Over 55 Farming Families Were Honored With The Hoosier Homestead Award


Over 55 Farming Families Were Honored With The Hoosier Homestead Award

March 23, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS (March 24, 2023) — At the Indiana Statehouse, Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch and Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) Director Don Lamb presented 56 farming families with a Hoosier Homestead Award in recognition of their commitment to Indiana agriculture.

“It is a true honor to be in the historic Statehouse today celebrating your incredible family farming history,” said Lt. Gov. Crouch, Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. “Your commitment to Indiana and our agriculture history and future is renowned. It was awe-inspiring to celebrate this family achievement with you all today.”

To be named a Hoosier Homestead, farms must be owned by the same family for more than 100 consecutive years, and consist of more than 20 acres. If less than 20 acres, the farm must produce more than $1,000 of agricultural products per year. Indiana farms may qualify for three honors: the Centennial Award for 100 years of ownership, the Sesquicentennial Award for 150 years of ownership, and the Bicentennial Award for 200 years of ownership.

Since the program’s inception in 1976, over 6,000 families have received the Hoosier Homestead Award. Many past awardees can be identified by the sign proudly displayed in front of the family farm or field.

“Being a farmer myself I know how challenging it is to farm today in general, and to keep the same property in the family for decades on end, no less,” said Lamb. “This award being presented today to your farming families is proof of your dedication to agriculture, to our State and to feeding our world, so I thank you.”

Below is a list of the Hoosier Homestead Award recipients honored during the spring 2023 ceremony:

County Award Name Award Year Award Type
Adams Maller 1889 Centennial
Adams Peter D. & Barbara Moser 1838 Sesquicentennial
Allen Koenenman 1899 Centennial
Allen Ronald J. & Linda K. Schlatter 1835 Sesquicentennial
Allen Ronald J. & Neil C. Schlatter 1835 Sesquicentennial
Allen Schuhler/Connor/Loesch 1866 Sesquicentennial
Bartholomew Tooley-Calvin 1907 Centennial
Benton Atkinson 1852 Sesquicentennial
Benton Brandt 1886 Centennial
Benton Ferguson/Creek 1871 Sesquicentennial
Cass Berlet 1918 Centennial
Clay Dierdorf 1889 Centennial
Clay Keith & Paula Jones 1870 Sesquicentennial
Clay Wayne R. & Mary A. Jones 1905 Centennial
Clay Zurcher 1868 Sesquicentennial
Dearborn Decker 1919 Centennial
Dearborn Hoog 1919 Centennial
Delaware Smith 1892 Centennial
Fountain Gray 1869 Sesquicentennial
Franklin Meyer 1920 Centennial
Grant Harner 1850 Sesquicentennial
Grant Philip W. Corey 1866 Sesquicentennial
Greene Hays 1855 Sesquicentennial
Hamilton Sowers-Pickett 1918 Centennial
Harrison Crosier 1917 Centennial
Harrison Pate/Gettelfinger 1906 Centennial
Howard McQuiston-Howell 1880 Centennial
Huntington Thorne 1910 Centennial
Johnson Becker 1919 Centennial
Kosciusko McSherry Farms, Inc. 1838 Sesquicentennial
Lagrange Strayer 1916 Centennial
Madison Williams 1920 Centennial
Martin Brown 1922 Centennial
Newton Constable 1869 Sesquicentennial
Newton Frank Douglas Best & John Berry Best 1860 Sesquicentennial
Noble Hooley 1920 Centennial
Orange Dennis F. & Patricia F. Cleveland 1842 Sesquicentennial
Owen Watson 1907 Centennial
Pike Charles Wayne & Barbara J. Satkamp 1922 Centennial
Putnam Carter 1862 Sesquicentennial
Putnam Risk 1870 Sesquicentennial
Randolph Bowen, Taylor, Cowen 1882 Centennial
Ripley Boggess/Bauman 1922 Centennial
Rush Harcourt 1873 Sesquicentennial
Shelby Marvin Covalt 1922 Centennial
Tippecanoe Meisenhelder-Jones 1859 Sesquicentennial
Tipton Phineas A. Salsberry 1896 Centennial
Wabash Albright 1847 Sesquicentennial
Warren Adams 1896 Centennial
Warren Akers 1868 Sesquicentennial
Warren Fleming 1918 Centennial
Warrick Titzer 1913 Centennial
Wayne Druley-Pierce 1866 Sesquicentennial
Wells DeVoe 1841 Sesquicentennial
Wells Fred & Emma (Meyer) Nuerge 1913 Centennial
Whitley Milton Rupley 1923 Centennial

To view photos from the Spring 2023 Hoosier Homestead Award Ceremony at the Indiana Statehouse, click here. All family photos will be available online by March 31, 2023.

The 2023 Summer Hoosier Homestead Award Ceremony will take place on Aug. 16, 2023, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.