Commentary: The education of a racist


By John Krull

 INDIANAPOLIS – Scott Shepherd tells me the story of how he became a racist – and then how he stopped being one.

At one time, he was a serious, determined and dangerous racist. He was a high-ranking official in the Ku Klux Klan and he ran for

John Krull, publisher,

John Krull, publisher,

public office in Tennessee twice as a white supremacist. He didn’t win in his campaigns for governor and state representative, but he acknowledges that Commentary button in JPG - no shadowhe did a lot of damage along the way.

Shepherd and I are talking on the radio, along with race relations expert and author Daryl Davis. Davis, a black man, has made a practice of establishing relationships with white supremacists and attempting to lead them away from the path of racial animosity. He’s had success. He’s persuaded more than a few dragons and wizards to renounce their racist ways.

Davis and Shepherd both have interesting stories to tell, but I find myself pitching more of the questions Shepherd’s way.

Maybe it’s because, in these angry, angry times, I want to try to understand what makes someone adopt hate as a lifestyle, a passion, a mission.

When Shepherd tells his story, that story’s pedestrian nature makes it clear how well-trod the path to bigotry is.

He was born in Mississippi in 1959. His hometown – Indianola – was the birthplace of the White Citizens Council, a racist organization dedicated to preserving and promoting segregation.

Integration came to Indianola when Shepherd was in elementary school, but the fuse for his rage already had been lit long before the classrooms were desegregated. He came from a troubled family – one that struggled with alcohol and dysfunction.

When Indianola’s schools were integrated, the white families in the community who had money sent their children to an all-white private school. Shepherd’s family didn’t have money. He went to a public school that was overwhelmingly black.

Every school day was a reminder not just of the changes in the South’s racial politics, but also of just how far down on the social totem pole Shepherd and his family sat. Each day was yet another reason to feel resentment about his life and everything around him.

He drifted to the KKK because the organization meshed with his stored grievances, the well-stoked fires of anger he carried within him. Being part of the Klan made him feel “welcome,” as if he “belonged somewhere,” he says.

He rose in the ranks and worked hard at baiting, belittling and tormenting blacks, Jews, immigrants and just about anyone who wasn’t just like him and his friends.

When Shepherd was running for governor of Tennessee as an avowed racist, he got pulled over while driving under the influence.

He had to go into treatment as a way of avoiding harsher legal penalties. The treatment forced him not just to confront his drinking and substance problems, but other issues, too.

“I learned that the problem wasn’t all the other people I blamed,” he says. “The problem was Scott Shepherd.”

He renounced his racist views and began working to achieve racial reconciliation. When he encounters people he tormented in his earlier days, he tries to make amends.

“I know I’ll never make right what I did, but it’s important to try,” he says.

I ask Davis, who has spent a quarter-century studying white supremacist groups, how common stories like Shepherd’s are – stories that lead to bigotry and hate.

“All too common,” Davis almost sighs.

People veer to racist organizations, he explains, when they are unhappy with their lives and change seems to overwhelm them. They look for people to blame for their misery – people they don’t think are like them.

Both Davis and Shepherd say the key is simple but hard: Getting racists to stop looking at types and get them started seeing people, individual human beings. It’s intensive work and it has to be done on a person-to-person level.

Doing the work that way takes a lot of time, but there’s a good reason to step up the pace.

Membership among the KKK and other hate groups is growing rapidly.

Davis and Shepherd explain at least one of the reasons: There’s a black man in the White House, which has made a lot of already unhappy and angry people even more unhappy and angry.

That makes for a fertile field of racists from which to grow a good crop of racists.

John Krull is director Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism, host of “No Limits” WFYI 90.1 Indianapolis and publisher of, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.


  1. Krull, you go a long way to call people who disagree with Obama racist. You left out the other ingredient for making a racist, suffering. Obama has provided adequate suffering to give racist organizations recruitment material.

    • Take about 90 seconds and read some comment boards that aren’t censored. It’s easy to see there’s plenty of racism toward Obama. A lot of people I know talk about how much they hate Obama but they struggle to come up with any specific problems they have had. That leads me to believe it is racially charged and that’s a reasonable assumption around these parts.

      • President Obama himself addressed racism in voting a couple of weeks ago and he did so very well. What he said was basically that there are people who voted for him just because he is black and that there are people who voted against him just because he is black. He went on to express a belief that such votes are too small to determine outcomes. The truth of the matter is that both kinds of votes are racist votes. The same can be said for comments on a message board. The difference is that you get to vote once and you can make as many comments as you like.

        The same thing happens when a thinking person criticizes President Obama. I heard a person who said the website was a mess in a public forum get called a racist for saying it. The person who pulled the race card was the racist in that case.

        • All whites are probably at least unconscious racists, and certainly all Republicans and so-called “conservative Democrats” are so. However, it is not possible for a person of color to be a racist, provided that she or he is aligned correctly with progressive ideology. Many people fail to understand this.

          For example, Alabama democrat legislator Alvin Holmes has been unfairly smeared by some for calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom.”

          Representative Holmes is simply expressing in an entirely understandable way that Clarence Thomas is impeding progress on the road to an America where the content of a person’s character means nothing and the color of his or her skin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and most all, political ideology, means everything. Sophisticated and responsible progressive journalists took care not to cover this story, in order to prevent it from being misused, and I congratulate them for doing so.

          J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
          Maximum Co-Cordinator
          Organizing for Idiocy
          Evansville Cell

          • I remember recently reading a quote from Clarence Thomas complaining that progressive liberal snobs or something like that are the only ones that still talk about racism and they should let it go. If it weren’t for “progressive liberal snobs” Clarence Thomas would still be picking cotton and being bull whipped. What and idiot Clarence Thomas is.

          • Ghost;

            Judge Thomas is correct. If you watch enough news its always the progressives and their ilk hollering about race. But they do it selectively, if its white on black, oh yeah you will hear about it; but black on white, they will go to great lengths to avoid it if they can. About the only time you hear a conservative talk about race is due to some liberal shoving it in their face.

            Per your “progressives” and their “we protect all rights”, bullshit. Had progressives and Democrats had their way in the 1800s, slavery would have been institutionalize. Again to reiterate, they were so strong on slavery they were willing and did create their own private army (KKK) which openly murdered blacks… and whites that supported black rights.

            During that time frame and prior, States were actively taking steps to prevent the trampling of their rights. Not that you will read it but here is a good summary;


            Fortunately there were enough in the Whigg party (supporting the Democrats) that broke away and the rest is as they history. That’s not to say I would disagree with the Republican party of today, they are not even a shadow of their founding principles. There is barely a handful standing on said principles of today.

            On one point you are correct, if Judge Thomas had lived in the southern states (Confederacy), yeah he would have been a slave and pickin’ cotton.

          • Those were the dixiecrats and the last one, Robert Byrd is now pushing up daisies. If you dont realize the parties have switched you are way behind.

          • @Ghost.

            They have not switched. The Democrats realized it was bad form to overtly murder blacks and whites opposing their aims. They were smart and opted for the covert method of enslavement; acting as the governmental Santa Claus so people will get hooked on them providing for all their needs.

          • Haha thanks for the laugh. I’ll take you seriously trying to argue social programs could be misguided or handled differently but I’ll laughingly dismiss your conspiracy theories.

          • Hugo, how can you make such an idiotic statement? Do you think the average voter laps mistruths like this? Sadly, you’re correct-but saying it over & over doesn’t make it the truth!
            Learn your history & quit tryint to rewrite it!
            It was the REPUBLICAN party that fought for and won freeing of the slaves. Fought southern democrats to their grave-back then- there are still plenty alive & breathing.
            Like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, and their (your?) angelic president Obama just to name a few.

      • We’ve talked about this phenomenon before GTJ. Obama was popularly elected and has sunk to very low approval. Is that racism or failure?

      • Without a doubt there is racism for and against Obama. I’ve had plenty of conversations with other black people that said they voted for him because of his skin color. I guarantee you that I’ve had more conversations with people that admit that race is the only reason why they support him than you have had with people where you ASSUME that it’s racially-based.

  2. So the short of it could be said Mr. Shepherd became a “racist” because he gave into envy over other white folks having the financial means to send their kids elsewhere. Couple that with being surrounded by other like folks was a plus for him. Of course, I’ll hazard a guess the booze provided a useful lubricant for his slide.

    Again of course, just to repeat things I have said before, the KKK was the creation of the Democrats who constantly tell us they have no war with minorities, especially if your black. So here we are, 149 years later (first KKK group founded in 1865) and the Democrats private army is still going strong. Way to go boys.

    I commend Mr. Shepard for waking up.

    • A man knows who he is by what he does and needs to work to feel like a man. almost every employee i have had has been more concerned about feeling he is making an important contribution to something greater than himself before he was concerned about his wage.

      Democrats have turned black men into dependents of an entitlement plantation that is larger and more demeaning than all of the slave plantations because it takes away a man’s independence and feeling of contributing to something greater than himself.

      I commend Mr. Shepard for waking up to the fact that he was responsible for his choices. To many racist have yet come to that self realization and compromise their shame by accusing others of being worse racist.

  3. What a dishonest piece from a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Mr. Kroll is intentionally misleading readers as to why people come to conclusions about race. He and the SPC direct their efforts to censoring the real reason, local news reports. This group he belongs to has great influence here in Indianapolis (especially with the Indy Star) and they go all out to censor any mention of race when describing a suspect, even to the detriment of police efforts. He and we know full well what is causing people to have their opinions about race and he and the SPC are doing everything they can to censor it.

    • Not surprising. Their byline says it all; “Improving and protecting journalism since 1909”, . Their profession has lost their moral backbone a long time ago, nothing in the byline about journalism just that they will protect it. So they are all about protecting themselves. Unfortunately they sacrificed a great deal including the trust our Founding Fathers put in them to do the right thing.

      What we get today form these “journalists” is not news, rather news presented the way they want it to serve their ends, not ours. In today’s world it is not easy to find;

      “2b : writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation”

      • You only want to hear facts that support your agenda. YOU are the biased one.

      • No not at all. When given the “news” or presented with information from a “journalist”, that is what I want, the unadulterated facts and pertinent information. Not some guised bull-crap presented in such a way to persuade, cajole, deceive or manipulate how I might think about whatever it may be.

        • REALLY?

          Well here is some unadulterated 50+ year old news and facts for you.

          The Dems put in a anti-lynching legislative platform at their 1948 convention and the Dixecrats walked out and in 1964-65 LBJ signed the civil rights act further(yeah yeah yeah some CONSERVATIVE DEMS voted against it and some Northern socially LIBERAL repubs voted for it) teeing off the southern racists(Can you deny there were racists in the 1960’s) and they ran to the R party where Richarn Nixon and Lee Atwater welcomed the racists into the republican party with open arms and they have remained there ever since.

          • Yes its better not to murder those you wish to enslave… makes those you wish to enslave via governmental dependence more cordial and its better press, I mean journalism.

          • yep 50yrs after the lbj great society the majority of blacks are still slaves on the liberal plantation…………that is sad……..since 90% of blacks vote liberal you get what you vote for…….

          • @Indianenoch;

            Great quotes and many of them from this century, but I hear tell the Democratic party isn’t racist. This is probably my favorite as it really defines the manipulation since they decided it wasn’t really a swell idea to murder those they intend to enslave;

            “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

            — Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One according Ronald Kessler’s Book, “Inside The White House”

          • Dveatch that LBJ fake quote is bogus and is spread by racist scum like you all the time.

          • @Ghost;

            Then tell that to Ronald Kessler, its quoted in his book, Inside The White House. I doubt Mr. Kessler made that up. Not saying it isn’t possible but it would be very counter to his (Kessler’s) character to do that and it not be authentic. According to him two Governors were present at the time.

          • Time for some Ayn Rand quotes:

            I’m an atheist; religion is from man’s mind, not supernatural.

            Abortion is a moral right; an embryo has no rights.

            Adults should be completely free to practice homosexuality.

            Let 10 guilty go free rather than execute one innocent man.

            All restrictions on drugs should be removed.

            This is getting to be some fun s__t man!

          • Brains Benton: Wow, I think you should remove the “Brains” from the name and just go Benton. You have no grasp of history and definitely are grasping a t straws with your little nugget of info. Stretch that out some more…because it really proves the point you and Ghost are pushing for.

          • LBJ voted against the Civil Rights Act in 1957 when he was a Senator. I watched the documentary, “Freedom Riders”, a couple of weeks ago at Central Library. That documentary details how the Kennedys did not want to get involved in the Civil Rights fight and thought of it as a distraction for other things that they thought were important. If it weren’t for the Freedom Riders and the violent reaction of the Southern Whites, Bobby Kennedy would have never got the FBI involved. To this day the Democrat party is still racist. The only racism that I regularly experience is from Democrats that think less of me because I’m a black person that is Republican. The Dixiecrats didn’t leave the party until the 60’s. Blacks left the party in the 60’s because of Goldwater’s federalist position to give states the sovreignty to make their own laws on racial issues.

            • This is not been to be racist in the least but from my perspective the Democrats really just want black people to be “good ******* for massa” and vote like they were gonna get “40 acres and a mule” for their Democrat votes. Congratulations on using your intellect to break the mold the Dems have made for you. The last thing the Dems really want is for black people to think things through before voting.

  4. The only way to end racism to to simply stop talking about it. I’ve never understood why, if we know the key to ending racism is to see individuals not groups, do we have entire months devoted to one certain race? Why do we have entire museums devoted to one race’s history?

    The bottom line is, there are distinct advantages for some people for keeping racism alive, so they do, and so it lives. The human animal is tribal. If it isn’t race that divides us, it will be something else.

    • I agree, see the person not by color or the size of their wallet, but by their “attitude”, but it must be reciprocal.

      Armstrongres; and I’m “German”-American.(kraut-head!)

    • You are correct Brad, but since blacks always drag race into the conversation racism will linger forever.
      I realize that’s what many blacks want-but those I am close with are sick & tired of the race card always being brought up.
      Confirming once again president Obama is a disgrace to blacks & whites equally.

      • It should be the job of any individual wishing for an end to racism to just ignore any and all talk of racism. This is the only approach that makes sense to me.

        How does the saying go…if you wallow with pigs…

        It’s like, if I’m talking to someone about a legitimate concern and they all of a sudden begin talking about alien abduction. At that point, the adult conversation is over. All that’s really left to do is change the subject or refrain from speaking to that individual any further. It’s the same with those who use racism as a crutch with which to identify themselves in a group and claim an entitlement or a grievance. If there is a legitimate grievance such as an employer discrimination claim, then that individual should take his matter to court, not splash his story on MSNBC and claim racism is alive in America. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    • I recall the dust-up between us a while back over your use of the word “mulatto.” You clearly used it as a derogatory adjective in a reference to POTUS, and then pled ignorance to the fact that the word is a racial slur.
      Perhaps you don’t mind racism being a divider among us, but I do. The color of one’s skin should not dictate the expectations of that one person in anyone else’s mind. The point of this article is that seeing people as individual humans, not in group stereotypes, is the way to end racism.
      Of course, we will always be divided in some ways, but that division must NOT be skin color, if a “melting pot” civilization is to advance. Ideologies will likely always produce barriers among us, but we have control over which trains of thought we follow. We have none over skin color. See the difference there?

      • I did not use the term ‘mulatto’ in a derogatory way. I admitted I was ignorant of the derogatory connotations of the word, if I remember correctly, and apologized for the poor word choice.

        • I have a black friend that always says mulatto when referring to people of mixed black/white descent. I always shake my head and think that he’s goofy for using an outdated word. Brad, personally I don’t take offense to that word. It’s the same as if a person says colored (which happens to me a lot more often than one would thnk) or negro. They are just outdated words. I’m more likely to say something about the use of the label, African-American. That is a label that Jesse Jackson pushed. I won’t use it until I hear white people referred to as European-Americans. There’s no need to separate us any further. New labels shoud be unifiers.

          • If I were a black man, I think I’d be more offended by the term ‘African-American’, which infers one isn’t a real American, or belongs to some special substrate of Americans.

            I thought it was a perfect illustration of how separatist that term is when actress Charleze Theron, who is about as white as white gets, was born in South Africa and lives in the US, called herself an ‘African-American’. She was technically more correct than calling all black Americans by that moniker.

            • Don’t leave out Dave Matthews. He is one of the best African-American songwriters and entertainers of all time. It does illustrate the ridiculousness of these hyphenated descriptions though.

              Only with this devicive silliness can one go from being the ruling class of apartheid in South Africa to being a full fledged African-American in 20 years.

    • Last April, I co-facilitated a discussion about diversity and inclusion. There were several people at this event including Chief Bolin & Nick Herrmann, who I personally invited because law enforcement plays a big part in race relations. There was a lot of good ideas on why we need to embrace diversity and how we can move it forward. I’ll be the first to say that I don’t always get behind a lot of diversity movements because most are basically just a way to further a liberal agenda, but I do know the importance to accept and embrace all people in a community.

      I understand what you mean about stopping talking about it, but I think the opposite would work better. People of different races are not the same. We have different histories and our cultures are vastly different. The best way to end racism is to talk to one another about the differences. In getting to know our differences, we’ll learn about our similarities. This forms a more complete relationship. The fuel for racism is specualtion and assumptions. There have been several times that I assumed that a person was treating me a certain way because of my skin color only to find out from my wife or my white friends that the same thing happens to them.

    • The separate museums and Black History Month came about out of neccessity. For the most part, the historical contributions of black people in America has been ignored. EAAM exists because there is no other outlet in Evnasville that mentions any of the history of black people in our community. Black History Month is the same way. Dr. Woodson created Black History Week as a celebration of the history of the black people in this country. This eventually became Black History Month. Dr. Woodson did not intend for it to be a perpetual event. He hoped that it would become a non-issue and blacks would be included in historical lessons alongside their white counterparts. The creators of the historical curriculum in American schools are the ones that are responsible for the need for the month. When they include Granville T. Woods in the same lists as Edison & Graham Bell as America’s great inventors, when they talk about the medical breakthroughs of Dr. Charles Drew alongside stories of Pasteur & Curie there won’t be a need for separate history lessons. I’ve been highlighting a different person from Black History on my FB page and you’d be surprised at the amount of white people in my “history lessons”. I always say that Black History isn’t my history, it’s our history, black, white and all races. These people improved our entire nation and we all reap the benefits.

      • We ignore important inventors all the time if they happened to be blacklisted people or foreigners or just not ‘sexy’ enough to produce a good story. The telephone wasn’t invented by Bell. He was beaten to that invention. Marconi didn’t invent radio. His inventions relied heavily on the work of Tesla and others. Edison didn’t ‘invent’ but a fraction of the things he was credited with inventing; many were invented by his employees for hire while he got the credit.

        This isn’t only a black problem. History is replete with examples of false attributions. History is, after all, written by the victors and the media. Mistakes get propagated.

  5. dveatch says:

    February 23, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    Yes its better not to murder those you wish to enslave… makes those you wish to enslave via governmental dependence more cordial and its better press, I mean journalism.

    Wow, you little treacherous gollum. Editor please do not take this down, leave it up for all the world to see.

    You sank below even the levels of the wretched Minister or Morality I didn’t think that was possible.

    • Am I the “Minister of Morality?”

      Sure Good Guy Benton, your the only one allowed to “Minister your Morality” and run censorship campaigns against other posters.

      Now you’re so arrogant that you think you make the call for who the CCO censors. Do you really think the editor was considering censoring what dveatch said?

      If your going to ignore me, then ignore me and don’t throw stink bombs at me.

    • In case you missed the reference, I was speaking about the 1800s and the FACT the KKK was created by Democrats to intimidate blacks. So your upset Democrats had a “change of heart” from murder to making enslavement via government handouts? Of course your not, I think.

      Your free to call me a gollum or any other derogatory name you like, I don’t mind at all, it does not change history.

      • He knows exactly what you meant and were referring to. He is stuck in an argument that he cannot win, so he opens the lib playbook to find an out. He hit page 43 and is now trying to demonize you by twisting your words. And if that doesn’t work he is also going to try and get the censors to intervene so he can save face. Typical attempts from pathetic individuals, him, ghost and LKB all do the same thing. Can’t win an argument, so they play their games to make themselves feel better.

  6. There is nothing worse than a filthy stinking racist.

    If my above comment upset you in some way, you may want to wake up and smell the “I am a racist” roses.

    just sayin……..

  7. “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”

    tommi Hussein Nugent romo, you certainly have a way with words……………………


  8. Brandon M says:

    February 24, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Brains Benton: Wow, I think you should remove the “Brains” from the name and just go Benton. You have no grasp of history and definitely are grasping a t straws with your little nugget of info. Stretch that out some more…because it really proves the point you and Ghost are pushing for.

    No grasp of history huh?

    FACT: Northern liberal Democrats like Hubert Humphrey advocted for federal anti-lynching laws during the Dem 1948 convention.

    FACT: Southern conservative Dems(Dixicrats) staged a walkout in protest of the above.

    FACT: Lyndon Johsnon signed the civil rights bill over the protestation of the Dixicrats of said bill. Nothern liberal republicans voted for the bill, Southern conservative Democrats voted against it.

    FACT: Nixon and Atwater pursued the “Southern Strategy” and convinced people like Strom Thurmond to switch parties. The old Confederate states began voting mostly republican with a few minor exceptions like GA, AK, LA voting for Clinton and Carter.

    FACT: The old Confederate State have stayed with with republicans for the most part until about 2008 win VA and NC went for Obama.

    All of this is common knowelege and verifiable on the internet/local library to anyone with half a brain who follows political history or can read plain flocking English.

    Now Brandon you’re either a blind racist, a pig headed dogmatic ideologue oblivious to common facts or just a DAMN FOOL. Which is it??

    • The original anti-lynching law actually came from a tablet that Moses gets credited with bringing down from Mount Sinai. “Thou Shalt Not Kill” or “Thous Shalt Not Commit Murder” depending of course on which interpretation one uses.

    • Dixecrats are democrats. End of the story.

      Democrats have a much more sinister form of racism in that they treat minorities as an under class that depends on government aid to prosper.

      I would suspect that at sometime every successful black person wonders if he achieved success on his abilities or because of his race.

      Give it up Good Guy. Your mean attitude is indicative of someone who is up Stinky Creek without a paddle.

  9. Kunte or Toby says:

    February 24, 2014 at 11:57 am

    This is not been to be racist in the least but from my perspective the Democrats really just want black people to be “good ******* for massa” and vote like they were gonna get “40 acres and a mule” for their Democrat votes. Congratulations on using your intellect to break the mold the Dems have made for you. The last thing the Dems really want is for black people to think things through before voting.


    Using Kunte and Toby ID’s as pejoratives nope not racist at ALL.

    Tell you what ALL of you conners who think that Dems just pander to blacks for their vote and just want to “keep them on the plantation” are welcome to come door knocking with me to black households this fall.

    I DARE any of you keyboard warriors to come explain to a black family to their face that the best way forward for them is to cut off any government assistance, provide more tax cuts to major corporations and the ultrarich and provide them with more “free market opportunities”.

    Just please please let me be there when you do it.

    I want it all on camera.

    • You realize that I speak with black people all of the time about politics and the Republican party, right. Your invitation is probably meant for someone else.

      I agree with you on the fact that a lot of people get real brave on the internet and say racial remarks that they would not say in person. I get it on here a lot. It’s funny because I think that they think it’s clever and they’re getting one by on me. I just choose to ignore most of them.

      • You’re correct Phyllip my comment was directed at others, and thanks for being so polite and diplomatic about it!

        • I try to stay positive and respectful. Although, there are times when I have rolled in the mud on here. Especially when people try to dismiss my opinion by calling me a yes man, toadie, etc.

          You and I hardly ever agree on things, but who’s to say which of us are right or wrong. Most things are opinions, speculations and perception. The discussion between opposing viewpoints fosters the most growth within ourselves.

    • Present anyone with the strawman you created and he would decline, but let’s try the true questions.

      IIT that blacks would rather have a good job to provide for their family rather than living on government assistance?

      IIT that the government should help corporations creating new jobs?

      IIT true that the market place should decide winners and losers rather than the government?

      IIT that Good Guy Benton while looking down his nose at other posters is also nothing more than another “keyboard warrior?”

      IIT that by Good Guy Benton knocking on the doors of black families he is proving IE’s point that democrats use minorities for political gain by keeping them dependent on government?

  10. Let’s not live in the past and talk about current politics.

    Democrats support social entitlement programs that weaken the black community. I know that black people are not the only ones on these programs, but we are on them at a higher percentage than whites. Programs like Section 8, TANF, Food Stamps, etc all incentivize a broken household. Women are told to let the government be their head of household or they’ll lose the “free money” from the government. This is part of the reason why 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. Of course we know it’s not free, it comes at the cost of their freedom and privacy. The government is the new slavemeaster. The beggar is beholden to the Democrat benefactors.

    Democrats support abortion which is the modern-day equivalent of genocide of the black race. 1 out of 3 black pregnancies end in abortion. Most of the abortion clinics in the bigger cities are in the low-income areas for easy access to the less-desirable pregnancies. That’s straight out of the eugenincs playbook. You can’t tell me that Margaret Sanger is not smiling about that one. 13 million black abortions since 1973, but everyone wants to keep telling me that Democrats are for black people.

    MSNBC and other liberal news outlets are constantly under fire for ridiculing conservative blacks and the adopted members of conservative whites’ families. I’m constantly told that I’m “confused”, “ignorant”, Uncle Tom, etc. because I’m black and Republican. I can point out several parts of the Republican platform and most blacks agree that they agree with those ideas, but still say they’ll vote Democrat because Republicans are for Whites and Democrats are for blacks.

  11. I agree 100% with the comment about staying the present, the problem come from those who want to conflate 150 year old history as is the policies and viewpoints of our polticial party’s are the same as they were 150 years ago!

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