McCurdy, McCurdy, McCurdy???


Is our $1,403,000 down the rat hole?

Today marks the first meeting of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission in the post default days for the McCurdy Hotel project. The topic of the McCurdy was not on the agenda for today’s meeting but it will most certainly be brought up very soon as it has to be dealt with.

Link to Local 7 Report by Brian Miller:


  1. We can only conclude that the “ballbat” of 4 years of non-performance has made little impression on Goldman’s head.
    He does a diservice to us all by not resigning from the ERC.

  2. Another ongoing fiasco by the City and the ERC. $1.4 million down the drain with zipo to show. If Mr. Goldman had any self respect he would have resigned long ago.

  3. if they had any self respect the entire ERC would resign and sneak out of town. I’m sure they have made a dollar or two along the way

  4. It is simply amazing how this project has run this long without any hue and cry from the Evansville Courier&Press.

    The same newspaper that used the headline: “Keeping Roberts Stadium on life support…………blah blah blah”

    Keeping it on life support? Hell it is being murdered by Weinzapfel.

    But there is nothing like planting that “life support” seed in the minds of the people and watering it frequently to see if it takes root. What a bunch of bast*+#s.


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