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  1. What a crock of crap. This report is a politically driven pack of lies about the functionality of the website. This is all about the front end and the back end that reports information to the insurance companies is not working at all. As is typical with Obama this is all about the show and nothing of substance.

    If my employer GE Energy were guilty of this kind of bullcrap GE would close down the Marietta Division.

    • GeorgiaHoosier: My take on the comment you opined,we must be in some agreement. However, I would liken the ACA as an little ball of sticky dung. Rolling down a alpine mountain, quickly.

      BTW, Thanks! for the outstanding work done by GE energy and the Marietta division. ” Planet science working forward”. )—> 😉

      • I suspect that after the 2014 mid-terms the “Sticky Dung Ball Theory” will gain more credence,–in some circles, as to what exactly came roaring down the mountain.

  2. Just finished having to wait 20 minutes to log on and “remove” my application,,,wish I could “remove” my SS number.

  3. There is a conspicuous absence of Obamabot mouth pieces around these here parts!

      • Good find. It seems as though the fool in the White House may get to eat Pelosi’s words. They should have read it. For a court to allow a President to govern according to his own interpretation of what Congress meant to say is to anoint a dictator. This is why the Senate pulled the nuclear option last week. They will appoint judges to the DC Circuit Court that will anoint Obama as the first dictator of the United States. If the American people have enough sense to understand this there will be blood in the streets.

        • Wow! Major looney alert! Ticking time bombs like this guy are a danger to society.

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