Pence names two to utility commission



By Jessica Wray

INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Mike Pence named two new members Friday to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

Angela Weber of Franklin and Carol Stephan of Indianapolis will both begin serving on the commission in early March.

The IURC is a fact-finding body that hears cases brought by customers and utility companies. The organization exists to “ensure the utilities provide adequate and reliable service at reasonable prices.”

Weber currently works for Ice Miller and has previously worked for the Indiana Department of Education and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. Stephan has worked for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, the state attorney general and as general counsel for the state Office of Utility Consumer Counsel.

Both have previously worked for the IURC.

“I extend my utmost appreciation to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission nominating committee for their diligence, integrity and commitment to public transparency throughout this process,” Pence said.

Members of the nominating committee are Chair Gwen Horth, Eric Scroggins, John Blevins, Larry Buell, Win Moses, Michael Evans and Michael Mullett.​


  1. Basically he named two new Vectren employees. There is not nearly enough outrage about the cronyism from the Republicans in Indianapolis.

  2. “ensure the utilities provide adequate and reliable service at reasonable prices.”

    I would like to demand that the contract, pledge of office, or whatever these new members of the IURC use to start their term of office have the words “..AT REASONABLE PRICES.” written in caps. The one thing that never seems to be addressed by the IURC is that utilites like Vectren can pick away at their victims in tiny pieces by adding a few cents here, a dime there, maybe a dollar a month for the rest of your life. The process of billing and ownership of sub-corps is so convoluted when it should be very straightforward.

    • I pretty much agree. I don’t say completely deregulate them but allow some competition definitely.

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