Political Contributions Report: Bruce Ungenthiem


Republican candidate for the nomination for County Commissioner Bruce Ungenthiem has release his campaign’s April campaign finance report. The four donors that have contributed over $1,000 are as follows:

1. Fraternal Order of Police: $4,000

2. Steven Blankenburger: $4,000

3. Bruce Ungenthiem: $1,170

4. Tom Small: $1,046

Two other donors made contributions of $1,000.

Bruce Ungenthiem Campaign Report April 2014


  1. Got a mailer today from Mr. Ungethiem’s campaign asking “Are you Angry” that “Commissioners spent tax dollars on poorly planned projects requiring MORE tax dollars to fix.” Must be the north Green River Road project by the soccer fields. Who worked on that project and was sued by the County among others? Blankenburger Construction. Who did the Country refuse to do work with until it was resolved?


    Steven Blankenburgher is now tied for the largest contributor for Mr. Ungethiem. While Mr. Ungethiem was right on CORE, he is wrong as a broken clock for the County Commissioners.

  2. When compared to all contributors towards this race, the retired Steve Blankenburger does not hold a candle to Abel’s out of town “law office” and the ties to the GOP party!

  3. Joe,
    Blankenberger must not have been @ fault or we would have made them fix everything for free instead of agreeing to pay them their “cost”.
    Reeks of imptoper planning / engineering / oversight on our part.

    • The Blankenberger on that donor list has been separated from the company Blankenberger for about 8 years and had nothing to do with the Green River Road project.

      As for the reasons for the failures on Green River Road it is certainly from poor oversight. I suspect that both the company Blankenberger and the government overseers contributed to the failure. I am also sure that no official blame will ever be agreed to.

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