Well, Vote for the most qualified and or the Right Person for the Job……that’s what many Dems have to do this Election! I also want to add I didn’t view the Article in CCO yesterday. I have read that it was taken down. Does anyone know WHY? Does the CCO live in fear of the 1st Amendemnt now? Or did they print false information? What was the core of the Article, can anyone paraphrase that for me? I would really appreciate it. Thank You!

      • How many voted for Tornatta? If Davis is weak for only getting 3,997 votes, what does that say about Tornatta?

      • Dr. Dan Adams is apparently one of the precious few in current Democratic leadership with the loyalty and honor to do his duty and support, much less not oppose, their Democratic primary winning candidate for Mayor. Central Committee operative Clovis gives bizarre arguments why the disloyalty and backstabbing by the Central Committee is OK because of low Democratic turnout in their primary. BS. The Mayor could have run against Mr. Davis in the Democratic primary. He didn’t after raising $500,000. Central Committee backed candidate Mr. Tornatta lost to Mr. Davis because more Democrats voted for him to be their candidate for Mayor. Bottom line is that the same power drunk Central Committee leadership that sued to put their friend Linda Durham in office, is openly committing political treason by opposing their own Democratic primary winning candidate for Mayor because they will lose their Democratic political power if Mr. Davis is elected. Period.

        • It’s interesting that the operatives seem hell bent on convincing the informed public that Winnecke is a better choice, people here on the CCO and on the C&P would be the last group of people to believe them and are such a small percentage of the voting block that it really seems pointless. But yet they persist in spewing BS around like it would make some difference.

          Anyone with half a brain can see through the BS that they are just trying to justify their treason to the democratic party, and maintain their power structure by supporting a republican candidate…really? how does that work when they are two different parties who supposedly have polar opposite view points on how government should work.

          Political parties are suppose to be all about giving voters choices in representation, this year thanks to the machine democrats they have tried to removed that aspect from the race, once again they have stolen something from the public (choice) by trying to confusing the voting public on just who is who, thankfully people are not as stupid as the machine demos might think and do not blindly follow like sheep.


          • Except in one or two cases, the Democrat party has given the voters fantastic candidates for city council this year.

            • I am encouraged that this election will result in a deliberative and citizen centered City Council. The same statement that you made applies to the Republican candidates. To have 9 good members of council and no block voting will be a joy.

          • Blanger..I guess we could say the same thing about you in the fact that you seem hell bent on trying to convince the public that Davis is the better choice.

          • Clovis on that point I do have to agree….


            Gallagher….I didn’t mention Mr Davis anywhere in my post, your assuming intent which is ill placed, I think if you review my posts here on the CCO while you’ll find I’m not a Winnecke supporter I not a advocate for Mr Davis either.

            As I’ve stated more than once the mayoral ballot should have a option of “none of the above”….being new here on the CCO you really need to do a little research before accusing someone of being a fanboy for anyone.

            But I am against the machine…and will point out injustices that they try to get by with, I do find a great deal of enjoyment in the fact that Davis has split the party and has them in panic mode like so many little cockroaches scurrying around when the lights are turned on…. 😉



        • Talk about bizarre points of argument. Rick Davis, as Betty Knight Smith’s chief deputy, was integral to Linda Durham’s support team.

      • Just a thought. Maybe the Democratic Committe should have done a little more campaigning for Tornatta- or at least encouraged more people to get out and vote during the Primary. Then maybe they wouldn’t be dealing with this whole Davis situation.
        On the other hand-maybe they did do enough campaigning. However, maybe democrats were just fed up with the whole situation- and not voting was their way of making a statement.

  5. If you were only concerned about unqualified hotheads, why would you have supported Jonathan Weinzapfel? That description fits him to a “t.”

      • Well of course he did! He had the entire Machine and all the bigshot Republican money guys behind him, a commanding lead in the polls from day 1, and an opponent who really had no chance.

        Oh–and the CCO didn’t exist back then, either, so we had to rely on Pravda, I mean the C&P, to get our “news.”

      • I can back vonkayel up on the hothead description. Weinzapful is smooth on stage and when campaigning but behind closed doors this guy pitches fits, cusses people, and has even been known to kick trash cans and pound the table when he don’t get his way. Mickey Mouse on stage and Donald Duck behind closed doors. This video ain’t far from the truth.

        • Reverend Wright:

          What are you hearing about polls these days? I’m getting conflicting data myself.

      • I can vouch for our mayor’s ready lost of temper. At one of the town hall meetings, I sat across the table from him addressing an issue that was a hot potato at the time. I stated what I thought to be an obvious, well-known point and did not try to be combative or mean. There were many people in attendance unlike many other such meetings so I guess that the mayor felt more on display than usual that night. When he heard the remark I made, his hands started shaking as they lay on the table, his neck turned red and the color spread up his face. He turned his head to the side and down pretending to look for a paper piled in the chair beside him and stayed facing away from me until he calmed down which took a bit of time. Had we been alone in his office, I am sure he would have been more openly livid.

        I can see him being very angry at Mr. Davis and pulling in all strings and markers now to topple him. And the mayor would just see that as doing his job for the party. I have come to the conclusion that the reason political parties are needed is because they provide a trail to trace who’s pulling what strings on which puppets and who pays for the design of new marionettes

        • What you just described, to me, was a person whom appeared to you….was upset and in total control of his facilities! I honestly thought you were going to tell us he blew up…but all you said was, he appeared angry “to you” and didn’t comment “to you” and I think, possibly you were hoping for a Big Outburst as you said you had brought up something upsetting and You, didn’t get the response You “wanted” and or was hoping for! We had an Infamous Hoosier with a Real Temper who showed it openly, remember Bobby Knight who coached IU’s Basketball Team? Now, he showed his temper! The Mayor has never had one Public Outburst that anyone is aware of. I am so sick of “fodder” put some valid information that can be easily checked out if you want to really make a point.

  6. It’s actually kind of funny watching “Short Stuff” blow his lid when things don’t go his way.

  7. Here is some interesting stuff. At least it is to me. It is a lttle long, but worth the read.
    There is a common denominator between Winnecke, Robinson, Tom Barnett, and Rev Brooks.
    The Evansville Brownfield Corp is a not for profit group that buys property around Evansville for development. Robinson is listed as the director of that Corp on tax returns and is also an elected city council member. The Brownfield Corp has the same address as the DMD. Barnett is the head of DMD and the employer of Louise Williams. Williams is Robinson’s right hand woman and has been very active in the Winnecke campaign for several months.
    When you contact Brownfield, you are actually dealing with DMD. The DMD received a 501 (c)3 status under the Brownfield Corp name. That allows for them to meet without public notice and they do not have to provide any information on their activity to the public. Most people think that the conection between the “two” groups makes it an issue of public money being used without public input. Legally it does not, but it should be.
    The County Commision (Winnecke) had previously conveyed parcels straight to DMD. When DMD received their 501(c)3 status they requested the parcels no longer be conveyed to them, but placed up for sale where they would bid on and win the parcels. This change was agreed upon by County Attorney Ted Ziemer. Ziemer just donated over $17,000 to the Winnecke campaign.
    The ability for Brownfield to drive up the price during an auction prevented the avereage citizen from having any fair shot at getting the property. A property at 1112 Parrett was bought by Brownfield in July of 2009. It was assessed at $132,600, but they paid $190,000 for it. No individual would have been able to get a loan for $57,000 over the assessed value.
    How can Brownfield afford to make those kind of bad decisions? It helps when DMD is loaning Brownfield multiple loans that in 2009 were as much as $84,662- $55,632- $50,700- and $80,353. There are more as Brownfield received $2,629,750.64 in 2009 alone. Not all of it from DMD, but DMD gave money under DMD Grants and Economic Development Loans.
    These properties are bought above value, then transferred to other not-for- profit groups. Those groups then develop them and sell them at a gain for them. These groups are HOPE of Evansville, Habitat for Humanity, and last but not least–The Memorial Community Development Corp. Memorial Community Corp is headed up by Rev. Brooks, Pastor of Memorial Baptist Church.
    So with taxpayer money, here is what is happening. Winnecke and the commission auction off property at a price way over assessed value. They know that it will be bought by Brownfield because DMD funds Brownfield and they have unlimited resources. The average bidder is left out in the cold. Brownfield then transferes it to other groups, including Memorial Community Development Corp. No wonder Brooks thinks so highly of Robinson. He thinks she the most effective person they have in politics. Based on this, I would say he is right. Too bad it’s shady.
    The amount of taxpayer money being lost and/or exchanging hands is hidden under the cloak of Brownfield’s 501(c)status. No transperancy.
    This behavior is for the beneift of a few and this is the beginning. No wonder they dont want Davis to get into the mayor’s office.

    • Whoa!!!

      Looks like Connie and Lloyd may have just stepped right into Rick’s trap! If this information is true, there’s a major scandal brewing regardless of who wins the election.

      “Perps get served!”

    • Holy crap! Really? This is stunning information. Why have none of the print or tv news outlets picked up on this and done their due diligence with investigative reporting to inform the public? AnotherOneWhoCares is right, something smells very rotten here.

      • Who do you think pays for the advertising that keeps the print and TV news outlets in business?

        The same people who bankrolled Weinzapfel and are bankrolling Winnecke this time around.

        Just look at the C&P’s list of City Council endorsements. It’s fairly obvious that they are content with the status quo.

    • Wow I hope this isnt true. I was planning on voting for Winnecke, but if this turns out to be a factual account of what is going on, he has lost my vote. Not sure if I’d vote for Davis, but I certainly would NOT vote for Winnecke if he is truly involved in this.

      Get on it CCO! This is big stuff.

    • I am smelling a recent fire from the DMD whom appears upset they aren’t in the playgroud anymore. But of course I am “probably” incorrect! Or, not! If any of this is true…….who knows for sure. Has anyone Independently checked any of this persons allegid facts out? Please uptdate us if you have.

    • Okay, you have an abundance of absolute facts in this post. Your research is very good and your numbers are accurate to a penney. Are you an investigator? By the way that is a compliment.

      What I am sure of is that Brownfields has been doing what they do with DMD as an accomplice for many years. They were doing this way before Winnecke was ever a Commissioner. The same goes for Ziemer. Whatever these two guys bring to this party is just as a part of being a commissioner and the attorney for the commissioners. They are not the architects of the Brownfields scheme.

      The real items of interest in this scheme is which houses or lots they go after and why followed by who gets the sweetheart deals and why.

      As for that house at 1112 Parrett, it is a POS. Why those fools paid $190k for it is beyond me. The CP and the CCO reported last winter that they were trying to sell it for $30k and that the repairs needed are so high that no one could even get a loan to do the work based on the finished value of the house. It is worth less than zero on the open market.

      So what is of interest to me is why they paid so much for it. That was just stupid. If you want the house my guess in that Barnett may give it to you if you agree to restore it.

      • Trainwreck:

        Ted Ziemer has been around a long time. He may not have been directly employed as council to the city during all the timeframe you refer to, but I would not be at all surprised if he hasn’t had his hand in the mix for quite some time. I can state that he has more going on than just a big campaign contribution to Winnecke. Think private meetings to “advise” going back through administrations.

      • Hey Trainwreck – You didn’t answer my question…because YOU removed it!!!! I’m a pretty good researcher too!!!

        • I would guess since all previous owners are listed on my deed it would be on this deed. I had to go to the Auditors & Recorders office back then to make record of my purchase. Wouldn’t this be recorded? Maybe the Recorders or Assossers office would have this info?

      • They were aware of the scheme and did not say anything about it. As a person in a position of power, they are expected to represent all of the people, not just a few friends in the business. There are too may deals out there that stink to high heaven. You can try to look at them individually and explain them away. There is a pattern involving Winnecke and Weinzapfel remaining silent. I think it is a good thing to ask why.

      • Editor…why is it taking so long for my message to get approved? The one that I posted at 8:30 was removed and the one from 9:00 is still waiting for approval. Did I say something wrong?????

        • You may attribute it to my personal affection for the St. Louis Cardinals and the fact that I knock off CCO related activities after dinner with few exceptions. I do start at 6 am though. There are 5 people who have clearance to edit so I will not speak for the others. Perhaps they like the Cardinals too. I am the publisher of the CCO.

          • That’s funny because over 25 people posted after I did…why would they approve all of them and not mine??? Maybe I hit on something.

            • It was your first post under the name Gallagher. First posts are always held for approval by a moderator. Once approved if you do not abuse your posting privilege which is granted at the sole discretion of the CCO then you may post at will. People who abuse the privilege get thrown off. It has only happened four times. We try to be liberal but we do respect peoples privacy. We let more things stand than the CP will but we do enforce the rules of common courtesy.

              If you had posted under the other name associated with your IP address there would have been no need for moderation.

              The rules so you and others know are do not direct abusive language at other posters, respect anonymity, do not make threats, and do not accuse people of criminal activity that has not resulted in a conviction.


      Oh, the walls are closing in, aren’t they, Connie?

      Thanks, Just Trying, you just did Evansville a HUGE favor by showing just the tip of the iceberg.

    • I worked for DMD and will back this up 100%. Meanwhile, Ms. Williams gets to shoe shop on the taxpayer dime while the ones who actually do work hard get screamed at, transferred departments, or fired for trumped up reasons. Mr. Barnett even awards positions in the Department to the Mayor’s allies without advertising the openings.

  8. JustTryingToGetBy

    As you probably know, 501(c) organizations must make public their federal tax returns. Does this allow anyone to trace the money further as you describe above?

    I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg in our government. Please remember that many people involved in city and county government are lawyers who naturally locate gaps in the law that trucks can drive through. When I was working to stop the baseball fields being placed in Wesselman Park, the convoluted setups were amazing.

    This happens in large corporations as well. Also in political parties. Ethics and morality are only pretended to exist in most government situations and what a sad, sad commentary that is.

    I remember many years ago in a small town in which I lived at the time, a very intelligent, well-spoken, creative, and honest young man won a seat in the state legislature. He worked mightily for his district to fulfill the promises he had made during his campaign but at the end of his term he had achieved very few of his goals. He refused to run again for the office he had held because he could not compromise himself by continuing to deal with the garbage he faced daily in his elected office. Starry-eyed newbie for sure, but a man of vision who was stomped on by the wealth and power of those who generally get elected and who have “contacts”.

    The people of Evansville need to open their eyes because they are sold down the river almost every day in one form or another. And instead of crying, complaining, or ranting about the status quo, they must face the situation for what it is and take a stand, even a small one. It will take a lot of stands and a lot of time but this is our home and only we can do a good fall housecleaning.

    • Davis has taken a stand. He has been met with opposition from the republicans as well as Owens and his crew. Without the support of the PEOPLE who are tired of the status quo, nothing will change. Please motivate everybody you can to vote for Davis so we can stop this madness.

          • If by not ready, you mean he is not able to continue with questionable practices with taxpayer money, than you may be right. If you are looking for transperancy and fairness from your mayor, than Davis is more than ready.

  9. Brownsfield owns over 180 properties in Evansville of which no taxes are paid on any of these properties. All of these properties were bought with taxpayer money. Habitat owns over 150 properties in Evansville, of which no taxes are paid on these properties. Several of these properties were bought by Brownsfield and donated to Habitat. Once again bought with taxpayer money. If you take just the minimum taxes that would be paid on these properties if these were owned by you or I (the average taxpayer) it comes to over $54,000.00 per year of lost revenue to the city of Evansville. Last but not least after Habitat builds houses on some of their properties they keep them in Habitat’s name so that the owners do not have to pay property taxes on them. Connie Robinson is on the board of Brownsfield. This is just one of the scams of this administration. Now you know why all of the good old boys are trying to defeat Davis, and why they want 4 more years with Winnecke as Mayor.

  10. When Tom Barnett was collecting a check from the City of Evansville and from GAGE, there were two elected officials involved. One was the mayor, the other was Winnecke. GAGE is funded by the city with your tax dollars. As DMD director, Barnett is on the taxpayers dime. Weinzapfel is Barnett’s boss.
    Winnecke was on the Executive Comittee of GAGE at the time. Not only was Barnett being paid “under the table” by leaving that part of his salary off the city budget, but many feel that a lot of money was wasted by GAGE during that time. Winnecke was told by other GAGE employees that there was a problem with the way money was being spent, but said nothing. Weinzapfel said nothing about Barnett’s pay or spending issues either. The pay issue has been resolved. I am not sure what kind of financial situation GAGE is in right now.

    When you combine Homestead silence, Brownfield silence, and GAGE silence all together it tells me one thing for sure. Winnecke and Wenzapfel have a HISTORY of keeping quiet when they are involved TOGETHER in this type of behavior.

    I can only imagine what else is out there.

  11. Does anyone know who is behind “Kloughi Enterprises LLC?”

    It sounds like a pretty good business to buy up delapidated properties in the downtown area that you know you can sell back to the Brownfields Corp. for 30% or more above market value.

    Of course, you have to be “connected to know which buildings are on the list, right?

    Any enterprising lawyers or journos out there who can get to the bottom of this cesspool?

    • This was a photography studio run by a couple from California. I had a 2 hour consulting session with them in 2005 when they were struggling with some difficult business decisions. I gave them my best advice and it seems as though they took at least part of it. The interior of the house was immaculately restored and the photographer was quite talented. If they had asked for more time I would have taken pictures of my children for my compensation. They were really good. There is a photo garden that goes with the home too. I have not heard from them since and assume that they went back to California. They really sank allot of money into that house and tried to make a go of the business. I wish them well wherever they are.

      The next time I heard about that house was in a Courier article by Dan Shaw discussing some artist that was going to buy it from Brownfields for $30,000 and then put over $200k into it. I guess that deal fell through as it does still show Brownfields as the owner. A large older home like that no matter how beautiful could easily need over $250k in repairs and have $2,000 per month in utility bills. This will be a real challenge for any profit driven business or value driven investor.

      • Thanks, Joe.

        I think the bigger issue is that the lack of transparency and accountability leaves the door open to all kinds of fraud in these kinds of arrangements.

        If the Brownfield Corp essentially has an unlimited, taxpayer supported budget and has no real public oversight, what is to prevent itfrom simply funneling money to “preferred” people or organizations?

        Let’s say I’m a big time Machine operative who commands a lot of votes in my Ward. I may have a business on the side buying up cheap properties. I re-sell those properties to the Brownfield Corp. at astronomical markups and pocket the profits. Meanwhile, I am also involved in a non-profit that helps refurbish homes. The Brownfield Corp. donates properties back to my organization, and I can then use them as I see fit.

        Just sayin’

        • It would appear the grant money for the EBC comes from the Federal EPA….when did the EPA get in the property business?

          An interesting quote from the brochure…


          “A brownfield is a property, the
          expansion, redevelopment, or reuse
          of which may be complicated by the
          presence or potential presence of a
          hazardous substance, pollutant, or
          contaminant. It is estimated that there
          are more than 450,000 brownfields in
          the U.S.”


          Using the term “potential presence” pretty well opens the door for them to use the money to buy any property IMHO.


    • Does anyone know what name Della goes by on here? For that matter, does anyone know who della is in real life?

      • I doubt Della posts on the CCO, unless it was done from the library or a WiFi hot spot, I doubt she would want to give up her city IP address, as to who she is? a lot of speculation on that best guess is Weinzapfel’s secretary….her name escapes me at the moment, but it has been rumored it was Curt John and others.


        • Everyone knows that he/she/it is inside the civic center already…

          I seriously doubt that della could keep herself from posting here. She seems to have an obsessive-compulsive need to spew filth and lies anywhere people are talking about Evansville politics.

          • LOL…yeah she is that at the least, she/he may post from at home using a throw-away email account to keep the CCO off their trail, but honestly very few posters have her level knowledge of the going-ons at the civic center and only a few have similar styles of writing….

            Of all the posters here on the CCO not really anyone spews the same level of BS as Della or is as big of a Weinzapfel fan as Della is, of course it could be someone inside the C&P also.

            One thing is for sure whoever it is would never post here on the CCO from their job and risk their IP address being tied back to the civic center, besides I don’t think the CCO is well liked by the powers that be which is part of the charm of the place.


        • I thought someone on the C&P said it was a man name Randella or something like that.

  12. The way the brownfields legislation is used in Evansville is to use federal, state, and local tax dollars, and in our case a “supposedly” Not-for-profit LLC set up by the city’s DMD, to condemn and raze properties.

    Whether or not the site has pollution has little to do with the ultimate goal of removing as much dilapidated housing as the city can. In fact, the city would probably rather avoid sites where the cost of clean-up is too much, as that limits the funds they have available to raze more homes.

    The legislation was crafted to give cities a way clean up their appearance using tax dollars. What drove the legislation was homes becoming so rundown that the cost of putting them back into code compliance far outstrips any price one could expect to receive by selling the property.

    So with this Brownfields legislation and its “catch-all” terminology of which properties might qualify:

    “A brownfield is a property, the
    expansion, redevelopment, or reuse
    of which may be complicated by the
    presence or potential presence of a
    hazardous substance, pollutant, or
    contaminant. It is estimated that there
    are more than 450,000 brownfields in
    the U.S.” (Blanger)

    and the city’s ability to enforce building code regulations on homeowners who do not have the financial resources to make the code upgrades, it is clear that the City of Evansville can exercise great power over homeowners lives.

    Any reasonable, thinking, person can identify the home equity loan as a contributing factor in this current crisis. When you spend millions of dollars on slick ad campaigns to entice homeowners to “cash-out” some equity in their home for this, that, and the other things of life, you are going to successfully influence many of those less resistant homeowners.


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