Mole #3 Predicts Correctly that Bob Seger will be the Opening Act at Ford Center


City County Observer Mole #3 went out on a limb to state that at about 1 o’clock today that there will be an announcement with respect to the opening act for the Ford Center. Mole #3 along with two other well placed CCO Moles decided to go out on a limb and predict that the opening act “Down on Main Street” will be BOB SEGER. The concert is scheduled for November 9th.

The MOLE IS ON A ROLL!! Now the million dollar question is whether or not the Seger classic “Like A Rock” that has been used in a Chevy truck commercial for a couple of decades will be allowed in the newly christened FORD CENTER.

Other members of the Mole Nation offered up the idea that Evansville favorite KID ROCK who practices in Roberts Stadium was also on the consideration list.


  1. CCO: It’s Bob Seger (one e). If they have to have someone named Seeger, I want Pete Seeger to come and sing ” This Land Is Your Land . . “. If Bob Seger comes to Evansville, ” I think I’m going to Katmandu” (and I mean it).

  2. It’s amazing to read the negativity on the C&P responses to this story. Must be the under 40 group that doesn’t remember what a performer Seger is. Just goes to show you can’t fit a bad attitude into an age bracket.

    Line up REO for a concert at the Ford Center. One of the members is from Evansville.

    • I think that Neil Doughty of REO only lived here for a few years in middle school. He is not from here but he did walk among us for a few years.

  3. Bob Seger ? Does he still have Night Moves ? Hope the rigging will hold him (he’s gained weight). Seriously, this is pathetic. I am reminded of the Deana Carter song ” Did I Shave My Legs For This ?”.

    • I saw Bob Seger and Silver Bullet as a back up band at Roberts Stadium in the 70’s. I hope the new ceiling will hold up those new heavy speakers.

    • Reg Dwight isn’t going to waste a minute of his time on this Earth in this snotty little ville, Rocket Man or not.

  4. You want to Rock? Bob Seger will deliver!

    To bad he’s not Playing The Roberts, instead of “The John”.

    REO ? They have played several times in the past few years at the Centre.

    • OK Crash, I’ll be there on opening night with my cane, oxygen tank & lighter ! If we had REO, at least we could “Roll With the Changes” !

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