Media Sensationalizing Japan’s Nuclear Plant Situations


Using terms like “might be a melt down” without evidence is Irresponsible

Boiling Water Reactor Cross Section

When the Three Mile Island accident happened, the mainstream media sensationalized the meltdown as an Armageddon scenario that never happened and was not even possible. The following years of misinformation crippled the American nuclear power industry in a way that has kept us slaves to fossil fuels all because we as a nation have been collectively afraid of the boogyman.

The reporting then was irresponsible and the reporting on what is going on in Japan today sounds the same. Here is a link to a website that has a very simple description of Boiling Water Reactor technology along with a narrative of what is really happening as opposed to what the media is spewing. Please be as informed as possible. We do not need 30 more years of stone age based fear ruling our energy policies. When one gets their information from fools it is impossible not to be foolish.