Online Startup “” Cancels Chamber Membership over Hotel Support


Gillenwater & Winnecke

In a letter to Chamber of Commerce of SW Indiana president and CEO Christy Gillenwater, Shahi Wadi-Ramahi the president of Evansville based online startup company has tendered the businesses termination of their membership in the chamber.

Citing that it is “mind boggling” that a leader of the Chamber of Commerce would openly support a non-member’s interest over the interest of a member, Wadi-Ramadi will also be recommending that other companies follow and Dunn Hospitality in terminating their memberships.

The letter of termination is on the link below. Chamber Cancellation


    • The Chamber is useless anyway. Those stupid mixers are nothing but financial planners and insurance peddlers. Better for these small companies to save their $400 than hand it to someone that tows the line for the Mayor. Big lose??? Didn’t you mean big loss?

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