Democrat City Councilman Curt John Endorses Lloyd Winnecke


Democratic City Councilman and long time party leader Curt John has endorsed Republican candidate Lloyd Winnecke for Mayor of Evansville.

John went on to state in his letter of endorsement that he is for good government first and the Democrat party second citing that he does not remember ever voting a straight ticket.



  1. More of the same… more of the same…

    Winnecke = Weinzapfel

    This is one more example that Rick Davis is doing something right. Also tells me that Winnecke knows he’s in trouble.

    Rick Davis beat 2 parties in the Primary in May. Can’t wait for him to do it again on Tuesday.

    The people are speaking and they are saying, “ENOUGH!”

    GO RICK!

  2. Missy can’t be far behind… soon as she gets the text message telling her to endorse Winnecke that is, hopefully she won’t get confused and endorse Lon Walters. LOL


  3. Curt John is invovled with the Main Gate sports bar. He “advised” his long time friend to turn a kitchen into a bar after many years of it jsut being a catering kitchen. What did John know that would make him encourage his friend to make that kind of investment? Is John one of the investors in Main Gate like he is for Fast Eddy’s and Show-me’s? I would like to see the building permit request and alcohol permit request. I would like to compare those dates to the date the public was told about the new arena location.
    Maybe it’s just another local politician with the right friends to make money off of a public project. Or maybe it’s a guy with the right politician as a friend.

    • I heard Tuley & Rector are partners with John. Please note I heard no verified.

      • You mean Dave Rector, the head of the Building Authority that runs the new Ford Center? As the head of that city agency, he had to be involved in the Ford Center location discussions. He would have known about the location long before the rest of us were told. Something is fishy here…again.

        • Are you still the produce clerk at IGA? I noticed the lettuce was a little wilted the other day.

          • This is funny. For you to go out of your way and research me is the greatest sign of respect I could ever get. Actually I run cameras for WNIN. My chief responsibility is making sure people with warrants don’t try to screw up the debates or set up multiple screen names and then complain to the CCO that they can’t post.

            Have you head or anyone that would do something like that?

          • I hear that you got your position as produce clerk because your dad is the produce manager. Isn’t your job at WNIN a volunteer position???
            What city job has Rick promised you???

        • Don’t let them get you down.

          When they start making these kinds of base personal attacks, you know you’ve struck a nerve.

          • I agree with Andrew RailOverAuto, Do Not Let Them Get You Down.
            “Always remember that no matter what the problem may be, there is an infinity of solutions.”–Marion Weinstein

          • Lon-

            I’m pulling for you in your 2nd Ward race! You have always struck me as one of the most honest and decent people in our party.

            Good luck!

      • Curt John, Bj Watts, Dave Rector, John Friend, and Gregg Elpers (Redevleopment Commision) are all actively involved with Main Gate Sports Bar….and they kicked out the orginal occupant..that had the kitchen.

    • the long time friend has was kicked out by Curt and his crew of investors. And not only is Dave Rector is a part and Mark Tuley, but BJ Watts, Gregg Elpers (redelopment Commission) and John Friend!

  4. Thoughtful endorsement from the man the City County Observer calls the senior statesman of the Democrat Party!

    • I think we usually refer to Curt as the Dean of the City Council but we have used the Senior Statesman of the Democrat Party too. That he is.

  5. It surely can’t be lost on the public that all of these democrats are endorsing Winnecke because of their concerns about Davis. You can spin anyway you want, but democrat after democrat are running from Davis. I hear there are more to come.

    • Maybe….but I’d be willing to bet that their concerns about Davis has more to do with protecting themselves than endorsing a republican candidate. Like I said before I hope none of them has aspirations of running for a state level office…they have pretty well nixed that every happening.


      • You mean like Phil Hoy who started out a Democrat, switched to Republican after he came in 3rd in a Democrat mayoral primary behind Borries and Riecken, served as a Republican county council member for years, and then switched back to Democrat when he ran for State Legislature from a strongly Democrat district now held by Gail Riecken? Yes, I’m speaking of the same Democrat-flop-Republican-flop-Democrat who along with his former opponent, Andrew Smith, now endorses Rick Davis.

    • Amen “As IT Is” for saying that! Many of us wont support him and it has nothing to do with “a machine” or the ourrent dem chair person………none of us, trust him after everything his camp did pre primay………but then after the primary. IT got Worse! The behind the scenes backstabbing, terrible comments, threats, and much more. This Dem wont be supporting Rick Davis….for more reasons than he announced his intention to run for the mayoral seat while the current mayor hadn’t publically announced if he was running for a 3rd term, or not! That is a mute point at this junction. The body of his Campaign was, offensive and terrible to many many people whom he could of swayed his way, had he chosen to do that. But Rick told everyone, “I don’t need them” so he is getting exactly what he wanted! Vote smart Evansville vote for Lloyd Winnecke! Thank you for listening CCO readers!

  6. Three things:

    First, as Clovis notes, this publication has conferred upon Curt John the title of senior statesman of the Democrat Party. There’s no spinning or minimizing the importance of this endorsement.

    Second, Davis followers have repeatedly tried to explain away these Dem endorsements for Winnecke by attacking the endorser as crooked. But the sheer volume of endorsements makes it impossible to now explain them away.

    Finally, Winnecke continues to maintain incredible support from Republicans and conservatives. He has an A+ rating from Right to Life and just today received the endorsement of Tea Party icon Mike Pence, not to mention Mitch Daniels.

    Taken all together, the writing on the wall seems to suggest that Davis is done. The win goes to Winnecke.

    • So…..your saying that these democrats have seen the errors of their ways and instead of party unity they are jumping the fence for the better candidate? Kool-aid anyone?


      • It’s far more likely that many Democrat office holders have worked many long years to improve Evansville structurally and culturally, and simply feel strongly that turning the city over to a proven and accomplished administrator such as Lloyd Winnecke is far more important than party politics.

        • Over party unity?…..nice spin Clovis from loot and pillage to structurally and culturally, another glass?


    • What sheer number? I have seen Robinson and John. One on his way out, the other unoppsed. A teaparty person and a republican endorse a republican? Where is the shock in that?
      Winnecke says the Right to Work issue has nothing to do with a local mayor and the Meth issue is a state legislation issue. The right to life issue is way above the local level and he wants to use that groups thoughts on him to help him in the election.
      The fact that Winnecke has outspent Davis by at leasat 2-1 and still needs these type of shenanigans shows that this election is a lot closer than the Davis critics would lead you to believe.
      Davis has a chance to win, if the voters decide they are ready for open honest government.

      • I agree.

        The more of these Machine-like endorsements that come in, the better for Davis.

        It’s starting to look like a David v. Goliath battle to the public, and that NEVER benefits the Goliath.

    • Tea Party? Right to Life? Mike Pence? Mitch Daniels? Curt John? These are reasons I am supposed to vote for Winnecke? These are the opinions of others. I form my own opinions from what I glean from the candidates themselves and from the needs of Evansville. If anything, these endorsements turn me off. Stop already. We the people don’t give a damn!!

  7. Another office holder who used his inside knowledge to make himself rich. What everyone should remember is that Rick Davis has run against these same people 3 times already his record is 3 for and none against. Soon to be 4 and 0. Another Weinzapfel Democrat who only knows how to cheat, lie and steal. Won’t miss him either. They’re running out of holes to run into. Why do these people think that anyone cares who they are supporting. Their days of playing the voters are over. Maybe the smell from Bee Slough isn’t the sewage but the stink from Curt John, Connie Robinson, Dave Mosby, B.J. Watts, Mark Owen, Weinzapfel, and last but not least a weasel who couldn’t win re-election Jonathan Weaver.

    • “Maybe the smell from Bee Slough isn’t the sewage but the stink from Curt John, Connie Robinson, Dave Mosby, B.J. Watts, Mark Owen, Weinzapfel, and last but not least a weasel who couldn’t win re-election Jonathan Weaver.”


      Interesting concept… know the smell does seem to be stronger the closer you get to the civic center, I just thought it was the winds direction…but democratic headquarters isn’t that far away. 😉


  8. Just another reason for people to Vote for Mr. Davis. The Fact that these Darkside Democrats are this scared of Mr. Davis tells the story that something smells in Evansville more than Bee Slough!
    I would not trust Curt John, or the Weinzapfel Clone any further than I could throw a school bus.

  9. Ok…since no one else did, I will ask: Who in the world cares about who Mike Pence endorses for Mayor of Evansville? Is it true he is the 9th District Congressman? Is it true we are in the 8th District? Mitch Daniels I can understand, nor would I be surprised by an endorsement from Buschon — DUH! It just makes no sense why Andrew Smith was chastised for being a native relocated while Pence is from Eastern Indiana; the difference is one is for Davis and one isn’t. There, now that’s out there.

    • Truth is Mitch Daniels is the very popular Governor of Indiana and endorsed Lloyd Winnecke. Truth is Mike Pence is a very popular, concervative Congressman who will be the next Governor of Indiana, and he endorsed Winnecke. Truth is John Gregg is the Democrat candidate for Governor of Indiana, and out of desparation to hold on to the Evansville Democrat power base, he would back anyone running against Winnecke.

      • You sure Gregg isnt backing Davis in exchange for giving his firm (Bingham mccale) the city’s legal biz in Indy and dc along with all the bond issues? Kinda like the deal he made with drunks and drunks. How many more lawyers has Davis sold his soul to?

    • The endorsement of very popular Republican Mitch Daniels is a big help for Mr. Winnecke. It neutralizes the endorsement from the 4th ward Democrat Vice-Chairman Connie Robinson.

  10. All endorsements mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just so much hot air. Only good in the winter time to cut Vectren bills and nothing more.

    • Tell Davis that about his Firefighters Union and the Central Labor Council endorsement that he crows about

      • I have not seen the “EFD Endorsed” all over Davis signs or commercials. Winnecke is milking the FOP one for all it’s worth. There was a post on Courier site from an FOP member that said the FOP PAC does endorsements, not the the members of the FOP. The PAC is a few people, the membership is hundreds. Big Difference.

  11. Is this the same Curt John that starts drinking booze at 12:00 noon untl midnight each day?

    Is this the same Curt John that is pushing to get his business partners family members (Show Me Bar) to build a tennis center on Wesselman Park Property?

    Is this the same Curt John that onced owned land that was purchased by Casino Aztar for future development?

    Is this the same Curt John that was allowed to open his Main Gate Bar without having a sprinkler system?

    If this is him, this is shameful!!!!!

  12. Well it looks like when Rick Riney and Al Lindsey beat his political buddies- Dave Mosby and B.J. Watts, It was too much for Mr. John to handle.

    The real reason he decided not to run again is because of all the self serving back room deals he did while he was in office has finally caught up with him.

    Half of all good Democrats in Vanderburgh County we say good riddances
    to him!!!!

  13. Didn’t Curt John and Winnecke attend the Homestead Tax Credit meeting behind closed doors together?

    If so, enough said!

  14. Yep. This is the same Curt John who is twisting arms and collecting IOU’s so that the family members of a deceased political supporter and business associate can take our park land to build a one acre tennis pole barn so that said family members can teach tennis to the millions of avid tennis fans in Evansville. You know, all those people in your family and mine that live and breathe tennis and who all have tennis courts in the back yard of their estates.

  15. Curt John is used to ripping off the taxpayers. While he was the Vanderburgh County Auditor and collecting the salary, he was in law school in Indianapolis! You paid for this guy to better himself! I would have not expected less!

    • You mean like Rick Davis getting his Masters at UE while employed by county, and now campaigning full time on the county clock? Something real transparent there.

      • All of Rick’s classes were at night! John was gone at days at a time. You can take night classes for a masters at UE. IU does not offer night classes for law school at night! And even now, there are no night classes for law school online!

          • I think we’ve found Della!…naw 😉

            We get it….you going to vote for Winnecke, congratulations on your pick for mayor, if your trying to sway folks in your direction you are going about it all wrong, you need to point out all of the really great things your guy has done for the people of vanderburgh county….like that great consolidation plan he worked on, or the vouchers, or that 24% raise, or hey even the fact that machine demos are jumping the fence to support him because he is such a great leader…you know stuff like that.


          • No. Della = Officer Friendly

            I’d recognize that hateful, deceitful style anywhere.

        • And Curt on his own refunded a part of his salary back to the taxpayers during this time. Let’s see Davis do that! It’s not like he spends his money on his wardrobe. He should have no problem refunding the money. Don’t count on it from a man who’s top 2 advisers are Paul Bitz and bill Denton. One wa fired from whirlpool for stealing many refridgerators and the other…. Well we all know about Billy and Jenny

          • You legally slander Bitz with your comment. I’ve known him and his family for nearly 60 years, and I also know the facts of the refrigerator story you allude to. I have no memory of him having ever worked for Whirlpool either. The fridge was sold to him by a, then, good friend and was only found to have been a stolen appliance well after that purchase.

            You are showing your extra slimy side by making an accusation that so distorts and poisons the truth. Oh, and remind us again, which candidate you are supporting.

  16. its interesting that when someone like curt disagrees with Davis. The Davis supporters try to villianize him instead instead of accepting that he has a legitimate difference

    • We are just trying to help Winnecke see who his support is. We can do a trade. He can have Robinson and John in exchange for one person with morals who has not used office for personal gain. And an office manager to be named later.

    • Yes thanks for the support Andrew. I would say that I disagree sharply with your political views but I definitely respect you and respect you coming on this site and being positive.

      Lon, same as above. Thanks for all of the support.

      As we see by Gallagher (Jarvis/Mosby klan) that they are just here to cause trouble. It’s ironic that Missy Mosby came running to this site complaining about her integrity being threatened yet suppporters and leaders in her campaign come on this site as Officer Friendly/ Gallagher and make personal attack after personal attack and she’s nowhere to be found. Hmmmm…. Btw, Smith is right, when someone goes after you with attack after attack its the greatest sign of respect because they fear you.

      • and you’ve never personally attacked anyone on this site?

        dish it, but can’t take it can you?

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