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Mayor Winnecke Announces Bicycle Friendly Task Force


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Group to Seek “Bicycle Friendly” Status for City of Evansville

Please join Mayor Lloyd Winnecke in the Mayor’s Conference Room for a brief news conference tomorrow, November 19, at 3:30 p.m. to introduce members of the newly created Bicycle Friendly Task Force and announce efforts to obtain “Bicycle Friendly” status for the City of Evansville.

Mayor Winnecke and Drew Hays, Executive Director of Evansville-area Trails Coalition, will explain what “Bicycle Friendly” means and how it would benefit individuals and our community. Following the press conference, Task Force members will hold their second meeting to continue work on the “Bicycle Friendly” application process. Media is welcome to stay for the meeting.


  1. Evansville is terrible to travel around by bike. As a cyclist, I appreciate these efforts by Mayor Winnecke. I also look forward to the Greenway connecting with Newburgh. Eventually, it would be nice to see the Greenway connect with Wesselman Woods.

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