IS IT TRUE – Third Ward Yard Blight


IS IT TRUE that we want to congratulate the Evansville Courier & Press for the insightful and excellent articles about dilapidated homes which is responsible for major blight problems in Evansville? … that it is important to point out that over a year ago Community & Political Activist Jordan Baer did a well documented blog on Urban Blight?  … in today’s issue of City-County Observer, pictures were taken and published exposing blighted residential yards located on E. Franklin and one block east of Garvin Street? … that we hope that the other mainstream media (television stations) join the City-County Observer as well as the Evansville Courier & Press in continuing to lobby City Officials to begin attacking these issues at hand?

IS IT TRUE that the following six (6) pictures featured below photographed in the 3rd Ward  taken by CCO staff today should  convey the message that it is time for the City of Evansville Code Enforcement to start ‘forcing’ home owners and renters to start cleaning and maintaining their lots?





  1. One man’s trash is another man’s lawn Decoration. If it’s not a health problem I don’t think there is much they can do cause who is to decide what is visually pleasing and what is not.

  2. YAO, how would you like this mess be located next to home? Tell me that this type of yard trash doesn’t devalues a community? Thanks CCO and the Evansville Courier for taking on this blight problem head on. Can’t wait to see what the local TV stations will do with this issue. Oh, I bet Brad B (Channel 25 self news proclaimed legend) will have to call the Mayor and get permission before he takes on this issue.

  3. Mount Vernon is far worse than this especially near the riverfront project. Many buildings at the main intersection of town are literally falling apart in onto the sidewalk and streets below. Junk cars and other rubbish litters plenty of yards. But the Mayor there doesn’t take action

  4. Shameful. Why do we even have a codes enforcement department? Looks like we are paying people for not doing there jobs.

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