Lloyd Winnecke Releases Position Paper on Public Safety


Lloyd Winnecke

Winnecke Chooses Title “Protecting our Community”

Republican candidate for Mayor of Evansville Lloyd Winnecke today released a position paper that outlines his thoughts with respect to providing the citizens of Evansville with a safe place to live. In this paper Mr. Winnecke addresses six specific subjects including one-pot meth labs, dilapidated housing, and assuring patrons of the new downtown Arena that they are secure in parking and walking to events.

Note: The Arena is in the highest crime census tract in the City of Evansville

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  1. We so often take our safety for granted. It is comforting to know this issue is on the forefront of Winnecke’s mind.

    I asked Chief Jarboe why the EFD didn’t have better equipment and if they needed donors or more money. He snarled his nose up and remarked, “The department has plenty of money. We don’t need handouts.”

    If that is the case, he most certainly isn’t listening to his staff, captains on down. They have real needs. This position paper clearly puts my mind to ease that such a prideful Chief, doesn’t have any room in either new administration.

    • Jarboe is a lapdog for Weinzapfel. He would rather (removed by staff) than say something bad about his master.

      Remember that he was hired after an extensive national search. He was right there under the Mayor’s desk all along. If you want to know how much respect Jarboe commands ask a fireman.

    • The between the lines message here is more consistent with the Russ Lloyd administration where the availability of proper well maintained equipment was mission driven and not based upon your politics (fireman or policeman). When Russ took over ,1/2 of our police officers were wearing bullet proof vest that were out side manufacture warrantee. The department had issued 16 different side arms and each officer was only allocated 50 rounds a year ammunition ( shooting range was full of lead shot). The newest and best cars were keep in “reserve” outside the civic center in case of a “real emergency.” and so on and so on….. Equipment is one of the few variables that a politician can use to “reward” loyalty on a department. Lloyd W. is very clearly telling us that he will find the money… write the grants … to support the mission of public safety. Ask any police or fireman what an extraordinary contribution the City made to the equipment of public safety under our last Republcan Mayor. And then ask them what we have had since…. as a member and then president of the Board of Public Safety, I was horrified that we the citizens of Evansville asked our public safety servants to walk into harms way so poorly equipped.

  2. Excellent position paper.
    Problem is, …I don’t trust him. He wants to appoint a commission on the future of Roberts Stadium, AFTER the election. There are forces trying to break through the barrier of ignore-ance right now. Jordan Baer has a vision a plan and prospects, but is getting brushed off. We need to move ahead NOW. …
    Again: Excellent position paper

    • Agreed….a lot of common sense topics, but way short on how anything from take home police cars to updated equipment and training would be paid for. Like you Sir I believe he is just Weinzapfel lite, party affiliations mean little anymore, while Mr Winnecke is a republican his track record of rubber stamping a Democratic mayor’s wishes speaks volumes. I have nothing really against Mr Winnecke other then a gut feeling that he isn’t the man we want to move Evansville forward and uncover the skeletons buried in the civic center basement.

    • Show me a statesman like Winnecke in office who doesn’t compromise a little for the sake of their constituents.

      Bubbageek – actually Mr. Winnecke, Republican Chairman Wayne Parke, Third Ward City Council Candidate, Alan Leibundguth and several of the Republican At-Large Candidates have all asked that a commission happen NOW rather than delaying it any further. I’m sure if Jordan were to contact Winnecke’s office downtown, they would be willing to listen to he/she’s opinion.

      • I believe Statesman is a poor choice to describe Mr Winnecke


        A statesman is usually a politician or other notable public figure who has had a long and respected career in politics or government at the national and international level. As a term of respect, it is usually left to supporters or commentators to use the term. When politicians retire, they are often referred to as elder statesmen.

        Statesmanship also conveys a quality of leadership that organically brings people together and of eldership, a spirit of caring for others and for the whole.[1]

        The words statesman or stateswoman are applied loosely to any head of state, any senior political figure, or anyone who in a given moment exhibits a certain quality of statesmanship.


        He is a member of the county council……which is neither national or international, but as stated the term is loosely used by supporters.



    • Bubba, the truth is Weinzapfel has said he is leaving the fate of Roberts Stadium to the next mayor. So, if Winnecke were to appoint a commission now to study Roberts, it not only would be perceived as presumptuous, but also premature. Roberts will be there in January.

      • Correct. At the cost of $400,000 by the time the new mayor is in office as well in utility and upkeep.

  3. It’s true that Winnecke now has presented Evansville with two excellent position papers on the two most important issues in this municipal election: Jobs/Economic Development, and Public Safety. It’s also true that his opponent has managed only to release a plan to hire parttime, minimum wage, seasonal workers to cut weeds, clean sandboxes, and paint park benches. The contrast between a seasoned executive and a 2nd year freshman county treasurer is truly startling.

    • Spoken like a true partisan…

      Davis’ plan at least partially addressed the maintenance issue.

      I don’t care how many police officers Winnecke “look[s] at reallocating”, they are not going to get out of their new cruisers to pick up the condoms, needles, nun-chucks, etc.

      • Truth is, you and other like minded citizens with civic pride can adopt a spot anytime you please.

    • Yes you are correct! and neither gave a single word as to how he would pay for his agenda…..which is truly startling! and typical. It’s easy for this candidate to talk a good story after all he is very close to the situation and should have a good feel for what the public wants and needs but talking points are just that…talk, without funding no dream will ever come true. What I’d truly like to see is where he would cut city expenses while increasing services…that would be a real eye opener.

      • Truth is, if I were concerned about how municipal improvements are funded, I’d vote for the candidate with the most financial management experience, such as a former member of a very conservative county council, current president of a conservative county commission, and seasoned banking professional.

        • Yeah….they are doing such a bang-up job on city-county consolidation, I’ve watched them in action and to be honest I was unimpressed, ‘course I’ve never liked the stuffed shirt bankers much, they remind me of career politicians and lawyers…smug, arrogant, condescending and pompous are the vibes I get from them.


        • Was it “Winnicke the RINO”‘s financial experience that came into play when Homestead Exemption was scuttled by Weinzapfel?
          Winnicke revealed his true self to all us with his silence.

  4. “Jordan Baer has a vision a plan and prospects, but is getting brushed off. We need to move ahead NOW. …”

    That’s what everyone said when they voted for Weinzapfel and his grand stadium idea… NO hesitation, no calculation, just DO.
    But to Mr. Winnecke…

    -Most rational people should shriek in horror at his flippant mention of (the boondoggle that is) FDP.
    -Also, does anybody else find it offensive that the Republican party will attack the Davis Parks proposal, calling it a “band-aide”, saying we really need “substantive reforms”. (http://tristatehomepage.com/search-fulltext?nxd_id=287667) While, Winnecke, doesn’t offer subtantive reforms at all, just a band-aide?

    • E-Taxpayer –

      Do you think that teenagers left to tend to our parks is a “real” solution? Our water park, who is mostly maintained by teenagers, is a perfect example of what could happen to our parks as a whole. Can’t tell you how many times I have taken my son to the bathroom to find a deposit of feces in the middle of a stall or simply on the floor.

      Mr. Davis is doing what he knows to do with the experience he has and no one can judge him otherwise.

      You cannot expect a Wal-Mart cashier to walk into a Target manager position and start working, not knowing what to do.

      Two different jobs and no previous experience working there and that is what Davis-supporters are hoping for: managerial experience when he is just a cashier.

      • Oh, I know we figuratively build wal-marts (pools) and let temporary high schoolers run them & we slowly watch them fall into disrepair. Only for a community HERO (Weinzapfel) to come along to totally rebuild them.

        But we don’t even do high schoolers in the parks, now.

        I am not a Davis supporter. And I didn’t say Davis’ proposal was “real”. But, at least he ADDRESSED the problem!

        And Davis didn’t fall short of and follow a recent proclamation by his own party!

        If by “managerial experience”, you include the dark art of obfuscation as a critical requirement… ?

  5. Mr. Winnecke,

    Didn’t you ban all smoking in the workplace in the county?

    I don’t remember any assistance for people that might need some help transitioning into a totally different lifestyle to keep their LIVELYHOOD, in return for your healthy community bragging?

    Given your past positions, I find your comments on meth addiction rather un-inspiring…

  6. Just the mention of Weinzapfel’s programs shows that a vote for Winnecke is a vote for the continuation of Weinzapfel’s corrupt and fiscally irresponsible policies. I think enough of our tax dollars have been siphoned off to Indianapolis. The only chance for change is Rick Davis. Can anyone say McCurdy.

  7. I think its time for a change an Rick Davis is the man Rick is old school door to door kinda guy for the people an the town an he does listen to are views

  8. I do not see “Public Safety” as being a defining issue in this fall’s election. These are the issues that concern voters in the coming election:

    Honesty, transparency, fiscal responsibility, the ability to work with city council members in a climate of mutual respect and a commitment to work day and night to brings jobs to Evansville.


    • Truth is, public safety became the #1 issue with the consolidation plan. Public safety has been, is, and will remain the #1 issue in any municipal election.

      • The paper signed by Winnecke:

        Few issues impact the quality of life in Evansville more than public safety and security. Crime prevention and fire protection have a direct impact on growth, prosperity, and, ultimately, our ability to attract new jobs. We must have trust in the law enforcement community and the firefighters whose heroic commitment keeps the entire community safe.
        Our local police and fire departments have done an exemplary job in recent years. We need to ensure that the leadership of our public safety departments – starting with the Mayor – promotes a tone of excellence, integrity and discipline in order to continue the success of these departments.
        We must also work to constantly improve training, equipment, and cooperation. We have no requirement for radically reorganizing the police or fire departments, but we do believe there are numerous opportunities for positive, targeted change.
        As Mayor of Evansville, police officers and firefighters can count on our administration to be an advocate for them in their mission, and working together we will provide each citizen with the highest standard of services and performance.
        * * * * * * * * * *

        sounds more like pandering to a large voting block of people who have traditionally voted for the other party.


  9. What I find the most interesting; the fact that the Homestead Credit keeps coming up. The average cost per family was $55. That is a hard day’s work for a McDonald’s worker.

    Most of the Davis supporters think that this was a sole vote made by Winnecke when in actuality, the mayor made the ultimate decision. That is the real truth that any of us “really” know, the rest came from the C&P, which quite frankly only reports half truths anyways.

    If you want to rally for transparency, then take a true look at Obamacare. You’ll do the whole country a world of good knowing what is really in the bill (written mostly by Democratic leaders, Pelosi, Reid, etc.) versus your small-time chatter about one meeting that you are allowing to taint a career of objective and positive decisions.

    • Truth is, keeping the Homestead Credit off its annual place on the agendas of both the city council and the county council took the complicity and knowledge of several individuals other than Weinzapfel and Winnecke, and surely not excluding the finance chairmen of both councils, the clerk, the auditor, the controller, staff, on and on. Truth is there’s sure a lot of dead horse beating going on over this single $55 snafu. Move on.

      • “snafu”? I think that acronym, which stands for, you guessed it: situation normal all f#*ked up, just about sums up the Weinzapfel administration.

    • LOL….other then voting for representation we have little to say what goes on at the federal level, besides the people who wrote, voted, and signed the Obamacare bill don’t even know what is in it which is truly sad. On the local front we do have power, we do have a voice, we can change things, and pointing out the key players roles in any back room deal is important, people who were not involved have little to worry about anyone tainting their career, the players, well that’s a totally different story that they brought upon themselves….remember Brad Ellsworth?

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