Mosby-Whitehouse Withdraw Appeal in Case Against Al Lindsey




  1. What, Mosby/Whitehouse finally realize that they are fighting a losing battle? Just like Mosby is fighting the losing battle in supporting Winnecke?

    • No and No.
      More like enough of your dad’s neighbors came forward to say that your dad stays at his HOME on more than enough nights to prove that he lives there. Not just ‘visiting’ his wife as he liked to say.
      Winnecke is the better choice for this town. Davis doesn’t have what it takes, are you working so hard on his campaign because you want a new job?

      • Just like Al Lindsey said from the beginning of all the Mosby/Whitehouse BS, he is legal!! He knows the laws and followed them to the tee to be eligible. As for the job deal, no my last name is not Mosby, I work hard for the job that I have; I don’t use my name to get a job.

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